I sometimes wish

you were here with me.

I sometimes hope

that you will come home.

You left me me all alone

even though you say it wasn't your fault.

You told me you loved me,

but what do words mean

when they're no actions that prove it's true?

You meant the world to me,

I looked up to you

because that's what baby sisters do.

I really wish you were here

to help me get through.

I really hope you'll help me because it's rough

being all alone.

No one deserves to live like this,

being me it's not fun.

I look perfect on the outside,

but wait 'till you take a look inside.

I'm nowhere near perfect,

that much I can assure you.

Even though I didn't get a say in this

I am still to blame.

Even though I wasn't awake

I am still to blame.

I lead him on

thinking it was only for fun.

The consecuences of my actions

are super big.

I just wanted to say,

that werever you are,

I still love you

but you are also to blame.