I was out in Australia studying marine life at the Great Barrier Reefs. It's so much fun being able to travel around the world as part of my new job. Unfortunately, I must return. So now, I'm at the airport, just about to go through security. Such a pain too since most people always choose to look fashionable at airports. Then you have to wait such a long time to go through while they take everything off, and put it back on. I stopped by a Dunkin' Donuts afterwards to grab a latte and a chocolate chip muffin.

My flight doesn't leave until 6:00 AM, so I still have about an hour and a half to kill. I sit down by the gate, and I pull out my Android. What's the point of owning an iPhone when I already have an iPod Nano and an iPod Touch? I check out Facebook, and I see no one else is on. Well, it really early in the morning. I check my notices, and I see that I've gotten a friend request. Who else would be on this early? Then I see it's from Caron. He sounds familiar. I read the message that came with it: Look next to you.

I looked to my right… no one but a elderly woman. I looked to my left, and I saw him. Sparkling blue eyes, curly blond hair… now I remember who he is. He was my younger brother's friend. How did he every find me here?

"Caron? how did- why are-"

"My collage is taking an end of the year trip to the Great Barrier Reefs. I'm studying marine biology."

"First clarinet, now studies. It's like you want to copy me."

"Oh, come on. It's not that bad. How old are you again?"

"We've known each other for like 13, 14 years, and you still can't figure out that I'm two years older than you?"

"Right, right. 25?"

"Yes." He's definitely changed. Caron's no longer making faces, or laughing about who-knows-what. This is our first normal conversation.

"So, what seat are you in?" I dig through my carry-on for my ticket.

"12-a. You?"

"Wow, what a coincidence. 12-b." And now, I'm stuck with Caron for the next 18 hours.

"How am I always stuck with you?"

"I don't know. How often do you travel around the world?"

"With my job, maybe twice a year. It's better to go to some exotic places a few times then a crappy place a billion times."

"I bet that's fun. Where do you work?"

"I'm not going to tell you in case you decide to stalk me or something."

"And if I end up working for the same company?"

"I'm going to break your… hey, where are your glasses?"

"I wear contacts now."

"I knew something was different. And you seem to act completely different. Last time I saw you, you seemed to tease me just because you were jealous that I got to move out of my parents' home earlier than you."

"Everyone changes, just like me."

"Uh huh. Are you still dating that girl, uh what was her name… Jamie?"

"No, she decided to cheat on me. Why?"

"No reason." Oh, God. I can't suddenly love him.

"What? Did you realize over the last few years that I'm not as bad as you used to think?" Damn it. He's doing it again.

"You're still annoying. And no, I will never fall for you."

"There's only a thin line between love and hate. Someday, you're gonna have to cross it."

"Ha! Not a chance."

"Hey, what's that notebook sticking out?" I look down at my bag, and I see my journal peeking through. It must have been like that when I pulled out my ticket.

"It's just my journal. I don't really write in it so much."

"Well, if you don't want it, I'd be glad to take it." I lightly punch him in the arm since I knew he was joking.

"Don't be silly. If you got a hold of this, I'd die."

"Ooh. what's in it? Stuff about me?"

"Shut up." He slowly reaches his hand out, and I whack it away. He gives me these adorable puppy eyes, but I had the sense not to give in.

"Pretty please? With sugar and a cherry on top?" he begs.

"Nice try." I say. The speakers ding to make an announcement.

"May I have your attention please. All pre-boarding passengers for flight 143 to Boston may line up at the gate. All pre-boarding passengers are now boarding. Thank you."

"Let's just get ready to go." I get up, and I toss my latte cup and bag into the trash can. When I turn around, I see Caron starting to flip through my journal. I snatch it out of his fingers just in time.

"Well, well, well. Someone doesn't like to reveal secrets."

"Hey, that's just who I am."

"You are mysterious."

"I wouldn't say mysterious."

"I think we're getting on soon." I check out the pre-boarding line, and I see that there's only a few families left.

"Yeah. Hey, what did you mean about that thin line between.. never mind."

"You've hated me for so long. I think you've though that love was completely different. Trust me, love and hate are closely related, scientifically and culturally."

"What do you mean scientifically?"

"Apparently, the nerve circuits in the brain are similar to the love circuits."


"May I have your attention please. All passengers taking flight 143 to Boston may line up at the gate. All passengers are now boarding. Thank you." Caron and I stand up, and I notice he's slightly taller.

"Ugh, I completely forgot that I'm now shorter than all of Shay's friends." Caron chuckles. He find it amusing.

"I bet you hate that."

"You think? For those last two years before my graduation you and Damon kept patting my head.

"That was fun." We both get into the line. As we waited, I was victim to a patting frenzy. Caron placed his hand on my head afterwards, and kept it there. Eventually, I whacked it. We gave our tickets to the flight attendant, and we find our seats. Caron takes out a notebook, exactly like mine, except his had pen marks all over it.

"Let's just hope we don't get those notebooks switched up."

"Wow, you're smart." This is going to be a long flight.