Okay, so maybe the reptilian eyes weren't the best option for getting that kid away from me. I'm just surprised that he didn't know me. After all, I'm only everywhere on the news, in magazines, on the radio. Okay, so you're confused. Unless you've read the stories you probably don't know me either. Let me explain things:

Okay, firstly, I don't have a name. The thing is, no one knows where I came from. I'm not sure myself. I don't remember any family and certainly no parents, no one could trace my family tree, and I don't seem to have any findable siblings. My DNA is like none that has been seen before in human history.

Another thing that separates me from normal people is my speech issues. Contractions fail me completely. Like, if I try to say "I don't know," it will come out as "I do not know". I can write it, I can think it, I just can't say it. How dumb is that?

But what sets me apart most of all, why people really pay attention to me, is my unique ability to shapeshift. Shapeshifter, transformer, morpher, changeling, witch, I have been called all those things. I don't know where 'witch' comes from, but still. Plus I act a little like whatever I transform into. Say I'm a carnivorous animal. I'm not going to be as nice as I normally would.

Another annoying thing is if I'm injured while in another form, I have to stay in that form until I'm healed. So say I'm, like, a phoenix for some reason (I can only do nonexistent creatures) and my wing gets cut, I have to stay a phoenix until it heals. My powers disappear until then. That is really annoying.

I can't go to school, either. I don't have a designated age. I've given up school, though, after three of them turned out unbearable. School number one was full of terrible teachers and horrible kids. It mysteriously got crushed by something unidentifiable, and no-one believed the ones who said that they saw the dragon that did it.

School number two was better. I had friends and nice teachers, until one day while sitting on the sidelines in P.E I saw our girl's basketball team's banner. It had a picture of a pegasus on it. I started thinking about pegasi, and wondering what it would be like to be one since I have not been one before. It took a while before I noticed the looks I was getting from my classmates. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I now had wings, four legs and a tail. Obviously they had never seen a pegasus before. Duh. I flew off through the open doors before any of them could get close to me, but they told the media, and they matched me up with some of the claims of mythical creatures that people had spoken of for months, and thus I was dubbed 'Morph Girl'. They always come up with the stupidest names.

School number three. Not long before I was noticed. In fact, I had just walked in the classroom, head down, when one of the boys yelled "Hey! It's that shapeshifter girl from the news!" and everyone snapped their heads towards me and gasped. Even the teacher looked shocked. They crowded around me, questioning me, what was my name, where was I from, how could I shift and could I teach them to do it? I lost them around the next street. Unicorns can actually scare people, when they're not expecting it. Only a couple of kids stayed, unafraid like they knew I wasn't really going to hurt them like their dumber classmates obviously thought. A boy and a girl, who later introduced themselves as James and Mia. They nicknamed me 'Tail' because of my habit of turning into animals with a tail. The name stuck and I reintroduced myself to the world as 'Tail, the girl without a name'. Tail is my name now, but whatever. So we hang around, James, Mia and I and together we avoid reporters and the general public. They still stay at their houses, and they still go to school, but with their help I discovered that if I could shift into things that don't exist, then people that don't exist can still count, and my new persona was formed. No-one knows it's me unless they stay around me for too long. It's my eyes that give it away, one electric-blue, one vibrant purple. They made sure to make a point of that in the news stories. So I can still get whatever I need, as long as I can come across the money. Sometimes that money comes illegally... but you know, when you can shift then getting recognized isn't really top problem. Unless they grow enough brains to guess who it is. I don't want 'Tail' to become 'Tail, wanted', you know? It sort of takes away the goodness of being me. Okay, here's what I usually look like; long sandy hair, sorta messy, tall, upturned nose and longer arms than I probably should have. I'm relatively skinny and I like wearing tomboyish clothes, much to Mia's dismay. James approves more, but Mia is very much a girly-girl. More often than not she's in a skirt or dress of some description, or a shirt with puffed sleeves. James prefers a hoodie and tracksuit pants. I like skinny jeans and a t-shirt, probably with a video game/TV show character or meme of some type. And my signature ponytail. Never forget the ponytail. Last time I forgot the ponytail, my hair caught fire.

Long story.

Anyway, now you know the drill, let me get to the main event; the tale of me, Tail.

Have fun.