Okay, so like, the original was written using colored text to add more of an impact, so I'm just going to translate that in by using other text effects:

Plain text=blue

Italicized text=pink

Underlined text=purple

Bold text=red


I am sorted into the blue box here

Because pink ones want the blue ones.

Is it always that way?

Well, not always (from what I hear).

This feels different from then;

I am muted by fear.

Could it be?

I am sorted into the blue box?

But I pine for a pink piece only now!

Yet all the others were blue then…

Never before have I pined for pink

Well…I think even pink ones can be bluish…

Could it be?

There is a purple box for some,

Some pinks do go into the pink box,

And, some blues do go to the blue box, I'm sure,

Some are even born the wrong color;

But where does that leave me in this whole lot?

Although I was born pink

And only pined for blue (or so I thought),

Now looking upon this pink one,

I ask myself if I still know my place.

Could it be?

I'm sure I still like blue

And I'm still my same old pink hue.

Well, I'm myself, and that's just fine.

For once, I'll jump the line,

Box borders can't bind this heart of mine,

So, maybe…

Could it be?