Chapter 1 – Fight Grounds

It was raining that day on the battlegrounds just behind the school, as I was fighting four people at once. They held up conventional weapons which consisted of the following: a long steel scythe, an ancient Japanese bokken, a long metal staff and a nunchaku. They surrounded me like a wounded dog, but the thing is I wasn't. We were all just standing there, waiting for a chance at a preemptive strike. My brown hair which reached up to my shoulders was wet, as well as my clothes which was the standard school uniform of this battle academy. I held a katana with a small chain attached at the end of it in my right hand and the sheath on the other. I was calm, composed and fierce as well; I knew that I could not let these people get the best of me for I always aspired to be the strongest. Suddenly, the wind changed as they began charging at me one by one, with the hope of killing me, but I was too fast for them. I evaded the vertical slash of the student holding the wooden bokken and countered with a slash of my own at his torso which gave him pain that he could never forget as he fell down to the ground unable to continue fighting. The student with the nunchaku now attempted to attack me from behind with his weapon. I parried the attempt with my sword and his weapon was now stuck between the blade of my katana. I broke the chains connecting his nunchaku to render his weapon useless and I charged at him and gave him a slash on his torso as well and he fell to the ground.

There were only two remaining; they were the students with the long scythe and the staff. I saw fear in their eyes and they now hesitated to attack me. They probably figured that I was too strong for them and I took the initiative this time to rush at them in order to finish this fight. I was running towards the student with the scythe with super fast speed in order for him not to predict where I will attack. He then began swinging his weapon recklessly. He was stupid because his method could lead to his own demise. I predicted the patterns of his attacks and evaded them all and when the opportunity presented it, I was now on the counter attack and eventually I got behind him and slashed his back with a big swing from my sword. He fell to the ground as I injured him with a serious wound. The student with the metal staff was the only one left. He felt the sense of urgency to kill me so he wasted no time and he rushed to attack me with his weapon. I parried with my sword and then noticed that he was not like the other three. He had grace and technique in utilizing his weapon. I kept on parrying his attacks with my katana and in return I let out a huge slash, breaking his weapon in the process.

The student was now defenseless without his weapon and he stepped back in order to protect himself. I walked slowly towards him in order to psyche him out more. I saw him fall down on his knees, it looks like he was now going to plead to me not to injure him like I did to his three other team mates. I then stopped moving towards him and I sheathed my blade after that. He let out a huge sigh of relief, but then in a split second, I attacked him with my fast sword drawing technique and he fell to the ground injured like the rest of his cronies. To be honest, I was holding back while I was fighting them in order not to kill them. I sheathed my sword and held it as I walked away from the students that I have beaten. I then noticed someone walking to my direction; he had black hair and red eyes and was almost the same height as me.

"You actually defeated the elite fighters of the Block A senior batch?" he had asked me.

"I spared them." I replied to the man.

"It's actually unbelievable that you possess this amount of skill, Seiryu. Your swordsmanship is topnotch and on top of that you're only a sophomore." The man replied.

"Don't patronize me, Zaix." I replied to him coldly. The rain had stopped pouring, but my school uniform was still wet and my clothes felt heavy and uncomfortable. "Anyway, I'm heading to my dormitory; I need to change out of these clothes." I added.

"You actually accepted their challenge and beat their asses." Zaix had replied. The look on his face said it all. He was still amazed with the beating I put on the elite fighters of the Block A senior batch. "Where did you learn how to fight like this?" he asked me.

"I'll tell you some other time." I replied to him coldly as I walked towards the school building.

The Treyah Battle Academy was just one of those schools in this continent that specialized in teaching young people such as us on how to fight and live in the real world. It was a time of war in our continent due to the presence of invasions and proxy wars in the continents surrounding our own. Soldiers became a valuable commodity in the war economy so parents choose to enroll their off-springs to battle academies instead of conventional colleges. My name is Seiryu and I am a sophomore student in the Treyah Battle Academy. Currently I am the number one fighter in our batch and I have a hobby of accepting battles from students from other year levels. I specialize on using a katana and my sword techniques are second to none on my batch. I also do not like socializing with other people because it breaks my focus. I hate noisy places, shallow people, insignificant comments and other things that I consider idiotic. I basically do not have friends and I prefer it that way. Other people just slow me down to be frank and I like the way that I am an efficient fighter now without anyone holding me back.

I made my way to my dormitory and opened the door to get inside my room. I dropped my sword on the ground and took off my soggy school uniform and looked around in my closet for a replacement. I found my spare uniform and put it on immediately. I picked up my katana and got out of my dorm and locked it in order for no one to trespass in my room. I have history class in 10 minutes but I didn't really care about the time because the classroom was just around the corner. I got to the room just in time and went in. I was in Block D of the sophomore batch which technically housed ruffians such as me. We had great fighters but we fought for the wrong reasons or so the head minister says. I went to the seat at the back of the room and sat down in order to begin minding my own business. I heard my classmates in the background murmuring their conversations. Some of them gave me looks as they were whispering stuff to the others. I overheard their conversations but I did not really give a fuck about them.

"So is it true?" I heard one of the students say.

"Yeah, he beat the elite fighters of Block A of the Senior Batch singlehandedly." Another replied.

I guess the news about me injuring those Block A Seniors spread like wildfire, well can't do anything about that now what's done is done. I then noticed that the professor had arrived in our room. I guess it would be a good time now to go to sleep since there will be a boring lecture that will be executed in a few minutes.

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