In Deep Space,There are Artifical Asteroids,really Maximum Security Prisons for Dangerous Creatures,and Criminals. The Newest Inmates,are the dangerous,savage,Prowlians,Or Prowlers for short,They were being executed for plaguing planets after eating themselves out of Carnivoria,their homeworld.

"This is Prison Transport 99132 requesting Say-so to land Over" A Transmission said,a Strange alien said into a microphone "Roger,you can land PT 99132,So long as you have the 8 Prowlians prisoners." "Roger,we do." "Good,you have an opening in Docking bay 9,Send them through Detox Immunization,and to the execution Chamber." "Roger." Inside the ship,A Crate shook,inside,8 small reptiles,with Black spike like horns on their heads,tiny fangs poking out of there scaly lips,sharp talon like claws on there feet,and webbing on there tails. They grabbed a wire,and made an explosion,All 8 of the prowlers ran out,And got in a Ship,and typed in co-oordinates,a Planet popped up,Earth,they grinned "Snacktime." and Blasted off.

The Small reptilian creatures landed on earth some time later,and opened the hatch on the ship,As they were crawling out one by one,they sniffed the air,and Heard Growling.A Pack of wolves had surrounded them,the Lead Prowlian lunged at the Alpha wolf,Eating it. The Other followed it's lead attacking the other wolves. The Alpha wolf's teeth scratched the Eye of the one who attacked it,Leaving a large scar down it's eye. It screeched in pain,and snarled,it's blood glistened teeth sharp and fierce,and Ripped the canine's throat out,Scar cackled victouriously,and began to eat the carcass of the wolf,In No time at all,they were the size of Small dogs,and the pack was nothing but Bones with bits of Flesh on them.

On a desolate dirt road,A Man lay sleeping in a trailer,a Large german shepard outside his home,The Ravenous Aliens pulled the dog under the home,and Ate it,Scar,having broke the window and slipped in. It looked at him snore,and Hopped in his mouth. He Sat up,Eyes wide,Feeling the creature clawing and biting at the back of his throat,It slid down his throat,and Tore out of his stomach,Blood,And flesh coverings it's lips and Teeth,It's blood red Eye (the other is slit shut.) filled with slit The man's throat with it's webbed tail,and cackled with delight.

The Next morning...

Earl knocked on his neighbor's door at 6:30 That morning,They had a Day of Beer,and Hunting,to Attend to, "Bubba! Bubba,You there?" He called and pulled on the door,finding the door was unlocked. He opened it and screamed at the site,His friend Bubba was dead. "Tammy! Call the law! Bubba's Dead!" He called. Later on,Police were investigating the grisly scene,questioning neighbors and Reporters were on the scene as well. "This is Michelle Williams,WTVD 15,This morning Bubba Goins was found brutally murdered,Police are interviewing neighbors,and family members at this time and will launch an investigaation,a German shepard was found dead near by as well."

What noone noticed,was the Prowlien eggs in side the Dogs body...

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