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Avenging angel17

In life we all have lost someone or something we held dear

Some more then others

With the pain of lost

We forgotten about the world around us and the promise that came with it

We are so consume in grief to care about the consequences of our acts

We start to regret some or all our choices we made in our lifetime

During those last moments or years of our life

We try to repent for our sins we have committed over the years

With time we rebuild the cities we had once destroyed

We bear scars of our past

Some scars we carry with pride

Others we carry with shame

And with those we must endure the pain

Some people try to found the beauty beneath each scar

While other can not look past the tragedy

Some says that they give us strength

Others says they weaken us in the fear of what might happen again

Within each season that comes and goes

People come into our lives and changes our lives forever

Some come and build us up while others come to break us down

For some they will only stay for a season

While others will stay for a lifetime

They all have made an imprint

A mark that they were there

A scar

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