Story Title: A Bud Yet To Bloom

An original series owned by: IXResoleon and AceThompson17 A.K.A: LAMFictionpress28

Written by: IXResoleon

Featured Character(s): Jaypee Kaplan and Res

Genre: Friendship, Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy, School Life

Chapter Two: Dealing With Stereotypes

The last bell rings, ending the school day. Everyone gets up from their seats and promptly leaves for the door. Jaypee sighs deeply because Jaypee did not see Res again throughout the day after homeroom. "The final bell rings and I don't see Res again. I guess I'll see Res tomorrow."

A few minutes later, Jaypee walks out the main double doors of the school and walks to the front gate, thinking about the new friend called Res. "Res is really different from the typical people I know. Res even requested to see me as a girl." As Jaypee thinks on this, Jaypee takes a seat on the bench by the front gate. "Hmm...I'll probably get teased for cross-dressing but I'll do it. Besides, I think it'll be better if I cross-dress as a girl, because my voice is fitted for that."

Jaypee looks at the watch. "Rita hasn't arrived yet. I hope she didn't get into trouble."

Jaypee gets started by the doors suddenly bursting open nearby. Jaypee looks in that direction to see Rita making a run for the open gates that are still open. "Hey, Jay! Run like hell now!" Rita didn't stop for Jay.

Jaypee immediately stands from the bench and starts running after Rita. Jaypee sighs deeply. "Just as I thought."

Jaypee and Rita were being chased by three girls. These girls were particularly attractive. One of them yelled for them as she was chasing them. "Come back here! We're not finished with you!"

Rita yelled back without looking back. "Bitch, we are done and you can go to hell!"

Jaypee sighs while running. "Oh, Rita. Being a bitch as always."

Rita and Jaypee were out running the beautiful girls so far. One of them yelled out after them one last time before losing sight of them. "This isn't over! We'll get you tomorrow for making us look like a total mess back there, bitch!"

Rita yells back. "Well it suits you better, you fucking whore!"

After running non-stop for about five more minutes straight, Rita and Jaypee are in an alley, with much bated breath.

"Rita...what happened?" Jaypee inquired.

Rita took a few seconds before responding. "Just gave that bitch a lesson for messing with me."

"Why? What happened?"

"Remember when I wore short shorts back then? I entered my room and these jerks were hitting on me, so I kicked their asses and went to the bathroom to change. I wore your jacket and your pants. I got trolled by these trio of bitches for wearing this one and being a lesbian, so I trolled her in return, saying that she's an attention whore because of wearing an outfit that reveals her silicon breasts. She got mad at me and that's what happened." Rita grins after making her explanation.

Jaypee remembers that someone they know IS a lesbian. "That can be very offensive to Athena."

Rita nodded. "Yes, and that'll teach her the lesson for messing with me. I'll seriously kick her ass if she messes with her."

Jaypee looks down. "Yeah but...I don't think it'll happen."

Rita rolls her eyes. "Let's just go home."

Jaypee and Rita finally made it back to their apartment, well past their planned curfew. Jaypee and Rita were feeling pretty grim and they had a feeling that they were in trouble.

"Finally, home sweet home." Jaypee remarked.

"And Athena hasn't arrived yet. Cool." Rita added.

They stand in front of the door. Rita takes out her house keys and puts it in the key slot. A tall woman's shadow overlaps them both and the doorknob. Both Rita and Jaypee freeze in place, recognizing whose shadow it was.

"...Shit." Rita quipped in fear.

Jaypee grimaces at Rita. "I guess we're not lucky at all."

They slowly turn around to see Athena leering at them while tapping her right foot at them with her arms crossed. "Why are you two late? I'm so worried about you, you know? I thought you two were in a car accident or something!"

Rita groans. "Geez, lady, we're fine!"

Athena opens the door for them and pushes them inside. "Then why are you two late? Don't tell me you two got lost!"

Jaypee whispers toward Rita. "Should we tell her?"

Rita takes a deep breath. "You're not gonna believe this...but you see...these jerks were hitting on me, so I decided to change my outfit."

Jaypee recites the next part of the explanation. "Then, she got trolled by the way she dresses and possibly being a lesbian."

Rita recites the last part. "Then I kicked her ass and called her an attention whore. Then we ran like hell afterwards."

Athena has a mixed reaction to this. She gasps while tears were forming. "Rita, don't do that again! But..." Athena looks down at the floor after hearing what Rita was teased for.

Both Rita and Jaypee hug Athena from both sides. Athena wraps an arm around each of them while crying. Jaypee tries to comfort Athena. "Don't cry, Athena. Rita has taken care of her."

"And I'll make sure she'll never do that again!" Rita added.

Athena continues to snivel while hugging her two younger roommates. "But don't do that again, Rita! You might get hurt!"

Rita scoffs. "Oh, don't worry, Athena. I'll be fine. I'll make sure she'll not do that again!"

A few hours later, Jaypee is in the kitchen table doing homework for the night. Jaypee is still thinking about the drama that went on not too long ago. "That really hurt Athena. I wish all people would just accept the differences of an individual." This made Jaypee think back to Res's request. "I wonder if Res only requested that to tease me. I doubt that. Res really seems to look forward to seeing me as a girl. So, I'm going to cross-dress as a girl."

A man walks into the kitchen. He smiles warmly at Jaypee. "Hi, Jay."

Jaypee looks up from the homework sheet. "Hi, brother." Jaypee greeted enthusiastically. "This is Chad Kaplan, my older brother. He is always displaying the three Cs: Cool, Calm, and Collected. He's also quiet and smart. He goes to work for us and he's only here on weekends. Sometimes, I wish he never goes to work, because we have little time to spend with each other."

Chad goes to the refrigerator to see what he could have for a snack. "I saw that Athena was crying. What happened?"

Jaypee is writing on the homework sheet. "Rita got teased because of how she dressed and possibly being a lesbian."

Chad closes the refrigerator door and turns around to look at Jaypee. "Oh? Did Rita make a comeback?"

Jaypee nodded.

Chad sits down on the chair next to Jaypee and shook his head in disapproval. "Typical Rita. Did she get you in trouble, also?"

Jaypee thought about the answer for a moment. "Um, yeah. Kind of."

"I see. So, how did you day go, Jay?" Chad inquired.

Jaypee finishes the last homework sheet and looks at Chad. "I made friends with Res. Res is a nice person and doesn't care about how I sound like a girl."

Chad's eyebrows rise. "I see. Who is this Res?"

Jaypee explained. "Res is in my homeroom. We bumped into each other, when we searched for our room." Jaypee giggles a bit. "We chatted a bit and Res requested me to cross-dress as a girl."

Chad looked with askance at Jaypee. "You told Res you cross-dress?"

Jaypee nodded. "Res said it was cool."

Chad thinks about Res for a moment. "I see. Res seems interesting but if Res hurts you, tell us right away."

Jaypee didn't think Res would do so. "I doubt Res would do that."

Chad gets up from his chair. "Jay, don't trust Res yet. You never know if Res will tease you about it."

Jaypee looks at the table somberly. "Brother, I think Res is different."

"Jay, don't be so gullible. But anyway, I'll respect your decision." Chad leaves the kitchen upon making that statement.

"Thanks, bro." Out of the corner of Jaypee's eye, Jaypee spots Athena sitting in her chair, still crying silently. "No matter how hard we tried our best to comfort her, it'll take a while to calm her down."

Jaypee gets up from the chair and walks to Athena. Jaypee decides to sit on her lap. "Athena, Rita has given her a lesson. Please don't cry anymore."

Athena snivels and gives Jaypee a hug with Jaypee on her lap. "I only wish that Rita wouldn't be so quick to anger..."

Jaypee returns Athena's embrace. "There's nothing we can do to change her. It's up to her to do that."

Athena slightly tightens her embrace on Jaypee. "I'm so grateful that I found you and everyone else. You're the only family I have left. If you and everyone else leave, I wouldn't be able to take it..."

Jaypee coos in Athena's ear. "We will never leave you, Athena. I promise. Everyone who lives here loves you, Athena. Remember that."

Athena gives Jaypee a kiss on the forehead. "Thank you, Jay..."

Jaypee blushes slightly. "You're welcome, Athena..."

For about a full minute, Athena and Jaypee are embracing each other, feeling each other's warmth. Jaypee looks up at the clock to see that it was time for bed. Jaypee gets up from Athena and sighs. "I guess I have to sleep. Good night, Athena."

"Good night, Jay..." Athena replied.

Jaypee starts heading for the bedroom. "Sometimes, I have days like this. I'm the only one who can calm down Athena quickly..."

Chapter Two: End