It has been five years since that remarkable day. The day that my frozen heart was melted, and the wonderful feeling of love occupied it once more. I got my heart back, plus I gained a son. Speaking of, where was my little bundle of joy? He was so full of energy, I swear, he was a crackpot.

As if on cue, I heard a stifled giggle behind me. I lightly smirked, and turned around only to see nothing. I placed my weight on one hip, and crossed my arms.

"Come on out Enrique, you can't hide from me."

Again, a stifled giggle was heard, only that time much closer. As I looked ahead, I could make out a shoe as it shyly peeked from behind a collapsed wall. I lightly smirked, and made my way over.

"Oh dear, I wonder where my little Enrique could be?" I mocked being worried.

The shoe twitched momentarily before it regained composure. I was the one who had to calm myself down. Over the years as I raised Enrique, I quickly learned his physical moments and knew what they meant. At that moment, he knew I was on to him and was trying hard not to give away his position. Silly boy, after spending six years fighting for survival, you tend to pick up on some skills. I lightly chuckled. As I got closer, I was able to hear Enrique's soft, but fast breathing. Oh man, he was so cute when he got nervous.

I stopped walking, the silence was made obvious. I quickly silenced my breathing. I heard a shuffle before I noticed that Enrique's shoe began to expose his ankle, knee, and eventually the entire left part of his leg. Cautiously, he turned the rest of his body from behind the brick wall. Once his whole body was exposed: Bam! I tackled him on the ground, and tickled him without mercy. He shrieked upon impact, and then began to laugh uncontrollably as I attacked with my fingers. I too began to laugh as I enjoyed the rare moment where we both forgot the cruel reality. I eventually gave him a chance to catch his breath, but afterwards, I lifted his shirt and buzzed on his stomach. He laughed loudly, before he rolled on his side. I lay down beside him, and the both of us began to calm down.

I looked at him and sighed contently. This boy changed my life dramatically. If I hadn't found him, I didn't know what I would have done. I probably would have killed myself. Who would have wanted to be alone in a dead world where everyone you loved was gone?

I shook my head, and focused on the child's face. His blond hair grew up to his flushed cheeks, and slightly curled at the ends. His adorable button nose was perfectly straight. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue; they reminded me of sapphires, yet they were far more precious than any gems. My bundle of joy turned towards me and gave me his signature smile. I swore, my heart just skipped a beat. He had the most adorable smile I ever saw, with his cute dimples, and the way his eyes seemed to glow. If they were girls around, he'd have been a hit.

I laughed softly which prompted Enrique to laugh in response. I got up, and brought Enrique up as well. I brushed the dust from his clothes, and then guided him towards what we called home.

After I found Enrique, I wondered around the Mediterranean to look for a safe place, as well as survivors, if there were any. Eventually, we arrived at a small island off the coast of Greece, not as badly affected like other parts. We survived by stacking whatever we could; breaking into homes and business shops, finding whatever resources we could have used. It wasn't much, nor what I had in mind spending my mid-twenties, but we were still alive.

Slowly, but steadily, the sun began to go down behind the horizon. We arrived at our home just as the sun completely disappeared from view. After I made sure that the door was locked, I proceeded towards the kitchen where Enrique was seated at the table as he waited for supper. I moved back and forth the tiny room as I took various ingredients and placed them on the narrow counter. The meal for the night: sausages with some canned vegetables. Thank goodness Enrique was not picky with his food; otherwise I would have had a hell of a time feeding him.

As I prepared the splendid dish, I noticed Enrique looking at my work out of the corner of my eye. He normally did that; any other kid would have spent their evenings watching cartoons, but not my baby. He was different than a regular child; he was unique. Well, even if he wasn't, there was no other source of entertainment around to please him.

After thirty minutes of preparing the meal while answering curious questions from the little blond, I sat down and laid out the food. We had a moment of silence to thank whatever God lived up there, and then began to eat. I must admit the food was not that bad. It was a whole lot better than what I was used to. After scavenging through abandoned buildings, you tend to eat anything that you could find, not caring about the taste. Believe me, I was no miracle worker, but I did a damn fine job of making food you can actually put in your belly.

I glanced over at Enrique; he was practically inhaling his food. Hmm, maybe he really liked my cooking? Either that or he ate what he got, knowing that there was not a lot of variety. It didn't matter. What was important was that he was eating. A growing boy like him needed more food even than I did.

After we finished, I picked up the plates and washed them in the sink. I left them on top of a counter as I was too tired to dry them manually. I moved into the hallway, and made my way into what was Enrique's room. Inside, he was already changed and in bed as he waited for me to tuck him in. I smile at the sight as he looked adorable with his fire truck pajamas.

I made my way over, and sat on the side of his bed.

"Mommy, tell me a story!" he said ecstatically.

I smiled.

"Of course sweetie. Let's see." I press a finger to my lip, deep in thought. An idea came up and I looked back at him. "I'm going to rehearse a poem. It is beautiful and deep, expressing an everlasting love two lovers had for each other."

"Ooh!" Enrique quieted down and looked at me intently.

I looked back and began to recite.

"Inscribed upon my heart
a tattoo of your name
embedded amidst satin desires,
hopes, plans and dreams.

Winged creatures dance
and flutter, deep within my core,
to the melodic phrase of your voice,
sweet orchestration of my soul.

Bringer of the consuming torch
silent keeper of the flame,
elicit contradiction of fiery
provocative needs.

Eternal fires light moonless nights.
While love flickers in the shadows.
Embraced by guarded secrecy.
From ashes of surrender

Awake the night as we dance
slow among the embers.
Torch the heart with sensual

I paused as I waited for Enrique's reaction.

"Mommy, did you ever fall in love?"

"Yes I did baby." I replied, and smiled softly.

"Where is he then?" Enrique looked at me expectantly.

My heart felt heavy as I remembered the man I loved. Never would I have forgotten his body lying still on the ash covered ground, nor would I have forgotten the light leave his eyes as his blood slowly flowed out.

I shook my head, and breathed slowly to calm me down.

"Well, he is up with the rest of the people. Wherever he is, I'm sure that he is looking out for us, making sure that we are safe."

"Do you miss him mommy?" Enrique asked softly.

I glanced at Enrique sadly as I remembered all the good times I had spent with my lover.

"Yes I do sweetie. I miss him terribly."

I must have appeared like I was about to cry because Enrique flung his arms around me and hugged me tightly. I was surprised at first, but quickly got over it and hugged him back, just as tight.

We remained in that position for a few moments before I let go and gently pushed Enrique back onto his bed.

"Alright love, it's time for you to sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us." It was true, since we had to leave the deserted island for a more habitable area.

"Ok mommy," Enrique replied. He then shifted his position to lie on his side.

I kissed his cheek and was about to reach the door, when I heard Enrique quietly mumble to himself.

"You'll never be alone mommy, not when I'm here."

My eyes softened as he probably didn't even realize he said that out loud. I was fortunate to have a son like him. I loved him with all my heart, and would have died before giving him up for anyone or anything.

I smiled to myself, and quietly shut the door behind me. I made my way into the "living room" and sat down on a chair. I then reflected on the past few years; there were a lot of difficulties that arose, and I was sure there will be more to come, but with Enrique, I knew that we would make it.