Author's Notes...

IXResoleon: "Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is IXResoleon!"

AceThompson17: "And this is AceThompson17!"

IXResoleon: "And we are a collaboration account known as LAMFictionpress28! We are pretty excited for those of you who are willing to give our story a try!"

AceThompson17: "Yes, and we hope you enjoy our story and if you have constructive criticism please tell us."

IXResoleon: "So Ace, tell me a little brief story of what our story is all about."

AceThompson17: "It's about the life of a person who has a mysterious past named Jaypee, and hopes to pursue a person who will accept Jaypee entirely."

IXResoleon: "Excellent! So anyway, we hope that you enjoy what we have in store fo you and please know that we tried our best when making this!"

AceThompson17: "Yes, we tried our best when making this and please wait patiently because we are not living in the same country so the updates will take a while."

Note: The story does not follow the way this was laid out. This is only for the author's notes. The story is in light novel form.