Cinderella looked at the Prince in trepidation.

Sure, she had had fun last night, but that didn't mean she wanted to marry the guy. Honestly, to have him show up on her doorstep the morning after, holding onto her shoe as a life-line and surrounded by officials was a bit… well, creepy. Where had he gotten her address? Or did he just knock on each door of every house in the city?

Don't get me wrong, Cinderella appreciated the dedication and all, but it seemed just a bit too much.

They had danced. Smiled at each other. Shared a kiss. And then she had realized she was going to be late and left.

That was it.

And now the guy wants to marry her? Didn't it seem a bit…excessive?

Besides, she didn't know anything about him. Not even his name, aside from Crowned Prince and Heir of the Throne, which could turn out to be quite a mouthful. He didn't know about her, either. She had even been wearing a disguise when they met, for Christ's shake! The high heels, the awesome hair, the pink satin dress and all were pretty, but she usually went with flats, a ratty skirt and a t-shirt. Forget about the make-up too, that was a pain in the ass. She was usually way too busy to bother with that, and happily so, thank-you-very-much.

Honestly, one night of partying, one! And see how much trouble followed her home!

Well, she wasn't going to stand for this nonsense. She had a foyer waiting to be swept, two dozens of hens waiting to be fed, a meal to prepare and several pieces of clothing to mend, which left little time to deal with bureaucrats and strangely obsessive cute men.

'Ok, out with you all. Sweetheart, I had fun last night, but I'm not getting married. I appreciate you going to all this trouble, but trust me; we don't make a good couple. Now, I'm busy, so if you all don't mind getting the hell out of my property, I'd like to get to work.'