BWAHAHAHA! This is a crazy story one-shot with partial blame to my English teacher who first told me about Personification. You know giving human qualities to things like computer programs and listening devices. Wish me luck, I've just fallen of the line dividing sanity from insanity, and I was balancing so nicely...

Pandora: You think your so special because people can make "playlists".

(Groove)Shark: Well yeah, way better than you, your just like a radio.

Pandora: *Gasp* Hmph! Well at least I have variety.

Shark: I have shuffle.

Pandora: But the songs are always the same.

Shark: Yeah well at least my users get a choice to not listen to Justin Bieber and, *sniff* disney songs.

Pandora: You have both Bieber and Disney songs.

Shark: But my users get a choice. They get a normal without like this and don't like that.

Pandora: I'll have you know that that is a very efficient way to listen to music.

Shark: Yeah. Right. Well you can personalize my accounts.

Pandora: So what?

Zune: Sup guys.

Pandora: Ugh no one on wants to talk to a Zune like you.

Zune: What's wrong with Zunes?

Pandora: Your screens are small and you have to be charged.

Zune: At least I'm portable!

Shark: Both Pandora and I have apps that suffice people far greater than a clunky red listening device.

Pandora: Did you just stick up for me?

Shark: No!

Pandora: Whatever, I hate to say it but he's right.

Shark: Huh!

Zune: Well at least, I, have games.

Pandora: People can play games while listening to us. Mainly me.

Shark: And not lame-o games like Hexic.

Zune: Hexic is awesome! And do you play radio?

Pandora: I'm like a radio, except with more choice.

Shark: And who wants to play radio?

Pandora: Yeah?

Zune: I also have pictures.

Shark: Oooh big whoop.

Radio: Sup' guys?

Shark, Pandora and Zune: Ugh!

Hugs6: Um, guys, I love you all! I do! But grooveshark play Owl City...

Shark: Ha!

Hugs6: And Pandora randomizes my selection which is cool.

Pandora: See?

Hugs6: And Zune is portable and plays Bon Jovi.

Zune: *Gloats*

Hugs6: But radio has the most choice and randomness.

Radio: Told you.

Shark: So who do you like best?

Hugs6: Hmm, I'm going to have to go with a nonlistening thing, Fanfiction and Fictionpress!

Everyone: WHAT?!

And so ends my inanimate arguements, for now...