Garret can't catch his breath. Neither of them can, but Kris's starting to get better. It's bright, but the trees take most of the light away from them, hide them. Clouds pass. Birds chirp. Frogs croak, and they're gasping for air.

Kris looks up. "What'd we do to deserve this?"

"What even is this?" Garret asks, thinking back.

Two Days Before

"Dude, what the heck?! Give me my phone back!" Garret said, reaching for my old flip phone.
"Dude, dude, at least let me call her." Kris said, going through my contacts for her name.
"Fine. But after that, I want it back."
"Dude. That rhymed!" Kris said, jumping like adrunk monkey. Experiment with that thought for a moment.
"Kris….." Garret said, his voice tingling with venom.
"Fine, Garret." Kris said, clacking through my contacts again. "Found it!" He said, tapping the 'OK' button twice, then bringing Garret's phone to his ear. He waited, all the time muttering, "Pickup, pickup the phone, come on, pickup…." And then the gunshots started. There were screams of all kinds; women, children, animals. Then, nothing. It was as if all the animals had evaporated. Kris and Garret looked at each other. He closed the phone. He handed it to Garret, and then they ran. What happened next came as a surprise. They hit a fork in the road. Heard footsteps coming from each new street. We both ducked into the canopy, and watched as two groups came out from each side. The one group to our left had S.W.A.T written on their backs in big, yellow letters. The other group to our right had M.P.D. written on their backs written in red. Both were carrying big guns in their hands; the S.W.A.T had their guns ready to shoot, coming in at a crouch. Both teams stopped and listened. Garret realized that they were listening for their steps, and also realized that Kris and he were holding their breath.
Their cover was blown when Kris, unable to hold his breath for any longer, gasped for air. Garret saw both groups train their guns right at us and I sighed, realizing it made no difference now. One man from each group steps out.
"S.W.A.T! Hands in the air!" says the first man.
"Morell Police! Put'em up! Says the second. Kris hesitated, then stood. Garret followed a second later, raising his hands.
"Man, I didn't do anything! What's this about man?!" Kris said, starting to rant.
"Shut it, Kris." Garret said. Then, in a whisper, "Wait for me to say go, the take off into this mini jungle." But no such time came for them. Garret had figured they'd shoot them, probably like whoever they'd shot earlier trying to clear the place. But no, they started swinging their guns like slateball bats. Then, they started to divide and conquer. Meaning, they flushed them into the open, then separated them with menacing guns/bats. Then they tried to hit them upside the head. Garret kept ducking, rolling, jumping, leaning, whatever he could do to not get hit. When he saw one coming in to close for comfort, he grabbed one of the guards who'd put more weight behind the bat then he should've, and let him take Garret's fate (i.e getting hit in the head via slateball gun). He fell to the ground like a bag of bricks, out cold. nothing that won't heal. So we won't die. Someone PLEASE tell me that isn't the only good news here. Garret thought. Alright, I'm done with this. As this passed through his head, he started depriving guards of children and kicking them in their crotches. One guard that fated such threw up his gun, which happened to get caught by, um, Garret. He started shooting into the guards' bulletproofed backs, or swinging the gun like they'd done to him and Kris. Or, tried to do. The Dirty Golden Rule. Garret thought grimly. He made my way to where Kris had been. But where he'd been, now stood a circle of guards kicking- you guessed it!- Kris. Garret was furious. So much so that so he barely heard the whistle of the gun headed towards the back of his head. The next thing that happened is kinda fuzzy. Garret remembered dropping and kicking the guard in the stomach, but instead of just falling, he took off like a drunk eagle ( he was lifted from the ground and flew a bit, but slowly). And when he looked up, Kris and the circle were gone. All that was left was 4 buff- seriously, these guys were RIPPED- guards. Not even his trail of guard-destruction was left. Garret held mixed feelings about this, but pushed them aside as he watched the guards' advance. "While you were in your Distorted Motion Reality, we took your amigo to never be seen again. Lo siento, but you'll be with him soon." Said the biggest one leading their advance. "Not another. Step." Garret said, with enough poison tinging the words that he'd probably scare a snake. When they all leaned forward, he holstered the gun. Which, he'd just realized was still with him. When they didn't lean back, he shot one in the foot. Under different circumstances, Garret would've laughed. Heck, he almost did anyways. But when they all turned to see what had happened, besides the fact that Garret had, oh, you know, shot him, he snuck off into the along, looking down both paths for any sign of Kris and the guards. Garret took note of the fact that they'd dragged him down the path that the M.P.D squad had come out of. Garret got lucky. Or the guard that was a little ways back from Kris's circle of guards just made a really big and idiotic mistake. Either way, Garret burst out of the canopy and cracked him a good one over his head. Somehow, he managed to catch the guy as he fell and dragged him into the canopy without letting the Circle know or hear. But by the time Garret looked back to the path, they were jogging away. Maybe they had heard him, after all. Garret burst back out, and poured a bit of speed and adrenaline into his step. He was literally inches away from them, when he was rammed by something. Garret was knocked off balance, and ended up, thanks to his speed and, *aherm*, weight, rolling along after the Circle of guards. When he came to a stop, he looked at what'd gotten him. It was the lead guard from the other path, his own circle. He was up, glaring scythes at Garret. He'd dropped his gun, but had been lucky enough to drop it between them evenly. Then, he remembered the burly bull, and rethought that statement. Before he knew it, Garret was up and running towards the gun, trying to get to it before him. They clashed right over it. Garret got some lucky jabs and shots into the Bull before he knocked Garret out, but he was out, stiff n' cold.