The Underground Hospital Heist

"You have less than a minute to get through the first door," informed Alessa, as she watched her four accomplices arrive at a side door that led into the hospital through the feeds from the security cameras on Mikhail's laptop. She leaned back into the driver's seat of the getaway van and brushed her black hair from her face, as her brown eyes roamed the screen searching the security feeds for any unexpected surprises.

"It didn't even take me 10 seconds," Callen said cockily with a smirk. He stood from his crouched position in front of the door and shook his sandal brown hair out of his gleaming brown eyes. He turned to face his friends, as he pushed the door open. Simultaneous groans came from the other three, as Hestia shoved Callen through the door.

"Get in before you get us caught," Hestia rolled her evergreen eyes, as she pulled her curly black mane of hair from her olive toned face into a ponytail and walked through the door. Mire followed after her, and Mikhail brought up the rear. A few turns and down a flight of stairs later, Mikhail was hacking the virtual combination lock on the door of a body cooler in the back right corner of the autopsy room, while the others stood behind him and watched the door they had come in from. His curly hazel hair was held back by a black bandana that matched all of their clothes, as his muddy blue, green eyes scanned the various numbers flooding the screen.

"You know, I'm not really needed for this heist. Callen could be doing this," commented Mikhail as he breached the last security code. The medicine cabinet and the wall behind it swung out to reveal a hallway on the other side of the room. As Mikhail cleared away his equipment, Mira complained,

"Yeah and Hestia could identify the object without me here. We," she motioned to herself and the now standing Mikhail, "could be back home." The small Asian girl went to stand beside Mikhail with her arms crossed, as she blew stray strands of her long black hair that was being held together by a small hair stick out of her glaring brown eyes. Hestia cocked an eyebrow at Mira before cocking her gun and pulling the other girl toward the new hallway.

"We've been over this Mira. While there only really needs to be two people to get in and grab what we're after, we have to have someone watch their backs, since we have no idea what's through that hallway other than the security system, the fact that very dangerous people are over there, and the blue print of the area. Plus, Mikhail's a faster hacker, and you know more about what we should take other than our main objective," Hestia repeated what they were told at the debriefing beforehand. Mira followed with a sigh in defeat at her Nicaraguan friend's words as they walked into the hallway with Callen and Mikhail taking up the rear. As the door shut, Mikhail murmured into his mic,

"Hey, Miss Italy, did you follow my instructions and shut the heat sensors off properly?"

"No, Mikhail, I left them on. Now I'm waiting for you guys to be caught and for our plan to fail. I just can't wait for all of us to die," spat Alessa sarcastically, as she rolled her eyes. She wasn't computer savvy like Mikhail and Callen, but who couldn't follow detailed instructions? Callen's weapon was holstered, and he had taken up the rear. He was on the lookout for anyone coming at them from behind, while Hestia had taken point to look for oncoming enemies. Mikhail and Mira were not much for fighting.

"Well you are a woman." Callen smirked as he and Mikhail shared a quiet high-five. The three girls simply ignored the sexist comment the guys would use to try and get a rise out of them. As they pressed on through the maze like structure, they came across no one, and Alessa could see no one on the cameras. Alessa's worry grew as the seconds ticked by. They couldn't see anyone, but Alessa knew people were supposed to be there. A couple minutes later and Mikhail was working on the holographic lock to the room where their objective lay. While waiting on Mikhail, Callen whispered,

"You know when most people think about Russians, computer programmers and hackers don't come to mind." Mikhail scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah and most people think an American looking half Japanese can't be stealthy and kick ass."

"Touché," muttered Callen, as Mikhail opened the door. Callen looked in first and found the room empty. After they had all filed in, Hestia took one last look down the quiet hallways and closed the door. The lab was large and smelled heavily of chemicals and blood. Scientific equipment, chemicals, and computers lay everywhere. There were five rows of four heavy duty wooden tables facing each other in pairs in the center of the room. The wall in front of them had three doors. A single door stood on the left wall, while large scientific equipment lined the right wall. The wall with the door that the four thieves had just come from was lined with cabinets and shelves filled with various chemicals and medicines.

"Alright, everybody shut up before you give us away," scolded Hestia, since Mikhail, Callen, and Mira had been talking far too much during the heist. Mikhail went with Hestia to extract the files from what seemed to be the main computer at last row of tables on the far right close to the far right door on the wall across from them. Mira was followed by Callen to the wall across from them to the door on the far left. As Mikhail sat at the computer and cracked its security, he asked through his mic,

"Hey, Mira what files am I downloading other than the ones on superhumans?" Callen had already hacked into the circuitry of the keycard lock on the door. He slowly and gently eased the door open to peak at what was inside. Before Mira could respond, Callen slapped his hand over her mouth and had closed the door as quickly and quietly as possible. He then rushed to move Mira to the next door on their right.

"What's going on over there?" questioned Hestia.

"Nothing but a room full of bugs that almost had Mira screaming," Callen commented dryly as he worked on opening the next door. Mira had to take a few deep breathes before responding to Mikhail.

"Sorry, umm, grab all files on cloning and gene splicing related to humans." As soon as the words left her mouth, Mikhail was locating and coping all of those files onto the hard drive he had brought. Hestia kept her eyes trained on the door on the far wall and the one they had entered through. Callen had opened and closed the second door in a similar manner to the first but instead of bugs there were dangerous animals. He swiftly moved on to the last door and had it open within seconds. As Callen and Mira stepped into room filled with small beds and cribs, the door to the far wall began to open. Hestia and Mikhail were able to duck under the table before they saw who opened the door. Callen and Mira had heard the door open as well but were unable to close the door to the room they had entered without speedily drawing the attention of the new occupant of the lab. Callen had Mira curled up and placed between a bed and a crib in the far left corner of the room, before he pressed himself up against the wall behind the door.

The bronzed skinned man that had just entered the lab was tall and thick with muscle. He could hear two fast paced heart beats outside of the room with the open door and two inside. A wicked smile crossed his face as he closed the door behind him. No sense in letting others in on the fun, he mused. He was halfway into the room when Callen slammed the door into him. Hestia followed up by shooting at the back of both of his knees.

"What the hell is going on in there?" Alessa practically screamed into her mic. She had been looking at the security feeds in the hospital to make sure the guards didn't go near the passage that led to the underground facilities, but then she heard gunfire through her earpiece. Switching the hospital security feeds for the ones in the underground facility, Alessa found her friends getting beaten up.

Callen was thrown into the wall with large scientific equipment. He landed on the floor in a crouch. His body was sore and his vision was blurring in and out of focus. As he grabbed his twin daggers, Hestia was unloading her gun into the large man slowly stalking towards her with a dark smirk on his face. She was murmuring in Nicañol about regenerating, undying superhumans.

"Okay, you guys are lucky. It seems like the lab is sound proof, since no one is in the hallways after all of your noise. Hestia, he's regenerating too quickly. Shoot him in the head, he should be down for at least 30 seconds," Alessa commanded, knowing Hestia was reluctant to kill. Hestia complied with gritted teeth or at least she attempted. The darn superhuman was dodging every bullet aimed at his head, and she was going to have to change magazines soon.

"Mikhail, how much longer?" shouted Hestia over the sound of her gun. As he pulled himself from underneath the table, his eyes scanned the computer screen.

"A couple more minutes," Mikhail replied, as Callen joined the fight once again and Hestia loaded a new magazine into her gun. He looked from the computer screen to the fight between his friends and the superhuman to the half open door to the room where Mira was hiding.

"Mira, get what you need in there and let's go," yelled Callen. The superhuman had heard Callen and had turned from Hestia to look behind him at the room where Mira lay. The distraction was enough for Hestia to get a head shot in. Mira threw the door with a bang the moment she heard the body hit the floor and shouted,

"Get a blade between the skull and c1!" Callen didn't hesitate as he shoved his dagger between the base of the skull and the spine of the fallen superhuman.

"Alright, guys, hurry up. Erase evidence and get out," commanded Alessa, as she watched the security feeds with intensity to make sure no one else was coming to cause trouble.

"I thought these guys were supposed to be un-killable unless the head was severed?" questioned Mikhail, as he erased all signs of him being on the computer. Callen had wiped off his daggers on the dead man and sheathed them. He and Hestia were currently setting up the NNEMP.

"Stabbing in that precise area activates a failsafe mechanism that kills us," whispered the small boy. He looked no older than seven with dirty blond hair, fairly light skin, and muddy blue eyes.

"And, I thought we were only taking one of them not two." Callen waved a hand absently behind him toward the small child behind Mira and the baby in her arms, while Mikhail hastily packed up his equipment.

"These two are a part of the new project and are bonded, kind of like twins, but they're obviously different ages. And, no, I can't take any of the others. These two are the only ones awake after everyone in that room was drugged to be asleep, which prove their system is stronger and faster. Plus, Theo is nice, and Oliver isn't fussy while I hold him," explained Mira, as she pushed the small boy named Theo toward Mikhail to carry.

"You know, in case you didn't hear me the first time, I did say to get out of there. Now." Alessa was getting anxious. They need to get out of there before anyone noticed that the big brute wasn't in bed. With that, the group in the lab began moving as quickly and quietly as possible towards Alessa and the getaway van. They were tumbling into the car within minutes. As soon as they were far enough away, Mikhail detonated the NNEMP.

"Hey, did you deactivate any tracking device the kids might have on them?" asked Callen as he held turned beside him to face Mira.

"Yeah, I used a small burst NNEMP to get rid of anything on them. I'll check them out and remove the GPS trackers tomorrow," Mira answered as she leaned back into the hard door of the car.

"I'm not sharing my room with either of them," Mikhail informed them with a wave at the kids.

"Don't worry their Mira's responsibility," remarked Alessa, as she continued to drive toward their hidden plane to escape the country.

"Yeah well whatever just wake me when we get to the plane," yawned Mira, as she and the others fell from their adrenaline rush. They basked in the silence of the van with only the sounds of the engine and the occasional tire squeal to break the comfortable silence of a completed heist involving the kidnapping of two new superhuman experiments. Life was good.