My Sister

You have eyes like your sister- he said

Lovely so, so lovely

In white satin and black ashes

Her pale cheeks pink from a cold kiss

Ebony curls, he ruffles them and stops.

In the sunlight, they shimmer golden

Just like her sister.

The sea swells beneath us, blue violet

In autumn sunlight,

And then breaks with a tear of frothy ivory.

Like two hands easing a ripple of stocking,

Over a creamy thigh, she twirls in a swish of blue silver. Moonlight.

The slit falls back over her knee

As a pearl of salt rolls down my cheek and onto his shoulder

While sea is calm; a swash of yellow sunlight fractures my reflection

In a tide bottomless black blue it falls, just like my sister.

Silk, jasmine and lipstick hand in hand.

Scarlet nails intertwined, to my carefully carmine gilded left hand.

I'll hide in her shadow but in grief we are united.

Forced into a painful alliance, we all wear black

Still much too visible the injustice is so bloody.

Once she was mine.

Black velvet courts and brown leather sandals

Too tall, too thin and too close the edge.

Come back darling, her daughter's sticky hand holds mine now.

September the eleventh 1934, the long lazy summer stretches ahead.

My eyes meet her father's over the tooth of grey.

We won't tell her yet.

In her stars, in all their stars, the sky is clear and cold.

And he'll watch blindly through the rush of a thousand tomorrows

Until the day, gone through hell,

She loves in vain and wears scars of disillusion

He will see, my dear my dear, like death warmed up

She dances, laughs and kisses

Just like her sister.