Okay, so this is like my story Testing Gone Wrong. I run a race in NASCAR, watch the replay of the race, take some notes, and make a story on that. I'm using the 2012 schedule and carset, but cutting every race on the schedule by half, because I think these races are too damn long. The chapter below is basically a introduction chapter to everything that's going on.

I probably won't post until I finish a weekend, so hold tight. Kay?

"Calm and patience is crucial here." Kurt Busch told me. "You might wanna get to the lead right just now, and that might not always work here. Just work with the flow of things, and you'll have a chance of being there at the end."

I took in his words with consideration. He was able to get a win at Daytona last year (albeit not the 250, just a duel race, he still won nonetheless), so I trusted his word on the track.

"So, what happens if I ever lead?" I asked him.

"Well, with the new pack racing, NASCAR ruled out yellow-lining until ten to go, so just run your line as best as possible, if you get to me before your teammates, I'll be there to help you through the pack."

By yellow-lining, he meant running the shortest line around the track at all times. It's a great way to keep everyone behind you, unless they're able to get a great run on the top side. NASCAR didn't want a one car ruler for the plate races this year, so they made a rule against it for the 2012 season.

"So, I have, essentially a forth teammate? Awesome!"

"But, heed my warning, if I find my brother before I find you, you're on your own. No offence to you, but I have to have bias towards him, considering he's in the same situation you are."

"Don't worry dude, I understand completely, do what you must. It's how you two work together."

"Alright, thanks for understanding man. I gotta head out for Shootout Practice." He said, as he walked towards his crew.

I respected Kurt, it sucks that he got put in the situation he was in because of his short temper. Hopefully he can have a Cinderella season and come through with a win. Maybe even a second a championship if he can hold it together. As much as people might dislike the man, I'm pulling for him.

Although not as much as the Cinderella story my team might bring.

We are called Rookie Racing, a new team with a new car to the series. What we brought along with new talent, was the Lycoia Brute, a now well known manufacturer, thanks to us.

We, (Kiara Kilgore, Eric Molina, and myself) are what you would call factory drivers for Lycoia. We are essentially the go-to drivers for the brand, which brings us here today. We've been almost everywhere, attempting Formula One next season, and the 24 Hours of Nurburgring the year after.

I went off to watch the Budweiser Shootout practice, taking small mental notes from the onboard cameras they decided to show on the big screen at the track. I wasn't unfamiliar with the track in anyway, hell, all three of us just finished fourth overall in the 24 Hours of Daytona just last month. The way the cars ran was my problem.

The only one with any stock-car experience was Kiara, my girlfriend, as we picked her up from short track racing about three years ago. There was an original problem with communication, as we found she was born without vocal chords, so we all had to learn sign language, which delayed our NASCAR debut. We found that she was really good in any car we put her in, so we decided to keep her for good. She'll be competing in anything Eric and I are.

Speaking of Eric, he joined me in watching the two practice sessions that were being held that day. Eric is my best friend from childhood. We've been together since we met racing karts at a national level at the age of eight. Ever since we had a literal tie finishing 1-2 in every race in our national debut, we vowed to try to race together for everything, because we knew it couldn't get much better than that (but then the 2011 NASCAR Chase happened…). So, when he ended up getting a one-race deal from Lycoia to run a Continental Tire race, he refused to sign until I got a ride too. No matter how much I told him to sign the contract, he wouldn't do it, until the team decided to enter a second car and give me a ride with an Australian at my side. And what do you know, we finish 1-2, urging them to give us a full contract the year after, and putting us in the position we're in now.

When he has his mind set, it's hard to set him away from it, so that mind is set to the championship. I foresee good things happening with him for this year.

After all of my notes being taken, and the practices being over for the day, I decided to turn in early, considering the fact that I was about to have a huge day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my first step in preparation for the Daytona 250.