Chapter 2 School Walls 101

"I CANNOT believe you!" Pia yells.
"Well, Pia, we can't! They're two of THE most wanted men in ALL of the country. There's no way I'm letting them get into my car, with my sister, and that's the end of it!" Ian yelled.
"Then let me out."
"Why not?!" Pia said, pounding her seat in frustration.
"Because, they might jump you."
"I can handle myself."
"I know. I'm not worried for you; I'm worried about what you'll do to them. Don't you hate one of them?"
"Kris. And I would only leave him childless." "Oh, only. And Garret?"
"Punch him."
"And leave him childess, too?"
"Depends on how good his explanation is."

"My nuts... She tagged my nuts..."
"WITH MY FOOT, MAYBE!" Pia yelled.
"What was that for, Pia? We've been on the run for almost three days, we haven't eaten for just as long, and they tortured Kris!" Garret said.
"My nuts... they burn..." Kris moaned.
"Kris, shut up. They've got yer names up on the radio, and MUGSHOTS on TV! What did you guys DO?!" Ian says, stepping in.
"Nothing! Like I said, we were at the Zoo, then some guys in S.W.A.T and M.P.D guys trooped in and took us to- oof!"
"And you broke out using special magic. Prove it. That you can open, these portals, between two points, and control time." Pia said, kicking Garret.
"Maybe if you stopped abusing us..." Kris muttered.
"That? That's nothing! Give me proof, or I'll really hurt you two." Pia said, raising her fists.
"Okay, okay! Kris, come on, stand up. Stand up, gosh dangit!" Garret said, yanking Kris up by the arm. Pia rolled my eyes, letting them drift around the room. They were in the school that they'd all gone to as kids. It was empty now; totalled by the latest wave of Levis.
"OH CRAP!" Pia and Ian both yelled, as Garret pulled a long knife- no, strike that, short sword- from nowhere.
"Where did you get that?! OR that one?!" Pia yelled, as Garret pulled another out of the same empty space. Garret and Kris walked to an end of the room each, passing each other halfway, Garret passing Kris the second knife/sword. When they limped and dragged their pained hides to the ends of the room, they whipped around and hurled their knives right at each other.
"Holy-" Was all Ian and Pia got out, as they dove out of the way of the knives. But, it was pointless. Garret's blade disappeared, reappeared in a corner, disappeared again, on and on. During this, Kris's knife actually gained speed, then slowed down to a near halt without dropping, then went back to normal speed, aiming to tear Garret's stomach out. It would've, too, had Garret's blade not knocked into Kris's, hilt first. As they clattered to the floor, Garret stepped to pick them back up, and Ian and Pia both stood again. Ian let a long whistle out. I looked to my watch; 13 seconds.
"Okay, we believe you." Pia said, Ian shaking his head in agreement.
"Told you." Garret said.
"Fair enough. But how?" Ian asked.
"Couldn't tell ya, still don't know myself. One thing's for sure; drains the heck outa us." Garret said, his words slurring.
"Yeah... kinda... hurts..." Kris wheezed. Then, outa nowhere, he passed out.
"Wuss." Pia hissed under her breath. "Are you going to drop like him?" She said, turning to Garret. "Nah, I have more practice than him. Plus, like I said, they tortured him more." Garret replied, opening a visible- actually visible- portal, and placing his knives back carefully.
"Where're those headed?" Ian said, trying to make some normal conversation. "My place. The house is completely deserted, not counting my dog and the cars. In fact..." Garret said, then ported out. Yes, ported. Words of Garret, number 1.
A minute later, Garret walked back in with a dog and some gymbags, one clanking.
"He's completely loyal, and a good dog." Garret said, placing the bags on the ground.
"What's his name?" Ian said, walking forward, kneeling, and petting him.
"Karrot. With a 'K'." Garret said, handing Ian the leash. "Why 'Karrot'?"
"Because, that's what the little guy's addicted to. And, I'm Garret, seeing as we were never aqquainted properly." Garret replied, glaring daggers at me for a second.
"Ha! Well, nice to meet you, Garret and Karrot." Ian said, taking Garret's hand.
"Oh snap... That rhymed... too... Ouch..." Kris said, coming to. How long was I out this time?
"Five minutes." Pia said.
"What?" the three boys said, all eyes on Pia.
"Well, Kris asked how long he'd been out this time." Pia said, gesturing towards Kris. Kris furrowed his brows.
"I thought it, but..."
Time to blow this house down.
"Hhhnh! Get down!" Pia said, sucking in air and ducking to the ground. The others followed on reflex, and not a moment later, the wall to the left of Pia imploded. When debris stopped falling, outside and inside, they all stood back up. Pia turned to Garret. "Maybe you should open up a portal." No sooner had he nodded, a dart appeared on his chest, dropping him.
"Maybe you should try to slow down time, or rewind-" Pia didn't even finish before another dart materialized on Kris's chest. He dropped again. Pia and Ian glanced to each other, a look of worry appearing on their faces for their defenseless, sleeping friends. But when they looked back to said helpless friends, they were completely, utterly, indisputably gone. In their place were four knives, not to different from the ones Garret had used earlier. Pia picked up two, handed them to Ian, and picked up the other two. They looked out through the new doorway, towards the swarming battalion of S.W. and M. .
"So, we have some deadly knives. What good are they to us? They have guns, Pia. What can we do?" Ian asks, a look of despair creeping onto his face.
"Fight." Pia responded crisply. As if in agreement, Karrot trots over and barks. But when they look down, Ian lets a low whistle out.
"You just think of everything, don't you, Garret?" Pia hissed in regards to Karrot's new Dog-Battle Gear.
He sure does. Pia looks around in shock; Ian hadn't said it, and the dog- the dog.
"You can understand me?!" Pia asks, looking down to Karrot.
Yes. Garret told me to open my mind to you, and you would hear. I can think in fluent English, but can only verbally communicate through barks.
"That's fine. So long as I can read your thoughts, it doesn't matter. But how'd Garret-" Pia started to ask.
That is unclear; he refused to specify.
They both growled at that news, gaining a weary glance from Ian.
I. Am talking to a dog. Pia thinks sardonically.
Yes, you are. Would you like a lollypop, or a sticker to go with that trip to a Mental Ward? Karrot thought, just as sardonically as Pia.
"Ho- CRAP!" You can hear my thoughts!?
Sure can. You've got to open your thoughts to hear my thoughts.
Well, that's helpful. Added bonus; No one thinks I'm weird 'cuz I'm talking a dog.