Chapter 2

The Twin

Mr. Tiller slid my sister's file across the table at me, "So what was her role? Why would you drag your sweet little sister into all this mess? She's always had a perfect record before all this happened, while you, on the other hand," he glanced at my file reading through a few things, "skipping class, refusing authority, running away from home, the list goes on, all minor things, things that would be easily expunged from your record once you turned 18. But you're the "evil twin" aren't you? You're the brains of this whole operation, so what was your sister?"

He leaned back in his chair seeming pretty proud of himself, as if he had discovered some great proof against me, I chuckled softly.

"So smart aren't you? Think you've got me all figured out, me and my sister right? Nope. Yes I may be what you consider "the brains" but I hardly dragged her. She wanted a role, wanted to help, she's a lovely distraction when needed." I smirked letting him mull that over as I watched the little wheels turning slowly in his head, then a thought seemed to click.

"What distraction?" he asked pointedly looking ever so slightly worried but trying to hide it.

"Nothing, let's just say there's more to our story than you think. So, have you caught her yet?" I let a soft smirk play at my lips as I watched his mouth fall into a frown, I knew my answer.

"No. She's still evading our efforts, we lost her somewhere in Tokyo and haven't caught wind of her again since." He seemed to be feeding me just a little information at a time to see if my face would give anything away. I simply smiled and chuckled.

"Really? Good for her then, she's remembering what I taught her" I said smiling fondly.

"What you taught her? Taught her what?" he asked sounding both alarmed and almost excited, like he was learning something big. I rolled my eyes a bit.

"You read my file didn't you? 'Running away from foster homes' ring any bells? I know how to evade and escape people; I've been doing it since I was 5. They were stupid and tried to put Emily and me in separate homes, thinking that since we were young we would forget each other and live 'normal, healthy, new lives' so I ran away and went to find Emily myself. I found her foster home 3 days later after sneaking into the adoption office to find the address, she hadn't stopped crying since they yanked us apart, even when the people tried giving her toys, and ice cream, and crap like that." I explained in annoyance. But Mr. Tiller seemed almost…perplexed by something.

"Hold on a moment, if you were so good at running away when you were small, then why is it you got caught by us hmm? Perhaps you're not as good as you think you are?" he said smirking at where I Seemed to have tripped up. I just laughed, I actually laughed out loud.

"You are such a special kind of stupid," I laughed and leaned across the table at him, my face splitting into a wide smirk as I whispered softly, "Maybe, just maybe, I let myself get caught on purpose hmm?"

He reeled back away from me sputtering and barely holding back what I would guess were curses as this thought reeled through his mind, he was getting riled and heated under the collar but right as the slammed his hands on the table and was about to scream at me to tell him everything the interrogation room door opened and there stood a man with his arms crossed over his chest and a deep frown upon his face.

"Tiller. That will be quite enough, you are dismissed to go home," he had one of those no-nonsense kind of voices that made you not want to cross him.

"B-but sir! I was just-," he sputtered.

"Dismissed Tiller. You were just Dismissed." He said calm and collected but his cold gray eyes said that if he tried to object again consequences would not be pleasant. Tiller blinked a bit in surprised but then got up and walked right out the door as he was told with a muttered "yes sir" and he passed.