[ 3.47 p.m – SeaShore City of Lidiera… ]

"People calls me Silmeria. This year, I am turned to be a 9th years old child. Truth to be told, I am actually an orphan. When the orphanage had been burned down because of the stupid war, I began wandered along the town aimlessly, until I met with Relius. He is a good guy! He bought me food at our first encounter.

I'm still remember that day, when we both met for the very first time. I can't help but noticed that something isn't right about him. And to be honest, I'm a bit of distracted. That's where, when I saw his eyes, all I could see is a pair of endless night. There's nothing left in those eyes… no joy, no dreams, no pain, no nothing. No emotions at all. He didn't smile, but I know that he wasn't angry with me for bumping into him either. It's like I'm staring at a heartless man.

I really wanted to ask him about that, even though I know that I can't. I wanted to thank him, but I can't. I wanted to tell him my name, but I just can't.
Because I can't talk.

People often saw us like a brother and his little sister. His age is 10 years older than me. When I called him "big-brother," he declined it and said, "Please call me by my own name,". And thus, I began to call him Relius. It's kinda weird, to call your adoptive parent —or if I must say, "sibling"— only by his or her name, without any honorific or something, as it'd be pretty impolite.

About one year has passed.

It was when I met with his closest friend named Adrian, I learned the fact that Relius is actually blind. It means he can't see me, nor see the the people around him. After one year, I just learned about it. I feel bad about this. It's ironic, as he is the blind older brother while I'm the mute little sister in our sibling relationship. He always act like an emotionless elder of the house, simply because he doesn't want to show any kind of weakness. But I, whom the God had been given the ability to saw through people's heart, can tell that it was also because he had lost two important things in his life: his right to be the true heir of the Redmoon family, and…

his beloved fiancée, Lady Alicia."

** - R.o.M - **

The wind blows slowly that afternoon. Beneath a coconut tree, a little blonde girl was writing down her book. Once in a time, occasionally she lifted her head, staring at the bright orange sky above. Finally satisfied of her works, Silmeria closed her small notebook. She slipped the pen between the pages and hid the book inside her red coat's sack. Dusting off her skirt, she stood and began walking back to her house. The warm beach sand under his feet began to felt warmer as the sun finally sets.


Silmeria could heard the sound of a horse-cart came. She turned her head to face the person who had called her: a bulky man with very kind heart, Uncle Yuan. She smiled at him warmly. Yuan stopped his cart beside her track.

"Hahaha, if ya kept wearing that red coat, I'd probably mistook ya for the Little Red Riding-Hood, Sil." He laughed, followed by the girl. "It's almost evening, lemme take ya home, kid. We don't want your brother getting worried all over, do we?"

Silmeria nodded and carefully climbed the cart. The horses snorted a bit when Yuan starts to gallop them up. The girl sat beside him in silence, but Yuan doesn't seem to mind it. He knows perfectly well about the girl and her adoptive brother, and Yuan saw them as if they're his own children instead.

"Is the house still fine?" the driver of the cart began to open a chitchat. Silmeria nodded.

"Ahahaha, good, good. Keep being a good girl, m'kay? Bad kiddies are bad little children," The girl in red-coat only gave a small chuckled at Yuan's words. She took out her book at a random page and scribbling down something onto it. The cart driver tilted his head a bit to read the unspoken words.

"He needs to get a bit lighten off, don't you think so too, Uncle?"

Yuan didn't say a thing. Silmeria turned her gaze to the trees along the pathway. She flickered her eyes in sadness, reminding herself how cruel fate could be.

to be continued...