I Want My Sister Back

by Prenn

This story holds a very special place in my heart. It's an old concept which I just recently got around to writing. The world in this story has its own mood, and goes its own way. Please review, thank you.

This is just an ordinary day

Nothing standing in my way

If it's impossible to know

Just how great my day will go

Then I can't wait to find it out…

Enigma's song was playing on the radio. Eleven-year-old Jennifer Shalka was sitting down on the big comfy couch in the upstairs family room. There was a cheap rug covering some of the cold wooden floor. The window to Jennifer's left was closed and the curtain was in the wash, so Jennifer was forced to see the dreary wet outside world. The television was off because the power was out. Not that Jennifer even liked watching the television. Only sometimes.

She could hear footsteps coming down the staircase. Ben was going to interrupt the reading of her book. "So Jennifer," Ben was all smiles, "Do you know if your sister is coming today?"

Jennifer swept her yellow blond hair aside and closed Love, Stargirl. "I wish. You know Austinae. Ever since she graduated, she only cares about Ryan and partying and more Ryan and more partying…I miss the Saturdays she and I used to spend hanging out together."

"Well, call her!"

"She's always so busy nowadays. She's got work now, aside from helping out the Drama Club at your school."

"Gosh, I wish I was two years older."

"Why? You're in the eleventh grade. Be happy that you're not an adult yet."

Ben scoffed.

"You just want to hook up with Austinae." Jennifer smiled.

He shrugged. "I won't deny that." He looked around the room at the way the shadows from the raindrops danced around in the dark. Jennifer reopened her book. "Don't you want to…go somewhere? Do something?"

"The fireworks show is tomorrow and that's enough for one weekend."

Ben sighed dramatically. "Where's all that childish energy you used to have?"

"Gone. I'm moving on to teenhood now." She held up her book. "See? This is the ultimate teenage girl book of how to be an awesome teenager!" She enthused.

Ben shook his head. "You've always liked to read books too advanced for your age group." He muttered.

"That's true."

"So, let's go have ice cream at the very least."

"In the city? No. I'm not up to taking that long walk!"

"Then go visit your neighbors! Remember your little club, with the secret nicknames and—"




"Oh. Right. Baby."


"What? I can't call you by your nickname?"

"No." Jennifer laughed.

"I can do anything I want because your mom's paying me ten bucks on the hour." He teased. "Hey look, the rain is stopping."

"But it's still wet."

"So what? Let's go visit your friends! Piggy, Jingle, Strawberry, Chrysanthemum, Chocolate, Vanilla…"



"Piggy AKA Richard, would just die if you ever called him Piggy again. And he's thinner now, by the way. His sister Chrysanthemum just goes by Cheryl now, even though Chrysanthemum is technically her legal birth name. Jingle's real name is Wallace Jangle. He's the only one that still gets called by his nickname since…Jingle Jangle…who can resist?" Jennifer chuckled. Richard and Wallace were her two best friends. Jennifer takes after her sister in some regards—she always makes friends among the guys.

"Doesn't Wallace still have a crush on you?"

"Yes. But let me finish. Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry, the Sparrow triplets, go by their real names Danger, Monty and Becky."

"Are they still stuck-up as ever?"


"And they still have to have the best of everything?"


"You should really stop letting Becky push you around!"

"She doesn't! I just feel sorry for her because nobody likes her."

"There are reasons why…"

"Things have changed since then. I'm not the top of my class academically anymore. Richard finally beat me. I don't mind so much now. Our little competition kinda ended in fifth grade."

"And Cheryl?"

"She's in high school now. So what should I know? I think she's your age, maybe a year younger. Back when Austinae was in school, mother always wanted Cheryl and Austinae to play together and become friends."

"Hah!" Ben laughed. "Good luck getting that to happen. Austinae's as wild as a stallion and Cheryl's as quiet as a rabbit."

"Mother always wanted Austinae to end up on the good side of the road. But that's not who she is exactly."

"She's really hard to explain with mere words."

"That's it!"

"You have to call Austinae or I will."

"Nah. You do it." Jennifer reached for the phone which was next to her. She put it in Ben's face and he dialed.

"Hello? Austinae? She's not picking up." Ben put the phone back. "I'll just…leave you to your books then."

Jennifer nodded, dismissing Ben. Ben went downstairs to the first floor and he browsed the refrigerator for some ice cream. He definitely had a sweet tooth today. The Cherry Garcia was most of the way gone, so Ben decided he would look for ingredients to make pizza. Perhaps Jennifer would enjoy making one with him.

He felt a little icky inside because all throughout Jennifer's life, he had been able to keep her occupied and make her smile. This was his eighth year babysitting her. And it would probably be his final one too. Jennifer was extremely bright for her age and would be turning twelve in half a year. This would be one of Ben's last chances to entertain her.

There was a scratching coming from the front door. Someone who had keys to the house had opened the front door, kicked their shoes off, and put their coat and umbrella in the closet. That's what becomes of having paper thin walls.