Hi. This is called Abandoned and I've been burning to get this down on paper so here it is.

Endless, ever-stretching darkness looms before me. I am grateful for the darkness, for I cannot see the awful creatures hissing and reaching through the bars of their great iron cages. The sound of my boots against the cold stone floor seems slightly muffled because of all the noise these wretched animals make, spitting out insults in their ancient awful language. All I can think as I walk, hands bound in front of me, stumbling forwards is that I long for death, for some escape from this pit. The person leading me stops and shoves me into a corner. I stare sightless about the room, searching for the person. The door opens and I cling to the light until it closes once more. I am abandoned.

I shiver against the freezing metal wall, tired but unable to sleep. My hands are bound and I feel the warm blood running from the chafed skin. The cold has numbed me, I hardly feel my shackles. Slowly I pull one hand through. I have to twist it to escape. Tears prick my eyes, for even through my numbness I feel this great pain. I pick a wire from my pocket and run my hand over the key hole. The shape is printed on my brain. I shape the wire to fit the lock then carefully slide it in. I twist it to the left and I hear a muffled click. I take my other hand out without nearly as much pain as the first hand took. I stand rubbing my wrists and wishing I could see or at least feel something other than my burning wet left hand. My eyes usually quickly adjusting have refused to see in this darkness. I can see only half a centimeter in front of my face. I wander close to what I hope is a wall steering as far away from the glowing yellow eyes as I can. It is then that I discover that it's more hall than room. A vast hall that stretches for many meters but a hall nonetheless. I follow the wall until I meet another corner. I slide sideways leaving metal and feeling wood in its absence. I reach the door knob.

Knowing without a doubt that the door is locked I pull a wire out of my pocket. Despite my better knowledge, I test the knob anyways wanting to know if my efforts are futile. I run my thumb over the door knob feeling for a lock and finding none.

"I should have known," I mutter under my breath. I cry out in distress and kick the door. Knowing that I have no hope of escape, I cradle my left arm nursing my hand as best I can without healing herbs or spells to help me. I bandage my hand in some cloth from the hem of my shirt which hangs to my knees anyways. I follow the wall back to my desolate, dark, dank corner and tears begin to slip from my eyes. One by one until they fall in a torrent, unending. I wipe my eyes on my sleeve and feel my will of iron return. I close my eyes and breathe in deep breaths. My chest still shudders with each one. I want to scream, to beat the walls till someone hears me, til someone takes pity on me and lets me out but I bite my tongue instead. I bite it till the bitter iron taste of my blood fills my mouth. I will find a way to escape this place. I will not die here alone and forgotten. My destiny has been written in stars and on the tables of prophecy. I will not die here, I will not die in the dark.