INTERLUDE: Pure Meta (Christian)

Their meeting was inevitable as breathing. Christian was the old head, having spent most of his childhood away at boarding school and Nicholas was the new kid, starting up as a day student. They were in all the same classes and Nicholas was almost sickeningly friendly, not seeming to even care when Christian was rude to him, pushing him away as hard as he could.

Nicholas never lost his warm smile whenever he saw Christian, no matter how negative their last experiences. It was impossible to hate the guy.

Nicholas Underwood could not be ignored.

Christian had been watching him since the start of the year and had quietly admired the way Nicholas was nice to everyone equally and was happy to be the friend of anyone. Then he couldn't help thinking that someone would hurt Nicholas someday and he really didn't want to see him abused.

Christian had seen movies, he knew stuff. So even though his own life had never been loaded with angst and woe, he had a good enough imagination to see how things would go.

And somehow, Christian thought that he would go all "Man From Nowhere" on anyone that tried to hurt Nicholas. Because Nicholas was the one kid he didn't want to see hurt-all sweetness and innocence. So it was a no-brainer that he become Nicholas' friend, and he couldn't help enjoying the hijinks they got up to. Because Nicholas was popular and as a result of that he was invited to everything. And Christian went with him to keep a lookout and had the kind of amazing experiences he'd never dreamed up.

From quiet nerd, he got to be one of the most popular boys at school and it had been as easy as breathing. All he'd had to do was accept Nicholas' offer of friendship.

They had their squabbly moments, but they never lasted. Because Nicholas had big blue eyes and he was always so sincere all the time and he apologized so prettily. There was no resisting him, and Christian very rarely wanted to.

Finding out Nicholas was gay wasn't the big shock Christian thought it should be. It was just a natural part of Nicholas and sometimes he couldn't help thinking that they could have been great together. Except Christian was straight, right up to the point that thinking of naked sex with men deflated his erection like a hotdog balloon. He couldn't even say he was bisexual so his epic romance with Nicholas died unborn.

He loved Nicholas, but it was a platonic feeling and there was no changing his biology. Though it had hurt when he'd faced himself to ignore the mad crush Nicholas had on him. It had been a painful kind of relief when he'd looked up one day and the crush was gone from Nicholas' eyes and they could get on with their lives.