Brown hair, brown eyes…
And yet the feelings you elicit are far from the color.

Golden sun spilling across your face…
And how I feel when you look at me.

It stains your tanned cheeks in the most adorable way,
Yet you seem not to notice.

You never meant to cause such trouble,
The kind words and smiles you gave were merely kindness,
…nothing more…

Do you know that I wait for you?
Every day.
And when you're gone, I try to convince my heart that it doesn't long.

I bite my lips to keep from speaking your name.
Try to look merely bored when your rich voice fills my soul with delight.
…oh how I try…

Your calm demeanor puts my restless mind at ease,
Your love of my loves, makes me think we are made for one another…
But you will never know. You will never know.