"Lauren!" her mother shouted from the kitchen. Her patience was visibly wearing thin.

Hearing her mother call her Lauren popped out of nowhere into the kitchen. "What?" she asked. She wearily eyed the burnt meat and wondered if that really was the turkey they'd be eating for dinner.

"I need you to make gravy while I make the salad. Sasha and her family will be here very soon." Her mother sped through the kitchen so fast Lauren didn't even know what the hell was happening. The first that struck her the most was that she was having Thanksgiving with her one and only frival (friend/rival).

Lauren trudged along, doing her part of the dinner at a reasonable time. Luke helped set the table while her father put the food out and put water in a pitcher.

After all hell broke loose and things came back to order – as normal as it could get – they heard the doorbell ring. Luke unlocked the door and welcomed Sasha's family in. Sugar happily trotted to the door circling around the tall brunette who just gave a half-hearted smile at the little dog. She looked around, searching for a certain unique friend of hers.

Their eyes collided and she smirked. "Well I wonder how the turkey will taste…" she said with amusement.

Luke appeared and dryly remarked, "Like a rock."

"Well, let's try to survive," Lauren smiled, her voice betraying all her confidence in being able to live to see tomorrow.

There was an audible crunch as Sasha was the first one to bite into the turkey after they said prayer. Lauren gulped and stared down at the singed meat. She looked up to see Sasha's face twisting in disgust and heard her gulp down the food with effort. Lauren looked at looked who seemed a bit pale and Liana who inconspicuously dropped her food to the floor. Lauren plunged her fork in the turkey only to have it rebound off of it like it was nothing. The poor thing was as hard as a coal. She looked at the adults to see they were too busy talking, so she grabbed the piece of turkey and crunched on it with a loud crack resounding in the dining room.

The four of them dismissed themselves, heading to the backroom.

"That was disgusting! I think I got a loose tooth now!" Luke said in horror. He pushed his tooth back and forth and felt it fall out of his mouth. He felt a warm, salty liquid in his mouth and immediately went to the bathroom and locked the door.

"Poor Luke," Liana commented softly. She sat on the leather chair and just sat there with a visage of relief and success.

Lauren looked at Sasha. "So," she clapped her hands, "what do you think?"

"I honestly don't know how you survive," Sasha remarked. She ran her tongue along her braces feeling chunks of food stuck in them. "Just great," she muttered, sitting down on the computer chair.

Suddenly, a huge explosion shook the whole property.

"What the heck was that?!" Luke shouted, barging out of the bathroom with white cause in his mouth. Liana gave a small shriek at the bloody mess of his mouth.

"I think it came from the kitchen," Sasha concluded. She looked outside the window to see through the window from the kitchen. She frowned, only being able to see black smoke. She walked out of the backroom abruptly and darted to the house.

"Hey, wait up!" Lauren called, following after her.

Sasha opened the door and a cloud of black smoke puffed out making them cover their mouths and noses. They squinted their eyes and walked into the kitchen to see their parents covered in soot with singed clothing.

"What happened?" Lauren asked hesitantly, not sure if she really wanted to know or not. Her mom slowly turned her head and gave her a blank stare.

"I forgot about the pie."