Every piece of me is screaming,
Wishing for a way out of the loneliness.
Like a whirlpool in the darkest of the sea,
The water rises up and consumes me,
Swallowing me into the dark.
It's wide mouth,
Without teeth,
Closes above me
And the silky black of the water
Caresses my limbs with care.
Wanting to succumb
I release every nerve of feeling.
Becoming numb,
I close my eyes
And try to let the loneliness seep from my pores.
Like a poison
It remains in my veins and floods my heart.
My eyes, they wander,
Looking for familiar faces in the crowded sea.
Greeted with the silence,
So familiar like before,
I welcome it's grasp
Until I sleep in its presence.

When I dream
The darkness overcomes me still,
Knowing that I am alone and helpless.
I scream at each figure,
Until it is disfigured and turns away.
When my eyes open to the daylight
I look all around me to find myself alone.
I sigh,
Wishing that there were a warm body
Asleep beside me.
Never would they stay,
I would give so much
And lose it all with a single breath.
The air so cold that my lips close
And soften the cry.
The tears, they keep falling,
Staining the pillow
And keeping my body from sleep.
Take away this loneliness
And perhaps I will feel whole.
Take away this loneliness
And maybe the darkness will leave my mangled body alone.