Fantasy Land

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Denver, Colorado, there lived a magical teenager! No, just kidding... there's no magic in this story... yet.

Anyway, back to the intro...

"Hey Mom, I'm gonna invite Mark over to play some videogames." The teenager I spoke of earlier called up the stairs to his mother.

"Okay Chris, I'm going to the just keep an eye on your little sister too." She called back.

"Okay." Just then, Anna, Chris's nine-year-old sister came running down the stairs as Chris entered the living room where the TV and the game console sat. Chris plopped down on the couch near the coffee table as Anna entered the room. She looked innocent, but there was a furtive look in her eyes.

"Chris," She said, "I don't care what videogame you play... just don't play this one..."

She set a game disc down on the table. It was labeled 'Fantasy Land : Where Fears And Dreams Come True'.

"Um... okay...? Mark and I were just gonna play some CoD." He replied hesitantly.

"Okay!" Anna replied happily, but then she spoke again, "But DON'T play this one... I'm setting it right here... on the table... in front of you... completely in your reach... okay! Bye!" And she ran back upstairs.

About fifteen minutes later, Mark arrived just as Chris's mom was leaving. Mark entered the house and the two teenages did some sort of weird handshake in greeting. Then they sat on the couch.

Mark looked at Anna's game disc that was sitting on the table.

"What's that game?" He asked.

"Oh! Uh, that's Anna's game. She said not to play it." Chris replied blandly.

"It looks kinda fun! Let' play it!" Mark said ecstatically.

"No man! There's pink sparkly unicorns on the front! And Anna said not to!"

"Dude, don't be so stingy! I'm playin' it!" Mark said as he put the game disc in the console.

As soon as Mark hit the 'ON' button of the console, and the power button on the TV... the two teenagers were warped into Fantasy Land.

After falling a fairly long distance out of the sky, Chris landed upside down on a pink tree stump, while Mark landed face-flat on the purple grass. While recovering, a strange man that sort of resembled an Oompa Loompa, ran up to them.

"Oh thank goodness! You're here!" He said in a squeaky high-pitched voice.

"W-where are we?" Chris asked.

"Oh!" The man exclaimed, "You're in the land of Ooblahdee, otherwise known as Fantasy Land!"

"Oh great..." Chris said as he looked at Mark, who gave an apologetic grin. Returning to panic-state, the strange man said, "Now come quick! We need your help!"

"Um... okay!" The boys said together. On the walk to wherever the strange man was taking them, the two teens questioned the man.

"What's your name?"

"Where are you taking us?"

"Why is everything pink and purple?!" They asked.

"Well," The man squeaked, "My name is Happy! I'm taking you to the Gate, and this is a girls' game, why else would everything be pink and purple?! And since you impetuous fools jumped right into the game, you are forced to complete the quest!"

"Geez Mark!" Chris smacked his friend on the arm, "Now we have to complete a dangerous quest that's probably life-threatening!"

"Oh yes!" Happy interjected, "You'll have to slay the evil monster that has terrorized this land for centuries! You two don't look fit enough, nor worthy enough to battle this monster, but, I'm sure you'll impress us! And, if you happen to slay the beast, you'll become honorable and heroic members of our gallant society!"

"But we wanna go back home!" Chris whined.

"Ugh! Fine, then after you kill it, you can go back to your pathetic excuses for lives." Happy replied.

Finally, the three made it to the Gate that led to a horrible and fiendish forest.

"Here! Suit up!" Happy said as he handed the two boys some body armor, pink and purple of course. They put it on and Happy then gave them two unicorns to ride on, one pink and one purple of course.

"OOH! I want the pink one!" Mark screeched joyfully. Chris gave him the 'Are You Serious?!' look and then mounted is purple unicorn. Happy then opened the Gate.

"The monster should be right down that path... if you don't see him, call his name. He should come out then." Happy said seriously.

"What's his name?" Mark asked.

"It's Anchovy." Happy replied, still serious.

"Okay...?" Chris said.
Mark and Chris rode down the path, in a cautious manner calling, "Anchovy!"

Finally, a new voice spoke, an evil, scary voice that was very deep.


"Are you Anchovy?" Chris asked.

"YES." It repiled.

"Oh! In that case, we came here to slay you!" Mark said cheerily.

"Mark! Don't tell it that!" Chris said as he smacked Mark's arm again.

Then, as a chilling wind blew and a random dramatical (yet mood setting) lighting bolt flashed, Anchovy came out of the shadows... He was a scary... ugly... hairy... SPIDER! He was the size of a baby's pinky toe, which made the moment even more ironic.


Chris gave a confused look and dismounted his unicorn. He walked up to Anchovy and said, "You're a spiteful little thing, aren't you?"

Chris then proceeded to squash Anchovy with a stick. "Done and done." Chris said in a satisfied tone.

The dark and creepy forest immediately exploded into color, pink and purple of course, and Chris and Mark were warped back into Chris's living room.

"We did it!" The two commenced their strange handshake again.

"Wait, hang on a sec," Chris said angrily, "Anna?! Come down here!"

Anna quickly ran downstairs.

"What?" She asked innocently, "I told you not to play it."