Zeipher had to run, she had to get out of there, she was being chased by one of the worst things that you can be chased by, a human with a gun. She was in danger. He was chasing her because she had stolen some fruit from his garden. She wasn't a bad kid she just was extremely poor. She had been caught stealing before but nobody had the guts to turn her in, you see in Chemell stealing was punishable by death and nobody wanted to be the cause for her death.

Zeipher wasn't a normal girly girl, she didn't squeal over boys and pint her nails, instead she liked to be hunting. She was good at throwing knives, ok with a spear but her chosen weapon was a bow.

Everybody in Chemell liked Zeipher, except him, the old man who lived on the hill. He had a shabby run down house but he had the most beautiful garden. All year long it was full of plants. Reds, yellows and oranges in the summer and blues, greens and purples during the winter. Nobody knew how he did it and nobody dared to ask.