Chapter 24 – Dark vs. Dark

Their swords clashed as if they were equally adept in the art of fighting. Lucian had straffed to the left and attempted an upward slash, while Seiryu took notice of this and he immediately parried with his own katana and he went for a counter attack with a spinning slash. Lucian however had already seen this coming and he jumped out of the way to avoid it. Landing on his feet, he then rushd back to Seiryu and continued on the offensive. He attempted to attack with a horizontal slash going from left to right, but Seiryu had read his move perfectly and he parried with his katana. The long haired student jumped up in the sky and began to charge up his sword with spirit energy.

"Vertical Cross." Seiryu had said as he attempted to slash and finish Lucian quickly with one of his signature moves.

"Hmph" Lucian had smiled as he just stood there not moving an inch. He then charged up his rapier with dark spirit energy. "You're going to have to do better than that to beat me." He had said as he began to move towards Seiryu with his rapier filled with dark spirit energy.

"Shadow Impulse" Lucian had said as both of their swords clashed in midair. Seiryu was struggling to keep Lucian at bay but he then failed and the calm student had broken through his Vertical Cross and the Shadow Impulse attack had left a huge slash mark on Seiryu's torso.

Lucian had landed on the ground safely, while Seiryu fell on the ground as he held on his katana.

"Vertical Cross uses hangtime and gravity to add to its power. Shadow Impulse is the complete opposite for it used the force I used from the ground as I jumped. To put it in simple words, the full force of your attack is only when it hits the opponent on the ground solidly. Its power is greatly decreased when the opponent is on the same level as the user which makes the Shadow Impulse attack better in that situation." Lucian had said.

"No way…" Seiryu had said as he stood up not without a fight though.

"The Jigoku Mugen Satsujin that you possess is indeed powerful, if the person you are fighting has no knowledge of it. I on the other hand know a lot about it." Lucian had said calmly. '

"Shadow Impulse…A Kage Kenjutsu (Shadow Sword Technique)move… then your discipline must be the art of…Ankoku Ryu Ken (Dark Dragon Sword Style)." Seiryu had said.

"Very analytical indeed, it is the style that rivals your Jigoku Mugen Satsujin. My father had taught me that style since I was just a 4 year old boy." Lucian had said.

Seiryu had shifted to the one-handed right hand thrust and he held his katana a bit above his head.

"Hmm? The Seirei Bunshu True stance already; Am I that of a threat?" Lucian said. "It was said to be the technique that can never be blocked." He added.

"This is the end…" Seiryu had said as he had rushed towards Lucian with the true stance of the Seirei Bunshu.

"Don't be naïve" Lucian had replied as he braced himself for impact.

Seiryu was rushing now towards Lucian with godlike speed. As he was getting nearer, he then thrust his sword towards Lucian. The rapier wileder had attempted to block it by pushing it aside. Lucian had pushed the sword aside to his left.

""Now!" Seiryu had thought "Chain attack Form 3: Seirei to Yakekoge Senko!" He had shouted as he was about to swing his sword towards Lucian. His flaming katana seemed so fast that it was beginning to be impossible to intercept, but he had another thing coming.

"Very predictable indeed" Lucian had replied as he got out of the way of the incoming Yakekoge Senko. Seiryu now was open to a counter attack for he had failed to connect with the consecutive strike that was supposed to be unblockable and undodgeable. With his adversary off-balanced, Lucian took his chance and began to charge up his rapier with dark spirit energy again.

"Ankoku Ryu Ken, Kokuryu Shi No Kogeki (Black Dragon Death Strike)" Lucian had said as he swung his rapier against Seiryu and it hit the long haired student again. The attack had stunned Seiryu but it did not end there. Even though Lucian had already attack him once, there was more in store for the katana wielder.

"Fukusu no gyakushu (Extension Multiple Strikes)" Lucian had said as he walked past Seiryu's stunned body. In an instant, multiple strikes had bombarded Seiryu and Lucian wasn't even lifting a finger. He just stood past Seiryu as a series of dark explosions had bombarded the long haired student's body. Seiryu fell on the pavement afterwards, unable to get back up.

"Seiryu!" Elle had shouted as she still tried to break free.

"The Kokuryu Shi No Kogeki, one of the more lethal moves of the Ankoku Ryu Ken sword style. Much like the Mugen no Jigoku Ikari you used against Melfice in your fight, but this deals more lethal damage." Lucian had said with a blank facial expression. "You should know your limits Mr. Noelle. You're no match for me." He added.

"He's too strong…" Seiryu thought as he tried to pick up his katana. He held on to it and he tried to get up slowly. Lucian's attack really did a number on him.

"Oh so you're still alive? I'm quite amazed for no one had ever survived after I hit tmy previous enemies with that attack." Lucian had said. "You're the first actually." He said.

Seiryu kept silent and he again reverted back to his fighting stance and braced himself.

"You're still going to fight? I believe Miss Elle has seen enough of you suffering." Lucian had replied.

"Leave her out of this…" Seiryu had said and Lucian had noticed the expression on his eyes had changed.

"He looks more serious." Lucian had thought to himself. "I see you have decided to get serious with me. Very well, let's go then." He added and Seiryu rushed at him with a speed that was greater than he had awhile ago.

"Fast! I swear he wasn't this fast awhile ago." Lucian had thought as he braced himself for defense.

The long haired student had reappeared on his left side and attempted to slash him, but fortunately he parried the attack. Lucian attempted a counterattack, but as his sword was about to touch Seiryu, he disappeared in thin air.

"What?! Impossible!" Lucian had thought to himself and Seiryu had reappeared on his right side. The rapier wielder now took advantage of the situation and attempted to go on the offensive. Seiryu immediately defended the slashes of Lucian by parrying with his katana and in an instant he moved behind Lucian.

"What the?!" Lucian had said and Seiryu attempted to put a wound on his back. He defended with his rapier in order to avoid getting wounded and instead sent Seiryu flying on the air. He then saw that Seiryu was charging up his sword again with spirit energy, but it was darker though.

"Dark spirit energy? Just as I thought…" Lucian had said as he rushed at Seiryu and his sword was engulfed with dark spirit energy as well. He was going for another Shadow Impulse attack.

"Shadow Impulse" Lucian had said as he attempted to slash Seiryu with the same attack that he had hit him earlier, but just as he was about to make contact with him, the long haired student had disappeared in thin air. Seiryu reappeared behind him and immediately he attempted to strike down Lucian.

"Vertical Cross variation, Mugen no Jigoku Ikari…" he said coldly as he connected with his strike and it had stunned Lucian in mid air as a series of explosions had engulfed him. Seiryu had landed on the ground and took advantage of the stunned predicament of his adversary as he shifted into the True Stance of the Seirei Bunshu.

"Jigoku Mugen Satsujin, Kuchu Rei Bunshu (Aerial Spirit Splitter)" Seiryu had said as he immediately rushed at Lucian while he was still engulfed in a series of explosions and he connected with his strike successfully. Lucian fell to the pavement afterwards and Seiryu had landed on the ground. He looked exhausted from executing those two attacks in succession as he knelt down to rest a little.

"Very good, as expected of you Seiryu…" Lucian had said as he stood up. He already ripped his School Uniform jacket and he had some wounds. "But it seems you have reached your limit." He had said as he saw Seiryu kneeling down trying to catch his breath.

"How the hell did he survive that?!" Seiryu had thought to himself.

"Even though you have damaged me, I still have enough left to finish you right now. You on the otherhand are in very deep waters…" Lucian had said as he walked closer to Seiryu slowly. "I guess this will be the attack that will send you to your grave." He had said as he disappeared in thin air.

"Crap, it looks like I can't dodge this one…" Seiryu thought to himself as he was still trying to stand up. He was just too tired and too fatigued from the attacks he executed and from the shots that he took from Lucian.

"Ankoku Ryu Ken ougi, Zankuraiken (Dark Sword Kill) Lucian had said as he appeared and slashed Seiryu with full force as concentrated dark spirit energy had clashed against his body and it had sent him falling to the pavement. The rapier wielder then had begun to slow down after he had successfully connected with his attack.

"Instant death upon connection…" Lucian had said as he began to walk away from a seemingly lifeless body. He then released Elle from his grip and she fell to the pavement of the roof as well.

"He wanted his suffering to end. He could've just said yes." Lucian had said and Elle had rushed to where Seiryu is at. She tried to heal him with her magic but it was no use he wasn't budging.

"How could you…" Elle had said.

Seiryu's body looked lifeless as he lay on the pavement of the roof. Elle ran after Lucian and she confronted him.

"Why did you kill him?!" she had said.

"My bloodlust, is far too uncontrollable Miss Elle, for that I am sorry." Lucian had said to her as he put his hand on her shoulder.

Seiryu POV

"Weak…that's what you are…" a voice I heard had said.

I found myself lying in the void of darkness again. I was awake, but I couldn't move any of my limbs. They felt heavy like huge boulders. It has been a while since I lost a fight.

"Uhhhh…." I groaned.

"So, do you still refuse me?" the voice had said to me. It was the same voice in my dreams. The one that urged me to succumb to the darkness; come to think of it Lucian had said the same thing before we fought.

"No…" I replied to him. After fighting Lucian, I had realized how weak I was. It had finally convinced me that I needed the power of darkness. "Please…help me…" I had said

"So you finally surrendered. After many times of fighting me, all you can do is crawl back…" the voice had said.

"You're right…" I had replied.

"For you see, the more you go near the light, the taller your shadow becomes…" the voice had said and it had a point. I needed power too, to overcome any adversaries that came my way.

"Now that your intentions are clear, you are free to receive the power that you have suppressed inside you…the power that you have nurtured in your years of existence. The power that is known as, the power of darkness…" the voice had said and in an instant, dark spirit energy had begun to form around me.

I began to feel my limbs again; the power surge had been too great and I felt like I was fresh out of the bed, but at the same time, something had changed. I can't quite put my tongue on it but I felt different, like I was caged, but it didn't matter. What mattered now was I had the power, to defeat Lucian.

General POV

Seiryu's body had begun to be surrounded by dark spirit energy. Lucian and Elle had turned and faced to where Seiryu is and they were surprised to see what had been happening to him.

"Impossible, he's still alive!" Lucian had thought to himself as he made his Rapier appear again.

"Seiryu!" Elle had thought as she attempted to go to him. She held back though as she saw the dark power that had surrounded him. "Darkness? Is this his affinity?!" Elle had thought as she was surprised.

The long haired student had regained consciousness and he got up to his feet. He held his katana on his right hand as dark spirit energy began to surround him even more. Seiryu did not look like his usual self as his eye color had already changed from its usual color which is brown to a sinister red color. His facial expression was colder than he usually was and a single look could pierce through his opponent's body.

"He's not himself…" Lucian had said as he saw Seiryu's eyes, and he looked to be filled with bloodlust. "It seems like he has awaken the power of his natural affinity." He added.

"Now then, where were we?" Seiryu had said in a sinister voice.

"That's not…Seiryu…" Elle had said as she had fallen down on her knees. She never knew that he had this amount of darkness in him.

"Miss Elle please get out of here now." Lucian had said to her. Elle did not budge at first.

"Go it's not safe here anymore!" Lucian had said to her and she did what she was told and got out of the roof.

"Darkness affinity just like myself; yours is rogue though." Lucian had said as he saw Seiryu's red eyes. "It seems that you can't control your affinity yet." He added but Seiryu did not reply instead he had seen the sheath of his katana and picked it up. He then reverted to a battojutsu stance as he readied himself to attack Lucian. In an instant, he had disappeared in front of him. Lucian afterwards had felt a slash going across his body and Seiryu had reappeared after. The rapier wielder fell to the ground as he clutched his mid section in pain.

"What speed…he's not the same Seiryu…" Lucian had thought to himself as he struggled to get up.

"Well then, it looks it'll be I who will kill you." Seiryu had said in a cold sinister voice as h starred down Lucian from his standing position.

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