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I sighed as I pulled the jacket closer to me, the verdict had been guilty. My sister was now in a juvenile detention facility. I needed to clear my head, go somewhere that held no memories or sentimental value. That was why I there that night, at the Blood Poison.

From the outside, the Blood Poison looks like a normal bar, on the inside looks like a normal bar but the difference is this; there are no alcoholic beverages in the place. From what I know it is a local hub mostly for teens, it was there that I met him for the first time.

He had short black hair that was slightly spiked, pale skin and ether dark brown or black eyes, the lighting made hard to see. On his neck was a black spiked dog collar, on his left wrist was a matching watch, he was wearing a black shirt with a large white skull on the front. He was sitting across a guy who had his back turned to me so all I saw was brown hair and the back of a black shirt.


"Man, you should have been there at lunch today, the bitch squad had a massive fight, I think they almost started hitting each other," Dmitri was talking about the Cheerleaders, he called them bitch squad only because out of the twenty of them only two seem to have some semblance of a heart.

"Not my fault my fangs are growing rapidly," I told him looking up from my drink, a mixture of cranberries, raspberries and A positive.

"How you drink that I'll never know."

"This from the guy who puts O negative in milk and soda," I returned shuddering.

"Whatever," he changed topics, "Vlad, what are looking at?" he turned in his booth to see what my eyes kept lingering too.

"Don't give me that look," I told him when he turned around

"You know who that is right?" he asked, I nodded.

I knew her because she was on the cheerleading squad, Luruxianna Burnett, Lola for short. Her caramel brown hair was pulled up into a normal ponytail, her green eyes were scanning the place, and her skin was slightly tan, normal for someone who lives in Tempe. She was wearing a long brown coat, I couldn't see what was underneath it and she had pink star earrings in. "Lola Burnett, Co-Caption of the cheerleading squad but not part of your bitch squad."

"Are you to talk to her or keep looking at her?"

"Was I that obvious?"

"Yes," my friend responded.

"I doubt she has intentions of staying, this isn't her kind of place," I told him taking a sip of my drink. "What are doing?" I asked him as he got up and went straight to her, Dmitri handed her a slip of paper and lead her to where we were sitting. When she wasn't looking I glared at him.

"What are you doing?" I whispered low enough for only Dmitri or another one of my kind close to hear.

"Relax," he whispered back, "I gave her your number."

If looks could kill Dmitri would be on the floor.

But she was here now, might as well be civil. "My name is Vlad," I gave Lola a small polite smile, from the distance I hadn't noticed how beautiful she was.

"I'm Lola," she and I shook hands briefly, and our eyes met.

I have never been a believer in love at first sight, I could never care for someone I didn't know, it's that simple. However, at the same time I have always thought that someone's eyes can tell you their entire life story if you can read them right. That night when I looked into her eyes, I might not have fallen in love there, but I knew that we could happy together.


I returned his polite smile as I shook his hand then sat down. His eyes were, without a question, a dark, warm, and inviting shade of brown. Vlad's features were friendly, and he came across as a very nice guy.

We talked all night, his friend left a few minutes after I sat down and it was almost a date between Vlad and me. We talked about everything, and were there until the place closed.

But for some reason I left with two copies of the same phone number.

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