"Jerk!" I shouted and smacked him upside the head. "You are so childish, Kolt! You don't know how much I want to whip your ass right now!"

He puffed, "Yeah. Yeah. I know that, but I can't help it. I told you, it's in my blood," and smirked.

I rolled my eyes, "It's in your blood to be a freakin' playboy? Yeah, let's pretend that's true."

Kolt got up from his chair and crouched beside me. He looked at me straight up and tucked loose stands of my hair behind my ear. He closed in on me and whispered to me, "I'm sorry."

I bit my lower lip and sighed, "Dude, get a grip of yourself. We had a deal. No girls!"

He laughed. His laughed was not throaty or manly. It sounded soft and childish; it perfectly compliments the cute, boy band-ish smile he had. We watched as a couple of students filled in my Chem class. "Meet me after class. I'll wait for you by my truck."

I nodded, like a little child. I smiled, "You should go. Class starts in 5."

"Yeah. Bye," he waved.

"Hey, Abi." Marcus called. He was my Lab partner, not much of a smart kid though. I usually did all the work and he just sits there, trying to flirt with me.

"Hey Marcus. Did you bring the materials?" I asked. Our project was due today and it involved several experiments that needed illegal chemicals.

He smiled, "Of course." He handed me a paper bag, "Did you know that some of those are illegal in 15 states?"

I pretended to look shocked and peeked in the bag, "No way? Good thing you didn't get caught."

"Well," he said, "my Dad has connections,"

At that same moment, Mr. Copp entered the room. "Good morning, class. No need to be frantic about submitting or starting your projects. Those finished, please line up at my right side, while for those that require experimentation, go ahead and get your microscopes. Start immediately in order to finish on time."

I walked over to his jeep with a smile on my face. Right when I was to open the door, I saw him inside with that bitch, Mandy.

They were talking, rather more intimately than I would have preferred. I stepped away and waited.

I waited about a good ten minutes before she came out. She saw me and smiled at me apologetically, "Sorry."

I nodded arrogantly and leaned against the car door. I watched her leave before climbing in the car.

"You're late," he said.

"I wasn't. You were just too busy to have noticed me waiting outside."

He frowned. "Sorry, I didn't-"

"It's fine, Kolt. I need to get home." He nodded at me and on the way home, none of us dared to talk. He parked behind a little red Audi Coupe.

"Thanks," I smiled and unbuckled my seat belt. "Bye."

"Wait," I heard him say, "Stay." He said and held my arm to keep me from getting out. I looked back at him, "Sleep over at my house." He offered a smile.

My eyebrows furrowed at his words, "What?"

He answered, "Let's watch a movie, and have fun. I'm sure my parents won't mind."

"I can't tonight."

"Why not?" he demanded.

I pulled my hand back, " I just can't!" and opened the car door before practically running away from it.

I slipped in the house and shouted, "Raffy! I'm home. Raffy?" But there was no answer. I sighed and sprinted towards the weight room.

I peered in, "Raf?" He was there, half naked with dumb bells in hand and with only his boxers to cover him up.

"Geez, Abi! Don't a girl knock? What if I was indecent? Or what if I had a friend over, and they were indecent?" he chastised.

I threw him his towel and sat up a table. My legs swinging at its end. "You mean, what if you were fucking a girl in here and I came in with you both naked and sucking each other? Geez brother, could you be less imaginative? I'm just your innocent little sister!" I teased.

He wiped his sweat and threw the towel back at my direction. I tried to dodge it, no luck there. "Eww. Boys are so disgusting!" I said throwing the towel to the floor.

He laughed at me, " What's up? Why're you here?"

"Maybe I miss you." I joked and smirked.

He scoffed, "Yeah, sure. Why are you really here?" I laughed.

I answered, "Kolt."

"Ahh.. Young love," he said in a annoying tone. I stuck out my tongue. "What happened?"

"I saw him talking to Mandy in his car. It seemed pretty intense. I think they're having a relationship." I explained sadly. "I really hate that bitch for what she did to me."

He sighed and sat beside me on the table, "Did you ask him?" I shook my head, "Why not?"

"I don't want to get hurt, Raffy. He doesn't need to know," my voice cracked.

He put his arm around me and pressed me to his bare chest.

"Get off of me!" I pushed him away. "I swear to God, you smell like shit right now!" I laughed.

He laughed with me and stretched his arms, making me smell his pits, "How does my armpit smell?"

I scrunched my nose, "Nasty!" I punched him in the gut and jumped from the table. "Where's mom?"

He shrugged, "Work, maybe?"

Almost as if God was eavesdropping, I heard a car park at the front lawn. "That must be her. I'll be in my room."

I bent down and picked up Raffy's sweaty towel from the floor and threw it in the laundry shoot.

I splayed across my queen sized bed and rummaged for my phone in my backpack. 5 messages.

Are you okay?

- Kolt

Do we have a problem?

- Kolt

Whatever I did, I'm sorry, Bee.


Bee, please text me back.

- Kolt

Bee. Please. Please. Please...Please talk to me.

- Kolt

I frowned. I don't want to deal with him right now. I was just going to cry and it would not do any of us good.

There was a soft knock on my door. I glanced at the direction where the sound was coming from. My door was locked from the inside.

I got up my feet and unlocked it. "It's open." I turned to my bed and flopped down on it.

"How was school, Abi?" it was my mom. She walked across my room and picked up my dirty clothes that were left on the floor.

I smiled at her, "Nothing new. The sports committee is starting to plan the sports fest though."

"Are you joining?"

I shook my head, "Naw. I figured only bitches were going to join the volleyball team, and basketball would be a little tough. Mr. Rotch promised to coach our team. Not cool."

Mom laughed, "Mr. Rotch is a very handsome man. He must be an excellent coach."

I made a face, "Mom, do you know how gross that is? You're my mom and you're telling me how hot my AP English teacher is?"

She chuckled, "Puh-lease! Don't start with me young lady!"

I smiled, "How's work?" I lounged on my bed and glanced at my phone. 10 messages. 2 missed calls.

"Well," she said, sitting down on the edge of my bed.

I looked into her eyes, she looked troubled. My body sprung up, "What's wrong, ma?"

She smiled and shook her head. "Your father called the office early this day."

I stiffened. Am I dizzy? Cause I felt like I was hearing things. "Wha-wha-at d-did he say?" I stuttered.

She looked at me in the eyes, "He's booking his flight any day of this month. Sweetie, he's coming home soon."

I shook my head, "No. He can't just do that. No. I-I-I'm not staying here if he is."

I got up from my bed and grabbed my phone and school bag. I stormed off the house and tugged at my jacket closer for warmth.

My motorbike was parked beside Raffy's old environmental friendly bike. I climbed in my bike and vroomed my way as far from home as I possibly dared.

The sun went down and my bike slowed down as my mind finally cleared. It doesn't matter that he was coming home. I stayed when he left and that gives me the right to stay just where I am.

He needs to find somewhere else to stay, cause this is my home. And he is not welcome. I wore my helmet and flashed back to reality.

I blinked twice before turning to the route to the nearest Starbucks. I climbed out and ordered myself two freshly brewed coffee. The biggest size they had, of course!

I continued driving back to my house. The places were more familiar now. I'm closer now. I felt safer.

My wheels screeched to a stop and I ripped off my helmet. I knocked on the door frantically. The door opened not long after.

It was Kolt. He looked worried. "Bee."

I gave him a weak smile, "Peace offering?" I showed him the coffee.

He nodded and opened the door wider, yet no smile formed his lips. I entered.

I placed down the coffee and ripped off my jacket. Silence filled the room as I sipped from the cup. I didn't have anything to say to him. And it seems like the feeling was mutual.

He sighed, "Is there anything wrong?"

I looked at him. I didn't notice it before, but his eyes were puffy and red. "Are you okay?"

I walked over to the couch and sat beside him. I traced the bottom of his eye and frowned.

"It's nothing. I'm just," he paused to rub his eyes, "tired."

I narrowed my eyes, "Can't I do anything about it?" I looked down.

He forced a smile and shook his head. "Let's just talk about you. What happened, Bee?" he said.

I felt tears forming in my eyes but I didn't let them stream down. I bit my lower lip and sighed, "Roger called. He's coming back."

Kolt gave me a side hug. "You can stay with me while he's here. I'll ask my mom, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind. She likes you." He smiled.

I smiled back, "Thank you." We both let go of the hug. "Beb, I'm sorry I gave you the cold shoulder back there. I had too much in my mind."

"Was it Mandy?" he asked.

I couldn't answer. No sound seemed to have come out from my mouth.

"Were you jealous, Bee?" he asked, curling his arm around me.

I shook my head, "Beb, I wasn't. But don't forget how Mandy ruined me, okay? And I just didn't like you talking to girls like that. I don't want history repeating itself."

He pulled me closer and kissed my hair, "It won't. I promise."

I smiled.