The Lost Stars

I lie in the grass staring up at the pitch black sky trying to find a star, when I saw something bright.

"Look Stella there's a star" I said sitting up all excited.

"Toi, that's not a star it an aircraft u know well that the stars disappeared 16 years ago" Stella said as she looked up at what I thought was a star then looked back down at her book.

"I know but can't I dream, oh hey Stella" I said as I lay back down in the grass.

"Yes?" Stella answered while reading her book.

"What did the stars look like?" I asked still staring at the sky.

"Too beautiful to describe." She answered looking up at me.

"You're lucky you were born the day of the star festival and everyone said you were a child of the stars." I said not looking away from the sky.

"How that is lucky they obsessed over me and wouldn't let me do anything they thought was dangerous, which was just about everything." she said closing her book.

I got up and walk up to her "At least it was better than being rejected and called a demon n given a name that means darkness!" I said angrily with tears filling my eyes.

I went down to the ground crying and Stella got up n came to comfort me "it wasn't your fault, you being born didn't cause it" she said while hugging me.

"But the day I was born the stars disappeared and everyone's blaming me for it" I said with my face buried in Stella's shoulder.

"Shhh, its ok" she said in a sweet voice.

"-Sniff-all I want now is to see the stars-sniff-" I said looking up at the sky.

"Let's do that let take off around the world and find the real stars" Stella said looking up at the sky.

My expression immediately brighten "Yes, let's do that."

Thus we decided to set out to find the real stars but what we didn't know was that in this adventure we would discover our true selves.