A/N: This is my first story on fictionpress, I've already made a story for fanfiction also. I've spent days writing out character bios, trying to make them less cliché and more compelling. These characters are originally an idea for a game concept, which I'll be submitting as an attempt to get a scholarship. Please write reviews and tell me how you feel about the story so far.

Chapter One:

The Beginning

The name's Michael, Michael Johnson. My life isn't anything special so I'll save you the details. All I know is, my life has been shit. Plain and simple. But not everyone is given the best deck of cards, so I did what I could with mine.

My mom died from cancer, father walked out on me, I had to survive on my own. I went into the military, ya know?

I was thinking this could be a way I could survive. Little did I know the next day everything would change? Heh. I guess if there is a "God" he has a funny way of teaching things. I always pondered the thought of why did this happen to me, why did I have to lose everyone I love? Why did my mother die? Why did my father abandon me? I gave up these thoughts long ago because if I thought about them too much I would go suicidal.

My muscles ached, my body collapsed. My veins felt like they were going into overdrive, like they would burst. "Get up you punk" Sergeant Wade yelled as he grabbed me by the neck and threw me against the wall. Sergeant Wade was always had his military uniform cleaned and ironed every morning. He was decent looking, and had scars on his body from bullet holes that entered. He usually only disciplined us – but I guess I deserved it. Trying to take this man on was like trying to climb Mt Everest.

The room smelled liked the old middle school gym-lockers, you didn't want to be in here. "You came to us expecting to feed you, clothe you, pamper you. Well wake the fuck up because that ain't happening. Back on the track. Another 5 miles pronto."

My body just wouldn't move, I couldn't do anything. "Okay. Not going to do anything then huh? I guess we'll just have to kick you out."

A man appeared behind Wade grinning and holding the Sergeants arm "No need for that now sergeant." I could see the anger rise quickly within Wade – he didn't like others interruption his so-called "social experiments" and this was one of them. The mysterious man walked past Wade and stretched out his hand "I'm General Hayden, and I believe I can help you get your shit together." From the first moment I saw the general I knew this was a good man. He had a clean cut, no scars at all on his body. I've heard rumors that he loves to help others in need – well shit, I'm in need.

"I believe you and me have more in common then you think" General Hayden eyes sparked, but his intensity remained the same. I know that you have no one else; this military base is your only option. But hell, you know graduating from Fort Meade is a 1 in 1000 chance – yet you still proceed. Why is that" Hayden asked curiously.

I got up and peered outside the windows of the military base " I want a better life, to make a better life for others. I don't have the best skill set, nor am I the most charming person. I have to graduate – no I must" as I went to sprawl back onto the couch.

Hayden pulled out a file and began flipping through all the papers " I'm going to be here for you then. We have a secret program going on that could protect the well being of our country. Get some rest and meet me in the morning. It'll be a long day" Hayden then left the room.

As I entered the room I reflected the events that just occurred. I wasn't sure if I deserved a second chance, deserved someone to mentor me. But I had to take any chance I had. I knew I couldn't fuck this up. I want to become something, I want to survive, I want to live. And quickly I drifted to sleep.

I woke up quickly as I felt a hand on my face. It was cold, and perhaps I was thinking Wade decided to get me back for making him look bad. Except this hand didn't feel human.. I opened my eyes and adrenaline quickly pumped throughout my body. It felt like I just got done running a marathon. The creature quickly tried to bite however in one quick motion I shove my Bowie Knife into it's skull. I never sleep without it. As I investigated the creature I became scared, as it looked human. I was unsure if I killed an actual human being dressed up as something else.. But something told me this was something far, far worse.