Everything about this place sucked me right in. It was bright, a completely white color, with gold and jewels and everything else you could imagine. There were even some things that I would have never dreamed of in my entire life. I knew I was in Heaven. There was surely no place like this on Earth. Being here, brought peace into my heart. I felt like every sin I had ever committed was forgotten, not even a memory now. Everything was being cleared away, and I could feel the presence of God with me. And then there were the angels...They flew so gracefully across the Heavens. They seemed to be doing daily work, like building houses, delivering messages, and plenty of other things. They were just perfect, I was in complete awe of them. They're white wings were beautiful and they seemed to glow as they flew around.

Their features were like a picture of the perfect human. They had no blemishes, no imperfections. Even their hair seemed to be more beautiful, and more perfect than anything you could think. I stood there, my eyes widened at them. I wasn't sure how I got here, but that didn't seem to matter when I watched the angels fly. And when I heard God's voice, his gentle voice felt so calm and comforting. But how did I get here? Did I die? That had to be the only reasonable explanation right? But for some reason I wasn't at all scared of this. The thought of death felt strangely...good. It meant that I could be at peace forever right?

...Oh no, the bright lights began to get dimmer and dimmer. And I wasn't sure why. Confusion swept over me, and the angels seemed to fly by my side. One Angel in particular stood in front of me bravely.

"Just stay behind me, and don't say anything." He spoke, his voice was so perfect.

His hair was brown, and he was as beautiful as all the other angels. He had chiseled features, and he stood tall and brave.

I could see clearly the darkness that was coming toward the angels. They were demons. Ugly, horrible demons. There was a black trail that lingered with them wherever they went. There eyes were blood red, there bodies imperfect. They wore scars, and tattoos with the number '666' on them. There was one demon like figure in particular that stood out from all of the others. He looked most like an angel, but his eyes were black, and scary. And he proudly wore the number '666' on his chest. His hair was long and matted, if he could comb it, you would be able to see how perfect his hair was. He was well built, with tanned skin. He wore a smirk on his face, an evil, devilish smirk.

"We've come for the girl." He said, staring in my direction. I felt my heart beat quicken, and I drew in deep and steady breaths as I clung onto the angel a little tighter.

"She's off limits." The angel in front of me spoke, "And it be best if you would go ahead and exit the Heavens. You're not allowed back here Lucifer. Or have you forgotten?"

The devil, Lucifer put a hand up and laughed, or rather, roared, "Or have you forgotten Micheal, that I do not listen to the man who claims to be my father anymore?"

"Lucifer, I do not wish to fight you on this, no, not again. Father says that she will be made into an angel for her faith down on Earth. She does not belong to you. And if you continue to try and take her away I will-"

"You'll what Micheal? You'll fight me!" He roared, "You and your army of angels will fight me? You're no match for these demons. They lust after human blood, and they do not fear you angels, and neither do I."

"Likewise, the angels do not fear you. We have the power of the Lord on our side, which is something that you can never get back." He hissed.

Lucifer only roared again, "Then I will come back 7 star days from now, and we will settle this, the way we once did." He turned toward his clan of demons, "We will come back! For now, let's prepare for war!" And the demons erupted with cheers. The darkness slowly began to fade away and when they were finally gone, the beautiful light that I had once saw was there again, but this time, I couldn't watch it in awe. I was too confused about everything.

I slowly gained courage to talk to this angel, Micheal, "What's going on?"

But he only told me, that I should be kept safe, "Gabriel! Take her to our Father. And ask him what we are to do with her."

With that the angel, Gabriel flew toward me. He gave me a small smile, "Hi. I'm Gabriel. You can trust me." He extending his hand out for me to grab, and slowly I grabbed it, "I'm Cristina by the way."

He laughed, "I know."

Ok so this was just a strange dream that I had two nights ago and I just felt like I had to share it. I probably won't make this into a real story or anything. Review?