"Would you just leave me alone" I said jumping trying to grab my pack. He switched the pack to his other hand just out of my reach "what's your problem"

"I need you to come with me" he said still holding my pack out of reach.

I wasn't going with anyone. I needed to find my brother.

"No" I said jumping again just barely missing my pack

"I'm not taking no for an answer" he said trying to sound confident

"No" I said stomping on his foot as hard as I could making him drop my pack. I snatch my pack off the ground and ran for it but he quickly garbed my arm and twisted.

"Ow…."I cried quietly trying to wiggle out of his grip. He was very strong.

"I don't want to hurt you but you're not getting away from me again" he whispered in my ear.

"Let go of me" I yelled punching blindly behind me with my free arm.

He garbed my free arm and tightly bounded it with the other one but still kept a grip on me.

"Wow you're not an easy catch are you" he said sitting me down as I resisted against my ropes. They were stronger than the one my hands were tied to earlier.

The guy knelt at my feet and planned to tie up my feet but I kicked him right in the jaw. His head jerked back and his hand went right to where I kick him.

He rubbed his jaw and turned and said "you're really not going to make this easy"

I smiled at him and quickly tried to get another kick in but he predicted my move. He forcefully grabbed my leg and pinned it down beside my other one. Man this guy was good and quick.

My brief smile rapidly turned into a glared as the guy tied up my legs like they where to logs. He had to start over a couple off times because of my squirming. He tied it tight but not too tight.

"There, done he said patting my legs and getting to his feet.

Shit the ropes were tight. I couldn't break free no matter how many ways tried. I didn't know what this guy wanted but I know it wasn't good. He was dressed very well. He had a warm jacket, good boots and clothes with no holes in them. I'm just gonna guess he from one the villages and want me to heal someone or wanted me dead because the hunter had destroyed his village while they were hunting me down.

The guy turned his back on me. I looked over at my pack it wasn't that far if I could just shuffle over and somehow get to the rest of the knives that weren't in my boots. As quietly as I could while he still had back turned, I shuffled as best I could. It seemed to work for a little while until I fell on my side. I felt like a fish out of water, flopping around.

I stopped moving as a sweet sounding melody filled my ears. It sounded like a bird but it wasn't it was the guy whistling. My stomach dropped he was calling to someone. I struggled to move closer to my pack as panic set in maybe he was calling to the trackers or hunters. Damn it I'm screwed.

The guy turned and I stopped wiggling. Heat burned my face with embarrassment. Tried to sit up but it didn't really work.

"Looks like you need some help" the guy said as a smile crossed his face.

My fac was bright red "no, I'm fine" I insisted trying to show him I could get up on my own.

He laughed and walked towards me. He bent down and rolled me up to the sitting position. I kept my head trying to hide how red my face was. But I guess he saw because his eyes grew wide and mischievous smile appeared on his face.

"You're blushing; it seems that my charm is working"

"What!" I said turning to look at him.

"Alex Behave yourself" I heard a woman's voice say and some smack him on the head

"ow, hey what was that for" Alex said looking up a girl just a little bit older than me.

"For taking so long, you said it would take a couple of hours to find her and it been three days"

"I'm sorry she was little hard to track down and to catch" he explained standing up.

"Why is she tied up, you where told to convince her to help" the girl said angrily.

"ummm" he said rubbing the back of his neck "first she had a gun, then knifes"

"Are you really that scared of a little girl" I heard someone else say.

Another guy appeared from the forest. He was the same age as Alex. He was wearing the same warm jacket and good boots as Alex. He was good looking but had a crooked nose. His hair was dark and green eyes were a bright green,

"Who are you calling little" I snapped finally speaking up

"You also have a temper that suit you too" the new guy said mocking me

"Shut up Connor" the girl said turning to Alex "did you at lease say what we wanted for her"

"ummm… well" Alex started to say

"No "I said budding in

The girl sighed and hit herself in the forehead "are you kidding me"

"I never got that far calm down, I thought the chief was going to explain it" he said getting defensive. "That's what I was told"

"Okay, no reason to get your panties in a not hurry up lets go" the other guy said breaking up the fight before it started.

"Alex, carry her" the girl order

He nodded and turned towards me.

"Hey what are you doing" I yelled as bent to pick me up.

"Sorry about this" he said placing his hands and picked me up. He swiftly threw me over his shoulder.

"Hey put me down" I yelled "I can't go with you, you can't do this"