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An irritating ringing echoed throughout his room, Marcel opened his eyes, he grabbed rather quickly off of his bedside table.
It was an unknown number.
He hit the answer button "Speak."
"Hiya~! Are you the leader?" A rather ecstatic voice practically screamed down the phone.
"Who is this?" He yawned feeling somewhat annoyed at having been awoken by this unknown person at such an ungodly (As far as he is concerned) hour of the morning.
"My name is Francine and I am a new vampire!"
He almost dropped the phone.
'Wonderful.' He thought,

"I have a question! One thats really, really, really, really, really important!"
"What is it? Make it quick" He ground out, he wanted to get rid of this woman so that he could actually get some sleep, having friends with no common sense whatsoever and a very annoying habit of bursting into the house at any given time could do that.
"Well two actually but you sound really nice so you don't mind-"
'Bullshit I don't' He thought with a frown, he got out of his bed and crossed his room before walking out into the hall.
"Get on with it." He snapped.
"Okay! Is Edward around because you know, he is soooooo-" He cut her off again, not wanting to answer her question.
"What was your other question?"
"Do we sparkle?"
A sinister smirk crept across his face, so she was annoying and stupid.
"I don't know, maybe you should find that out." He admitted, acting as though he had no knowledge on the subject.
"That's awesome! I'll go try it now!" With that last ear splitting squeal, she hung up.
" ...Well, that's the end of that...Hopefully." He said to no one in particular. Minutes later, he heard shuffling from one of the rooms near him then a loud, long creak that echoed throughout the hallway as the door was opened.
A male peeked around the corner, his dark brown hair hung over his eyes. It was Elliot, one of his many (He had no idea where all of them even came from or how they had gotten into the house, he assumed that they were like ants, crawling through the little cracks in windows...They were easy enough to crush if they annoyed him so he quite often let them be.)
"Hey Marcel, What's got you up so early?" He yawned.
"A nut job, hopefully she has taken my advice..." Marcel said somewhat coldly.
He did not take well to being disturbed from his sleep, especially by the stupid people that seemed abundant in this town.
"Which was?" Elliot asked stretching until the bones in his back cracked back into place.
Marcel found the noise disgusting.
"Stepping out into the sun," He replied as he walked further down the hall, Elliot trailed behind him.
As soon as he was halfway down the hall, the third door to his right opened with a creak that was quickly followed by a crash as the door was forced open. It was his younger sister, she was a small girl who was up to Marcel's ribs in height (Marcel was about five foot eight and a half), stalked out of the room, anger present in her green eyes.

"Can it! I'm trying to sleep here morons!" She yelled, both males simply regarded her blankly.
"Terese if you don't like it either move upstairs or downstairs." Elliot told her.
Terese stamped her foot with a huff, her cheeks puffed out until she looked like a squirrel "I like the view" She grumbled.
"The view is better from the top floor Terese." Marcel sighed, she always acted like this if she was awoken before six thirty at night, when she was younger, they had attempted to appease her by giving her chocolate or coffee, etc... It had not worked, if anything she had gone on a rampage.
She growled at the pair of them before turning on her heel and marching back into her room mumbling angrily and slamming the door equally loud behind her.
"Jesus, your little sister is a nutcase." Elliot stated, with a somewhat relieved sounding sigh.
"Thank you Elliot, for pointing out the obvious." Marcel quipped.
"Anytime," He laughed before walking back up the hallway and returning to his room.
Marcel continued down the hall and into the lounge room, leaning against the back of the couch he switched on the television. Eventually there was a 'breaking news' sign that flashed.
He smirked with a quiet laugh.
"People on the corner of Collin and Feather are horrified and confused at this shocking turn of events, that happened merely minutes ago. Eyewitnesses report seeing a blonde haired girl run out onto the street screaming, and I quote 'I love you Edward' before quickly bursting into flames and turning to ashes. The cause of this is unknown but forensics are s-" He turned off the television.
Moving away from the couch, he turned his thoughts towards finding whoever had turned her and make sure to thoroughly explain to them that they do not recruit airheads.
Crossing over towards the kitchen, he passed the front door. As he passed, there was a frantic knock on the door.
"Help! Help! Please! Help Me!" a somewhat familiar voice cried, the voice was female and had a very faint Irish accent.
Marcel opened the door, slightly curious as to why someone would be anywhere near the house.
The house was relatively hard to get to as it was surrounded by large rock faces and a forest, so it was very unusual that they were to get a human visitor that had not been brought for lunch.
Even rarer were they to get a vampire whom they did not know, knocking on the door.
The visitor was flattening herself up against the wall next to the door as the sunlight crept closer, she looked over at him, fear in her grey eyes.
"You are allowed in." He said, giving her permission to cross the threshold and into the house.
Marcel knew that she could not possibly be a threat, she was outnumbered at least twenty to one, she would be downright insane to launch an attack here.
The red haired woman, upon hearing approval, sprinted inside, jumping straight over him comically and rolling after she landed. It took her a few moments to realize that he had closed the door and that she was safe from the sun.
"Whew! Thank you! That was such a close call..." She began
"I'm sorry but who are you?" Marcel inquired, he had seen this woman before and he knew it, he just could not remember where.
"I am Claire, One of the slightly older Pyres you met last week, I'm only about three years turned," She explained flashing a cheerful grin at him.
He blinked at her energetic response.
"Er..Pyre?" He asked her.
'Isn't that a heap of burnable metal?' He thought.
"My way of shortening Vampire, I change vampire from I-R-E to Y-R-E then shorten it to Pyre,"
"...Any particular reason as to why you do that? Do you even know what it means?" He inquired.
"It sounds funny, and that is a word? I didn't know that,"
'Brilliant, a childish one...' He thought with a frown, he walked into the kitchen and she followed him.
Glancing over in her direction he noticed that she really wasn't that much younger than him, he had probably only been turned four years ago last week, they both looked in their early twenties.
"I guess you're right..." He agreed, it was better to agree than to argue a point with someone who was a few straws short of a haystack.
"Oh! Do you know what the time is?" She asked after a few seconds of silence.
Marcel glanced at his watch tiredly "Seven forty five exactly."
"Crap! I have to get back to my hotel room!" she cried as she raced for the door.
"The suns up" He stated just as she reached the archway leading back out into the hall.
Marcel perched himself on a chair.
"..Ohh..." She nodded slowly before walking back towards him "Not a good idea that.".
"No, not it's not." He agreed with a slight smirk.
'She is a ditz. But at least she's somewhat entertaining' He thought.
Claire stood at least a meter away from him in silence at least that was until she had decided to hum a tune. Quite possibly to try and tune out the silence.
He snorted 'Obviously she hasn't been out in the middle of nowhere.'
She raised an eyebrow at him and opened her mouth to say something when the sound of footsteps shuffled down the hall. Seconds later and Elliot appeared in the archway.
Upon seeing Claire he blinked a few times.
"I must be dreaming. No way Claire would get here on her own." He mumbled.
Claire, irked at his comment, picked up a pillow from one of the chairs next to her and hurled it at his head the pillow hit its target with a loud thwack.
Elliot's turned his head to look over at her.
"Oh... I'm not dreaming then."
"Tch. You could apologize! That was mean!" She cried.
"Hey, I am just being honest. Besides you couldn't navigate your way out of a forest." He shrugged.
"How do you think I got here? I ran through a forest, blindly I might add but I still got here." Claire explained.
"How?" Elliot asked.
"By scent." Claire stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"From five hours away?"
"The house was on fire, everyone scattered to different places, I figured I'd come here."
"Still! Why didn't you call for a cab?"
Marcel was lost in this conversation and decided not to bother.
"I have no money! Everyone else took what they could." Claire cried out before quickly changing her tone of voice to a much cheerful tone "I was chased by puppies on my way here; they were so cute~" She cooed.
"They will rip your face off." Elliot deadpanned, shoving his dark brown hair out of his eyes.
"Shut up! I can dream can't I?" Claire pouted.
Marcel heard fast, angry footsteps approaching from his sister's room.
"Code 46. Run for cover it's here!" Elliot dived over the counter, closely followed by Claire who had no idea what was going on.

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