Story Title: A Bud Yet To Bloom

An original series owned by: IXResoleon and AceThompson17 A.K.A: LAMFictionpress28

Written by: IXResoleon

Featured Character(s): Jaypee Kaplan and Res

Genre: Friendship, Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy, School Life

Chapter One: Nice To Meet You!

A ray of light from the morning sun penetrated through the window of an apartment home. The beam of light shone directly on a single person in bed. The person subconsciously reacts by putting the sheets over the head to block the sun rays. However, it wasn't long after that because a young girl flings the door to the room open.

"Wake up, sleepy head! It's time to go into hell!" The young girl declared boisterously.

The person in bed groans and very slowly sits up on the bed. "It's still early..." The person muttered while drowsy.

The young girl growls under her breath. "Just wake the hell up already!"

The person in bed groaned again. "Fine..."

The young girl leaves, allowing the person in bed to stretch out in bed to prepare for the morning routine. "Today is the first day of school...and I'm a transfer student..." The person thought.

Inside the shower, the person stared out the window that presented the sun. "My name's Jaypee Kaplan. I'm very shy and innocent. I feel like I got the good personalities."

After the person named Jaypee was finished, Jaypee returns to the bedroom in a bathrobe to pick out the outfit for the day. "What should I wear...? Maybe this one..."

The same girl that woke Jaypee up returns inside the room again wearing a bathrobe also and sees Jaypee bent over. She smirks. "Dat ass."

Jaypee quickly gets stiff like a plank after finishing tying the converse. "Shut it, Rita."

Rita ignores Jaypee and goes to the dresser. "I guess I'll wear this one." Rita dresses herself by wearing a T-Shirt and short shorts, both green. Rita looks to her right to see Jaypee putting on a red shirt and green cargo pants. Rita softly smiles at Jaypee. "You always looked good in red, Jay."

Jaypee finishes getting settled in. "Yeah...thanks."

The two of them exit the bedroom and maneuver into the kitchen.

Rita is busy frying bacon while Jaypee is staring into space. Jaypee gazes at Rita while sitting at the table. "So this auburn haired girl is Rita Shinigami, my best friend. She's almost the polar opposite of me and she is super annoying and always teasing me. But in spite of that, we love each other to death and we'll look out for each other as siblings." Jaypee spoke out loud. "Where's Chad?"

Rita finishes frying the last slices of bacon and serves it on the table. "He already left. He's always early, you know?"

The two of them are eating in silence, taking in the sounds of clanking metal on the plates. Jaypee continues to look at Rita while eating. "So basically, I keep my real gender a secret, because of my past. Well, nothing really happened, but that led me to be a cross-dresser. I love to be mysterious, and I also keep my age a secret. My hope for this year is that I'll meet someone who'll accept me as who I am, like Chad, Rita, and Athena."

After finishing their breakfast, Rita takes both her own and Jaypee's plates and almost dumps them into the sink. "I'll wash them later. Let's go."

Jaypee nodded. "Okay."

Rita and Jaypee were all set and ready to take on the day in school. However, a woman wearing a tank top and leather pants, both colored red, stopped them at the door. "Rita, you didn't wash the dishes again."

Rita sighs impatiently. "I'll wash them later, geez."

The woman gives an intimidating glare at Rita. "Wash...them...NOW."

Rita groans. "Alright, alright, geez..." Rita grumbles under her breath as she makes her way for the kitchen.

Jaypee and the woman exchanged smiles. Jaypee tells something about her. "This woman is Athena Phoenix. She is a best friend of me and Rita. She is very childish and kind and hates violence. But she's very girly and that can sometime annoy me. The both of us love her as if she were an older sister to us."

Athena inspects Jaypee's person. "'re not going as a girl?"

Jaypee's head shakes. "Not yet. I'm fine being a boy."

Athena grimaces at this. "But they'll tease you that you're gay because of your female voice."

Jaypee places a hand on Athena's shoulders. "I'll be fine, Athena. Trust me."

Rita returns with wet hands. "I'm done."

Athena smiles at Rita. "Good. Shall we go?"

"Yes." Jaypee replied.

The three of them are walking to school. General chatter ensues.

Jaypee gazes up at the sky while walking. "I can't wait to make friends at school."

Rita looks ahead with scorn. "Meh. School sucks."

Athena shot a leer at Rita. "Rita, you may be intelligent, but you're so lazy. Stop being like that."

Rita's shoulders shrugged. "Whatever. Still, I hate those ignorant jerks in school, though."

Jaypee nodded. "Me too. I hope they'll not joke about me."

Once they arrived at the front gate of the school, it was time to really take on the day.

Athena smiles sweetly at Rita and Jaypee. "Okay. I guess I'll keep going. Bye guys!" Athena turns the other way and leaves.

Rita and Jaypee say goodbye to Athena. They turn toward the entrance of the school and start to walk inside.

Jaypee looks around and observes people chatting amongst themselves and passing them. Jaypee takes a deep breath. "So, this is it. I hope we're classmates, Ritz."

Rita nods in agreement. "Yeah, so I can watch over you and kick their asses."

Jaypee and Rita look for their names in the posters that showed the homeroom placement. Once Jaypee and Rita find their names, they both groan in disgust.

Jaypee frowned. "What? No! This can't be!"

Rita sighed. "Tough luck, boy. I guess I'll keep going. Look for me when something's wrong."

Rita walks out of sight of Jaypee, making Jaypee a little bit unsettled. Jaypee stares at the busy hallways, hopelessly lost and afraid. "I think...I'm lost."

Jaypee keeps looking around for the correct room but Jaypee ends up bumping into someone because Jaypee wasn't looking at what was ahead. "Eek! I'm sorry!"

The person turns around. "Same here."

Jaypee looks at the person's feet. " guess I should keep going, even though I'm lost."

The person holds out a directory sheet in front of Jaypee. "Actually, I'm lost too. I can't seem to find this room."

Jaypee sees the person pointing at the same room that Jaypee is looking for. "Hey, that's also the room I'm trying to find."

The person raises eyebrows toward Jaypee. "Is it now? Well at leasat we won't be alone, then." The person gave a warm smile toward jaypee.

Jaypee laughs nervously. "Uh...yeah. I guess we'll search that room together then."

Jaypee and the mysterious person became hopelessly lost together but somehow, they arrive on time in the nick of time. They were both tuckered out from the excursion.

The person takes a few deep breaths. "That took a hell too long."

Jaypee stretches out. "Yeah. Finally we're here."

The person gazes over at two empty seats a little bit close to the teacher's desk. "Let's go grab those seats there. Uh...oops! I mean can just sit anywhere. It's just that I'll sit here."

Jaypee felt a little bit of an attachment toward this person. "Um...I'll sit beside you...well, because you're the first person I know here. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Jaypee Kaplan."

The person extends a single hand toward Jaypee and smiles. "You will? Thank you! My name is Res."

Jaypee unsteadily shook hands with the person named Res. "'re welcome, Res."

Both Jaypee and Res take their seats next to each other. Jaypee thinks about Res. Res happens to be a person who Jaypee met and already Jaypee is starting to get along with Res. "I think this is a coincidence. Res has the personality as I wished for a friend. Res didn't leave me alone."

A female teacher with blonde hair enters the room, and the crowded room goes silent. The female teacher is a relatively young one. The teacher places her materials on her desk and smiled toward the class. "Hello, class! I am your homeroom teacher, Miss Alice. I expect that this class will be have toward each other well-manneredly and will respect each other while in this room. Everyone here is friends, not enemies so if I see any sign of ignorance, you are getting your backside kicked out of here!"

An awkward silence occurs.

"Whoa..." Res whispered toward Jaypee.

"Yeah..." Jaypee whispered back.

Alice clears her throat before continuing. "Anyway, that's enough of that. Class, we have a transfer student who is joining us." Alice reads the name listed. "Um...Jaypee Kaplan? Could you please stand up and introduce yourself?"

Jaypee's danger senses sprung high. Jaypee, with unease, stood from the chair. "Um, sure, Miss Alice." Jaypee started to blush slightly looking at all the faces staring. "Hi guys. My name is Jaypee Kaplan..."

Jaypee could hear some whispers among the fellow classmates.

"Sounds like a girl..."

"Could it be a transvestite or something?"

Jaypee half-expected those types of reactions but tried to continue. "Just as I thought..." "Um, I am a boy...and I hope that I can be friends with everyone..." Jaypee promptly sat back down.

Alice stared at Jaypee for a bit. "Okay, not bad. seems we have another transfer student!"

"I'm glad she didn't ask for more..." Jaypee thought.

Alice read the name on the list. "...Res? No last name? Odd. Anyway, could you please stand up and introduce yourself?"

Res smiled. "Sure!" Res stands up from the chair.

"No last name? Odd indeed. I wonder what could be the last name. I don't think I have the guts to ask anyway." Jaypee thought again.

Res places a hand on the chest. "I am Res. I love being random. I also love having fun...and uh...yeah. I am looking forward to having this new chapter in my life to be a part of your school life! I...also like playing Pokémon, not ashamed.

"Hey." A boy called to Res.

Res acknowledges him. "Yeah?"

The boy decided to give a quip. "Does Ash Ketchum know that you raided his wardrobe?"

The rest of the class starts laughing except for Jaypee.

Jaypee glares at the rest of the class. "That's not nice." Jaypee looks up at Res and smiles. "I also love randomness and Pokémon, Res."

Res apparently didn't hear Jaypee's remark. Res makes a comeback. "Does Gary Oak know that you smell as in smell you later?"

The class gasps slightly at Res's comeback.

"Nice comeback!" A girl remarked.

Jaypee sighs. "I guess this is not going to be good..."

"STOP!" Miss Alice slams the ruler on her desk. "ENOUGH!"

The class abruptly goes quiet and stares at Miss Alice while trying to look dignified.

Jaypee stares at Miss Alice with widely opened eyes. "And I got a scary teacher, too. What luck."

Alice points the ruler at the boy. "Young man, this is the first day, so I'll leave you off with a warning." Alice points her ruler at Res next. "As for you, good job for sticking up for yourself."

Res decided randomly to take a bow. "Uh...thanks?"

The boy slips a quip again. "Teacher's pet."

"Academic dropout." Res retaliated.

"If Rita was here, this is going to be worse than this." Jaypee thought while nodding in disapproval.

Alice slams the ruler on the table once more. "INSOLENT CHILD! YOU SHALL PAY THE PRICE!" Alice walks to the insolent one's desk. "I like apples. Do you like apples?"

The boy tried to avoid looking Alice in the eye. "Uh...yes."

"YES? YES? YOU LIKE APPLES?!" Alice yelled again.

The boy quickly nodded. "Yes! I like apples!"

Alice slams an apple onto the boy's desk. "HERE HAVE ONE!"

The boy stares at the apple.

"NOW EAT IT!" Alice commanded.

The boy slowly started to consume the apple.

"HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?!" Alice asked as he was consuming the apple.

The boy swallowed slowly. "I like it..."

"Good." Alice walks back to the desk and clears her throat. "I apologize, Res. That boy will trouble you know more. You may sit down.

Res obeyed without saying a word.

Alice smiles toward the class that is staring at her with looks of fear. "Anyway, most of you, if not all of you, have been in my homeroom already so I'll just hand you guys the introductory sheets you're supposed to fill out once you leave. It is now free chatter. You may talk with each other quietly until the bell rings."

It took a minute but the entire classroom starts chatting amongst themselves.

Jaypee makes a sigh of relief.

Res whispers toward Jaypee. "I wouldn't sigh just yet."

Jaypee looks up to see Alice standing over their desks. Alice smiles at the two transfer students. "Welcome, you two. I am you teacher, Miss Alice, as I've said. Don't worry about that boy. He just sometimes doesn't know his place. He's been in my class but sometimes, he's stubborn as a mule. Although, I am very surprised that you gave him a taste of his own medicine, Res."

Res laughs nervously. " just sort of popped into my head.

Alice smiles at Res. "Well keep sticking up for yourself, young one!" Alice looks over at Jaypee. "Also, you seem pretty unique yourself! Are you two siblings or something?"

"Um, no...we are just friends, Alice-sensei." Jaypee answered with unease.

Alice chuckles. "Well I suggest you stick with this one." She points at Res. "Res seems to know what to do."

Res scratches the rear head. "Heh...that's real sweet of you..."

Alice chuckles once more. "Well anyway, if there are any problems, especially with him, you let me know."

Jaypee nods nervously. "Yes, Alice-sensei..."

Alice walks back to the desk. Jaypee looks over at Res's desk to see something being written. Jaypee could see that it was something Pokémon related, judging by the wording. "Um, is that...Fanfiction?"

Res quickly shuts the journal. "Excuse me! That is personal!"

Jaypee blushes slightly. "Oh, I'm sorry."

Res sighs. "Never mind. So you know Fanfiction, too huh?"

Jaypee nods. "Um, yeah."

Res stared at the journal on the desk. "It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I love writing and I'm planning to become a sports journalist. I love writing and sports so why not?"

Jaypee nodded again. "Yeah, I also like writing too but mine sucks." Jaypee laughs nervously upon making that statement.

Res gives Jaypee a reassuring smile. "I'm sure it can't be that bad."

Jaypee laughs nervously again. "It's really bad that I'm ashamed to share it."

Res moves a little bit closer to Jaypee. "Well you don't have to be ashemd with me. I'll be all tips and tricks instead of flame!"

Jaypee returns the smile. "Um...thank you."

Res gives a thumbs up. "Not a problem! Say...I've been talking a lot so...why don't you tell me something about yourself?"

Jaypee became nervous. Jaypee didn't want to say the wrong things to potentially lose a quick friend here. "M-myself? Um, okay. I keep my gender hidden because of my past. Well, my past is not really bad but..." Jaypee blushes out of embarrassment once more. "...that led me to...cross-dress..."

Res became intrigued by this. "You cross-dress? That's sounds cool! Will I see you as a girl tomorrow?"

Jaypee felt a bit surprised by Res's response. "C-cool? Um, thank you, Res. Uh...I can, if you like..."

Res nodded. Res started to have a grin. "Not very talkative are you?"

Jaypee tries to smile. "Um, yeah. I'm not really the one who talks much..."

The bell rings, marking the end of class. Mostly everyone promptly makes their way for the exit.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow!" Alice yelled.

Res frowned. "Aww! Well...I guess I'll see you here tomorrow if I don't see you the rest of the day!" Res runs out the door.

Jaypee slowly stands from the desk and thinks for a moment about Res. "This very different. Res is looking forward to see me tomorrow. I think we're going to be great friends. Res also loves randomness which I also love. I hope I can see Res again other than here..."

"Thank you for reading the first chapter of our very first story. We hope you enjoyed it and if you're looking forward to more of this story, please be patient. If you would like more information about the characters in this story, please refer to LAMFictionpress's profile. Also, please be aware that in not revealing which gender Res or Jaypee is, we're trying a unique approach so we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you but we believe that this will allow you to employ your imagination a bit more in this story. Thank you again for reading the first chapter of our story and we hope to bring you some more soon." -IXResoleon

Chapter One: End