Chapter 30 – Departure (Season Finale)

It was a Friday morning as I have finished packing everything I had needed for the Tri Interschool Tournament. I was wearing my signature hoodie with the dragon emblem on it and my left sleave was folded up. I had bandaged my left arm because of the cut I had on my left hand days ago. I had blue slim fit jeans which were ripped to go along with my white hoodie and I wore my favorite pair of sneakers. I got out of my dorm and locked the door as lifted my duffel bag over my shoulder. I knew I'm not going back to Treyah for a while for the Tournament will be a long one. There had been a Team Bus that would take us to Herac dome and from what I've heard that dome was at the center of the world.

I saw Elle going out of her dorm room as well and she had a huge duffel bag with her as well. She was wearing a fitting peach shirt and short shorts and her boots I went near her as she struggled to lift her duffel bag.

"Yo need some help?" I said to her coldly. She looked at me and she smiled afterwards. I saw her with her huge shuriken weapon. Whoa so that's what she meant when she said she was a blade master as well.

"No thanks, I got it covered." Elle had said to me but I took her duffel bag anyway for she was struggling. "Wow never knew you were assertive." She had said to me.

"Whatever." I said to her coldly.

"Stop trying to be cold and look at me." Elle had said to me. Wow she was demanding. PMS? I looked at her and she smiled afterwards.

"You've changed somehow." Elle had said to me.

"Keep telling yourself that." I replied to her "Come we should get going now, the bus won't wait forever." I said to her as we both made our way to the parking lot.

General POV

Elle and Seiryu had made it to the parking lot and they immediately saw their team mates beside the huge bus. Lucian was there talking to the driver while Yue was talking to Melfice who was loading stuff at the trunk of the Team Bus. Yue was wearing a red shirt with a smiley face on it and her bottoms were slim fit jeans and her sneakers were red as well. Melfice wore a grey V-neck shirt and the sleeves reached up to his forearm. He had his Efreeta tattoo on his left arm and his bottoms were black skinny jeans and he wore white shoes to top it all off. He was the most stylish of all his team mates. Lucian wore a green turtle neck shirt whose sleeves reached up to his wrists. His pants were black denim jeans and he wore black leather shoes. It was his usual get up.

Yue and Melfice then saw, Elle and Seiryu walking together. He noticed that the long haired student was carrying her bag for her and immediately he went near Seiryu.

"I'll take that if you don't mind." Melfice had taken the bag from him impulsively and he faced Elle afterwards." Hey um Elle, I'll load this up on the bus for ya." He smiled at the blonde.

"Why thank you Melfice." Elle had said to him nicely and he handed him her huge shuriken as well. He struggled to lift all of her things but in the end he was able to load it up on the bus.

"Well that's that!" Melfice had said.

"Move." He then heard Seiryu say to him.

"You can say it nicely you know." The hybrid wielder had told him as he moved aside for him.

"Not my style." Seiryu immediately replied and he began to load his duffel bag on the trunk of the bus. After that, the long haired student went on the right side of the bus and he looked at the fields outside Treyah. Yue had noticed him standing alone and she immediately went near him.

"Great he'll probably just try to annoy me again. Why do I even try?" Yue had thought to herself.

She got to where Seiryu was and she stood beside him.

"How's your hand?" Yue had asked him. She was probably expecting another cold answer from the long haired student.

"It was you…" he had said and this puzzled her.

"The voices of the girl in my dreams when I was in the void, it wasn't Elle after all. How come I only realize this now? And why of all people her?" he thought

"What do you mean?" she had asked him.

"Nothing…forget it…" Seiryu had said as he put his hands in the pockets of his hoodie.

"Were even now." Seiryu had said to her coldly.

"What are you talking about?" Yue had said to him

"Remember the time we fought that Behemoth?" Seiryu had said to her. "I saved your life."


But as she was walking towards me, I saw the Behemoth rise up and immediately rush at her. She then turned around and tried to run away from it faster. Yue then fell down on the ground and she was helpless.

"Noooo!" she had shouted

"Yakekoge Senko!" I exclaimed as I moved in between the Behemoth and Yue. My sword made impact with the horns of the Behemoth and this kept it immobilized for a little while.

"Go!" I said to her and she immediately got to a safe distance.

End of Flashback

"What a guy! He actually keeps score about the times he saved my life?!" Yue had thought to herself. "And that was just once!"

"And you saved mine, by calling out to me when I was in the void." Seiryu had replied to me.

Yue remembered that day all too well.


"We have to do something!" Yue had shouted as she began to cast high degree Medic spells on Seiryu. He was unconscious and that had hurt her so much. It was at that moment that she knew that she cared about him so much.

Her hands lit up with light as she put it over Seiryu's body to heal him. She was really trying so hard to heal him and bring him back for she knew he was in a critical condition.

"Stay with me…just hold on…" she had said as tears rolled down her cheek.

End of flashback

"Thank you…" Seiryu had said to her and that was the second time he had thanked her without his cold tone.

"It's nothing really" Yue had said to him as she smiled at him.

"That doesn't mean that you not a ditz anymore cause you still are." Seiryu had said to her afterwards thus breaking the moment between them.

"I knew it it was too good to be true." Yue had thought to herself and sighed.

"Fine call me what you want, but the next time you get in a rut I won't be there to save your sorry ass!" Yue had said to the long haired student.

"Ditto." Seiryu had replied as he walked away from Yue and walked towards the bus, but before boarding, he called on Yue again. "Hey ditz heads up!" he had said as he tossed a small box to her.

"What's this?!" Yue had asked him but he had already gone inside the bus. She opened the box and there was a note.

Hey ditz, I forgot to give you this.

Turns out that the corsage that I gave you

at the formal, had a hairclip attached to it.

Well here ya go. Now don't be getting any ideas

Because we still are not in good terms.


Thanks for saving me…

PS (If you read this to others I swear you will regret it)


She had smiled when she had seen his note and she kept it in the box. She took the hairclip from the box; it had matched the color of the corsage that he had given her in the formal which was an aqua blue.

"Seiryu you stupid fool." She had thought in herself and smiled afterwards "Sometimes, you're just unpredictable." She thought again and she boarded the bus.

Seiryu POV

I sat alone in the bus at the back seat. Melfice sat beside Elle and Lucian sat beside Yue. It seems like they were all talking about just about anything that comes to mind. Melfice was probably trying to woo Elle already, while Lucian was talking about nerd stuff with the ditz. As for me, I enjoyed the solitiude at the back. The driver was still warming up the engine and after a few minutes we had heard the driver say:

"Alright team, let's get this show on the road!" and he had started to drive the bus on the main road already. We were going to pass Aldwin on the way then many stops came after that. Like I care really, what only mattered to me was my peace and quiet behind the bus.

I rested my head against the window and thought about things that happened around Treyah and it turns out, I actually did the impossible. I actually made acquaintances with these people and they saw me for who I am. Well Yue is still shallow and Melfice has his pride issues but nonetheless I can certainly say that I have never been around a company of people like this before and for the first time in my life, I actually did not feel alone.

"It was all thanks to her…"

"Thanks to Elle…"

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