I was led through a cold dark hallway. The sound of footsteps echoed all around us as we walked I had a gun pressed to my back and my hand tied. I had no idea how to get out of this one. They searched me and took all my weapons before they forced me into the block, somewhere I didn't want to be. The first time in over 7 years that I got caught for stealing food. Luckily don't think they knew who I am.

The block was a jail know for is an interesting and horrid way of getting rid of its inmates. One of the most popular ways and where the jail gets its name was the trackers would place inmates in a block shape area with no ruff and just leave them there for days on end until none were left. at first it was just the inmates but then the guards decided to add something to make it a little more interesting, Bloodshots. It was horrible, i have never seen it myself and i wasn't intending to anytime soon.

I was pushed into another hallway, this one was lined with cells. It was dark and cold. The smell of rotting and other disgusting things made me gag, it was horrible. Some of the cells were overcrowded, filled with men, women and children. I had to get out, i didn't want to stay any moment longer.

"Hey there sweet cheeks" a man calls to me. I rolled my eyes and kept my eyes in front, trying to think of a way to escape. Some of the other men join in whistling and saying other cat calls. The women and children were begging for help but I didn't know why the though I could, I was tied up.

Suddenly the tracker pushed me forward, making me almost fall on my face but I quickly regain my balance and turned quickly and smoothly remembering what my father had taught me before he died. I hooked the trackers legs making him trip and fall. I broke the ropes around my wrist and quickly turned to walk away.

Then I remembered the gun the tracker had. I quickly turned and grabbed it at the same time as the tracker. We struggled for it, pulling it back and forth. With him on the ground I had the advantage, I kicked at his knuckles until he cried in pain and let go. I quickly moved away from him and shot. It hit him right in the shoulder. He griped where the bullet had hit and cried in pain as I bent down and searched him for my knives.

"Please don't hurt me" the tracker wailed

"Oh shut up" I said.

Cheering came from the cells as I found the keys. Without a second thought I threw them at the women who cried for my help. With her shaking hands she unlocks her cell and pushes the kids out. She smiled at me as she passed the keys on to the next cell. I didn't know how far they would get but at lease they had a shot at freedom. I finally found my knives and ran for it.

I ran back the way I came. As I turned a corner, I slammed into someone and I flew back landing on my back with a thud.


I quickly stood up and ran back. Ducking behind the corner just as a bullet hit the wall barely missing my head. I pressed my back up against the wall breathing hard, heart and my mind racing. I carefully looked around the corner and saw the tracker coming closer. I gripped the gun and spun out into the hallway and shot.

The sound echoed through the hallway. The guard hit the ground and the bullet missed. Before he could regain his bearing I shot again, this time hitting him in the chest. I continued down the hallway stepping over the tracker body. I had no trouble killing trackers, they took my family away from me and they are the reason we're in this shit.

I found the door that I was pushed through only I couple of minutes ago. I raised my gun and pushed open the door. The sunlight burned my eyes, it took me a couple of seconds to adjust. The sound of yelling and running feet rang through my ears. I saw prisoners running everywhere, trackers and some prisoners lay dead on the ground. It was mayhem, bullets were being shot, knives swung and trackers getting beaten to a pulp.

Hunter and trackers were in place to help keep the bloodshot disease at bay. Yeah right all they were doing was locking us up and starving us to death.

As I looked around I spotted a car, my eyes widen. I hadn't seen a car in years; cars were now reserved for hunters and trackers. I made a b-lined for the car pushing people and trackers out of my way. I had to get to the car. Bullets buzzed passed my ear. i have to make it no matter what.

Suddenly everyone stopped, it was quiet and ran back toward the building. I stop to see what was going on. At the edge of the forest that surround the block was a wave of blood shots. They must of heard the noise or worst the trackers had set them on us. They moved quickly towards us. Some had mouths dripping with blood. They stared hungrily at us with their bloodshot eyes.


I moved quickly through the crowd of scared people. The prisoner and the trackers ran as they pushed people to the ground and trampled all over them . I finally made it to the car and threw myself in it. I scrambled to close the door but just as I was about to close it someone grab a hold of the door and tried to yank it open. We pulled back and forth, me trying to close it, the man trying to open it. Finally one last pull before I lost my grip I closed the door and fumbled for the lock. The man banged and banged on the window. Yelling, I didn't want to take any chances, the man might be infected, want to use me for my healing or kill me. I was shaking that was too close.

I quickly hopped into the driver side. i quickly checked everywhere for the keys, but i couldn't fine anything.

"Damn it" I said bang my head on the steering wheel. Then an idea came to mind, I could hot wire it. I didn't know how but it was worth a shot, I've seen my friends do when i was younger. I spent a couple minutes trying it while more people banged on the car's windows. It wouldn't be long before the window broke. I tried one more time praying it would work.

To my surprise the car started. "Yes" I put the car into gear and pressed on the gas. It was hard trying to keep to car straight, it was my first time driving.

"You couldn't drive any smoother" A voice said coming from the back seat.

I slammed on the breaks and pointed my guns in the back seat.

"Who the hell are you?"

A boy about my age maybe a year older or two sat up with his hands up. He was good looking with bright blue eyes, messy brown hair. He had a nervous look in his eye but a crooked smile on his face.

"I'm not a tracker if you're wondering" he said

I glared at him and open my mouth to say something when out of no where something slammed into the car. it made jolt forward, hitting my head on the dashboard.

"What the hell was that" I yelled as i looked out the window.

"bloodshots" the boy said with wide eyed

I looked at him Dumb founded. "What are you doing drive" I blinked, snapping out of my stare. I quickly turned around as the boy slid into the seat next to me. I pressed on the gas again and drove as quickly as I could, Leaving the bloodshot and screaming people behind. i didn't know what to do about the boy who came from the backseat could i trust him and who was he.