I never used to believe in dumb cliche stuff you see in movies. You know, stuff like love at first sight, magic, and luck. The whole facade of "anything can happen" actually used to piss me off. That was, until I got a job transfer to, I swear to God, the smallest town in the world.

Welcome to Sawyer, Colorado.

Population: 513.

Five hundred thirteen.

I got strange looks as I drove through in my Hummer. I come from a rich family, and even though I insisted, they gave me this car as a parting gift.

I think every single citizen of Sawyer was standing on Main Street- you call that a Main Street?- watching me drive slowly and carefully down the avenue. It was kind of creepy, honestly. I looked at the Google Map printout I had on the dash- the address for my new apartment was 3C, 241 Ash Street.

The apartment building was really nice. Like I said. No cliche business here. Im not going to live in some ratty old building with tons of "hidden secrets". Im normal.

At least, I like to think I am.

I managed to move all my stuff up to my floor in only three elevator trips, and decided to pick up my furniture tomorrow. Im not afraid to sleep on carpet.

Nothing interesting happened that day. In fact, I was bored. My use of the term "furniture" also included my television. No television, no video games. I considered walking to the down town area, but decided against it after the wonderful warm welcome I got.

Seriously. What is with the locals?

My dinner was ramen noodles, something that was beyond affordable but I just couldnt give up. The people in the room above me were interesting to listen to. I kept hearing stuff about cats. Maybe it was a crazy cat lady and her poor lonely husband.

I pondered this until I fell asleep, which was, by the way, dreamless. Im not some psycho that dreams something will happen before it does.

That would be too cliche.