Chapter 3-


"Happy New Year!"

It was one in the morning. Arthur had convinced Jane to throw a New Year party for all their friends.

He thought that after the dreadful year they had had they both deserved to have a celebration of the New Year to come.

Arthur and Jane's parents had passed away at the end of last year in a road robbery. The news of their passing hit Jane hard, Jane and her parents had been very close and she was having trouble getting over grieving their deaths. Arthur on the other hand showed no emotion at his parents passing. It was as if they were not gone.

"Jane darling, come here"

Jane sighed.

"Coming dear"

Arthur put an arm around Jane's waist and guided her towards a group of their close friend. Jane's closes friend Alice embraced her, stepped back a bit but kept hold of her hands.

"Hello Jane, this is a lovely party you have planned"

Jane gave Alice a small smile.

"Thank you Alice but it was Arthur's idea"

"Well what a lovely party Arthur"

Alice let go of Jane's hands and stepped back.

They stood around talking for a few more hours till all the guests bid their goodbyes and left.

Jane was sat on the floor in her room with a blank expression on her face, her eyes were blood shot, and her whole body had turned a pale shade of white and was shaking violently.

Arthur stood in the door way of the room, staring in disbelief.


Jane slowly moved her head to looked at him directly in the eyes and let out a sudden petrifying shriek


Arthur was shocked. He had never heard Jane say anything like this. Why would he want to her parents, his parents where in the carriage with them? Why would he want to harm his parents?


Arthur's voice was shaking as he said her name.

"Can you hear me?"

Arthur walked slowly towards her, one small step at a time. When he was directly in front of her he knelt down in front of her and put a hand on her soft, pale white arm.

As soon as his hand touched her arm the shaking stopped. She moved her head to look at him again. Arthur brassed himself for the scream, but nothing happened.


"Jane? Are you ok?"


She leaped forward onto him and started to cry.

"Arthur it was horrible. She was watching me all night, laughing at me!"

Arthur pulled his wife off of him and looked her in the eyes. Her eyes where large black rings that reminded him of black holes.

Arthur freaked and pushed her down to the ground, jumped up and back away towards the door.

"Arthur what's wrong? Arthur tell me what's wrong?"

Jane started rising from where Arthur had pushed her and started to walk towards him

The closer Jane got the Arthur moved backwards.

"Arthur dear what's wrong? ANSWER ME!"

Arthur was trapped in a corner of the room. Jane moved towards him till he could feel her breath on his face.

Jane raised her hand and gently rested it on his face.

"What's wrong Arthur? Tell me or who knows what will happen"

Jane gave him a creepy smile and leaned in closer to Arthur till her lips grazed his ear, she whispered to him softly.

"We shouldn't keep secrets Arthur, we're husband and wife"

Jane moved her lips from Arthur's ear to his neck. Her cold skinny lips sending a chill down his spine.

With one small, quick movement Jane sunk her teeth into Arthur's neck.

Arthur yelled out in agonising pain. Jane moved back slowly and he sank in a heavy lifeless heap on the floor.

Jane smiled to herself.

"Now we don't have any secrets between us"

Jane turned around and skipped out of the room. She shut the door behind her locking it before she walked away

She moved along the corridor to one of the other many rooms in her house. In it sat her parents. As Jane walked into the room her parents both looked at her and smiled.

"Hello Jane dear how did it go with Arthur?"

Jane sat down on the bed next to her mother who was brushing her waist length strawberry blonde hair.

"It went very well thank you Mother"

Jane's father came and stood next her Jane and her mother.

"Did you have a good feed then?"

"Arthur was delightful thank you father, although he was a bit salty. I need to watch what they eat next time"

Jane's father beamed down at his daughter and patted her head lightly.

"You have grown up so fast Jane"

"Thank you father but I must be going. I have a new meal to find!"

Jane got up and gave both her parents a kiss on the cheek. Just before Jane walked out the door her mother stopped her.

"And Jane dear don't forget you have to feed Lady Elizabeth as well as yourself so make sure you pick a good feed"

"I won't forget mother"