Spun, by Harper Kingsley

Characters: Captain Victorious, Bonecrusher, Lady Arcana

Summary: This is totally *not* that scene mentioned in Pulse of the City. Except that it kind of is.

Just the teaser for the short story I'm working on.

Being a superhero has always been my dream. I grew up on a small farm in Iowa and all I did was yearn for the day I'd leave it all behind. I was going to have adventures and great fun and the world was going to stand up and take notice of me.

"I hope nobody notices me," my voice moaned pitifully.

I glared at myself, taking in the handsomely chiseled features, the six-pack abs highlighted by the armor, the hang of my inky black cape. "Don't make me sound like that. You're going to ruin my rep."

Lady Arcana in my body crossed her arms and pouted at me. "We're in the van, no one is going to hear us. I can't believe this has happened. It's awful."

"Right there with you, sister," I said. The sound of Lady Arcana's voice in my throat momentarily startled me. "I miss my dick."

"You mean this one?" She cupped her-my-dick through the gray pants. "It's so strange to have this thing rubbing around all the time."

"Yeah, hands off the goods," I ordered.

"Or what?" She arched a brow.

I grabbed my boob and squeezed. "Or I go exploring your goods."

"You pig." She crossed her arms and slouched back.

I released my boob and managed not to wince. I hadn't realized how uncomfortable squeezing it like that felt. No wonder Lorna had always slapped my hand away when we were teens. I'd been too grabby, and if it felt like that... I owed her an apology.

"Oink, oink, baby," I said, liking the snarl she gave me back.