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The clouds hung losely in the sky. Rain fell from heavens as if to make a state. Her tears only hidden from the skies' tears. Crystal blue eyes held pain in their depths as if someone has stabbed her. They might have anyways. She would tell no lie to him, will not cry in front of him, she will be strong and hold her head high.

He did nothing to comfort her for he was not in the best of moods. The night sky blackness could not compere to the darkness that lay in his green eyes. They darken to black. They held no emotion excepte hatered that he felt towards them.

She cried her eyes out. The sobs broke her body in dust. The tears wouldn't and couldn't stopped. She could only fell that her heart is breaking. The once agian glass shards falling to the ground and to never be picked up.

"I know better." She muttered.

"I should not let him close to me." She stated. Her hands held her head as the tears fell into her palms.

"Should not have let him in." She said to herself. The pain only doubled. The shards of glass glowed in the low lighting as if to show hope. She will not look at her shards, she pearper for the worst and set to work.

He walked out. The darkness only left behind.

She held her breath as she tried her best to stop the tears. They wouldn't let up. The rain stopped hours ago. The clouds moved away to show the sun's rays. The darkness that laid in her broken heart, only darken with shadows. She will not look at the broken shards for they shine like the northen star. She will not give hope to herself, she will not chew herself up over this. She will stand strong and hold her head high.