Story Title: A Bud Yet To Bloom

An original series owned by: IXResoleon and AceThompson17 A.K.A: LAMFictionpress28

Written by: IXResoleon

Featured Character(s): Jaypee Kaplan and Res

Genre: Friendship, Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy, School Life

Chapter Three: Haji

Jaypee wakes up to a pillow making an impact on the face. Jaypee sprung sitting up in bed. "Ouch! Can you please wake me up without killing me?" Jaypee leers at Rita.

"Just get up already." Rita exits Jaypee's room.

Jaypee sighs and makes for the shower.

After Jaypee returns to the bedroom from the shower, Jaypee remembers Res's request. "Oh yeah...I'm gonna dress as a girl." Jaypee goes to the drawer. "Hmm...what to wear..." Jaypee spots a pink summer dress to wear. "This will do..."

After wearing the dress, Jaypee poses in the mirror to see if it'll be suitable. "I think it looks good. Flat-chested girls exist anyway. Now for the wig..."

Jaypee searches through the wardrobe to find many wigs. "Violet hair looks unrealistic...blonde is boring...I'll go for brunette." Jaypee grabs the brunette wig to wear it.

Rita returns to the room to see Jaypee in female clothing. "You look good, Jay."

Jaypee turns to Rita and smiles. "Thanks. Should I leave it down or tie it on a pony tail?"

Rita thinks about it for a second. "I think it's better if you leave it down."

The morning breakfast between Jaypee and Rita went along rather quietly. Rita decides to break the prolonged silence. "Say, Jay, why did you cross-dress now? You rarely cross-dress at school."

Jaypee consumes a spoonful of cereal. "My friend Res requested me to dress as a girl."


Jaypee nodded. "Yeah. I mentioned that I cross-dress."

Rita leers at Jaypee. "You didn't tell me about it yesterday. Who is Res?"

Jaypee looks at the bowl of cereal. "Oh, right, sorry. I met Res when I was searching for homeroom. Res is a nice person because Res didn't tease me about my voice."

Rita shook her head. "I doubt that."

Jaypee tries to reassure Rita. "I understand. I made friends with Res, so don't worry."

Rita sighs. "Maybe that person is setting it up to humiliate you."

Jaypee's head shakes. "I don't think so. Res is looking forward to it. I didn't get teased about it and Res even said it was cool. Res loves Pokémon, being random, having fun, and also fights back."

That last detail made Rita's eyebrow rise. "Fight back? How?"

Jaypee swallows more cereal. "When somebody trolled, Res trolled back."

Rita puts a strange smirk on. "I guess we'll get along. I'll keep that in mind. But remember, be careful of Res, Jay."

Jaypee's head nods. "I will."

At the front door of the apartment, Rita and Jaypee had just finished putting on their shoes. Athena walks near them.

Jaypee looks up to see Athena. "Hi, Athena. Feeling better?"

Athena nods. "You're cross-dressing now? Jay, I think you're going to be bullied."

Jaypee tries to reassure Athena by smiling at her. "Don't worry, Athena. I can handle it."

Athena felt a bit odd, seeing Jaypee this confident. "Why are you so confident, Jay?"

Jaypee continues to smile at Athena. "Don't worry, Athena. I can handle bullies like last time. Besides, my friend Res requested me to dress as a girl."

Athena scratches her head. "Res? I don't remember you telling me about that."

"Sorry, I forgot. I met Res when searching for my room and then I found out I have the same room as Res. Res loves randomness and likes to play Pokémon." Jaypee explained.

Athena's forehead wrinkled. "Res is just like you, Jay. I hope you two will get along well." Athena notices Jaypee looking down in a shy matter. "What's the matter?"

Jaypee looks up and blushes in embarrassment. "Oh, nothing."

Rita smirks at Jaypee. "Oh, lookie here. Jay's head over heels from this person called Res."

Athena smirks as well. "And that's why Jay accepted the request." Athena added.

Jaypee became flustered. "What are you guys saying? I-I'm trying to be friendly." Jaypee tries to change the subject by opening the door. "Um...let's go now. We might be late."

About halfway on the walk to school, Rita and Athena notice Jaypee being silent all the way.

"Hey, Jay, why are you being so silent all of a sudden?" Rita inquired.

"Yeah, we were only teasing you back there." Athena added, thinking it might have to do with the ordeal back then.

Jaypee stayed silent.

Rita's eyes thin. "Seriously, Jay. Tell me what's wrong."

Jaypee looks at the ground. "It's...nothing...I'm just worried that everyone will troll me..."

Rita sighs in frustration. "I hope that Res person will protect you, since Res is the one who requested it in the first place."

Athena nods. "Yeah, please be okay, Jay."

Jaypee looks ahead. "I'll be fine, guys. I promise."

Once they arrived at the front gates of school, Athena hugs Rita and Jaypee again. "Rita, Jay, don't get into trouble again like last time."

Rita sighs while looking away from Athena and being hugged by her. "Okay, lady..."

Athena releases her hold on them and leaves.

Rita goes on ahead into the school. "Good luck, Jay..."

Jaypee is on the way to homeroom, thinking. "I wonder what Res's reaction is going to be like. I hope it's positive..." Jaypee goes into the room that is still relatively empty because it's still early before school officially starts. Jaypee sits down at the seat next to Res quietly. Jaypee looks over to see that Res's head is down on the desk, signaling Jaypee that Res is asleep.

Jaypee takes a look at the pocket mirror. "Okay...I look good." Jaypee takes a deep breath. "I guess I have to wake Res up..." Jaypee nudges Res on the shoulder.

Res mumbles half-asleep. "No, mom...five more minutes..."

"Um, Res, wake up before Alice-sensei walks in..." Jaypee asks while shaking Res's shoulder.

Res's head slowly rises from the nest made from arms and looks, with bloodshot and half-opened eyes, at Jaypee.

Jaypee smiles nervously at Res. "Um, good morning...hee...hee..."

Res takes a moment to become awake. Res looks at the "girl" sitting in front. "Sorry. A friend of mine sits in that seat. I'm pretty sure that you can have a seat somewhere back there."

Jaypee felt a little bit surprised at this. "Huh? Oh, that's me. I'm a girl..."

Res was stunned for a few moments but then recognizes Jaypee's face and voice. "Holy crap, you really did it!"

Jaypee blushes in embarrassment and puts on a nervous smile. "Uh, yeah..."

Res grins at Jaypee. "That's amazing and you even got it down to the last detail!"

Jaypee took in the compliment with unease. "Um, thanks..." Jaypee gave out a fit of nervous laughter.

Res notices a difference in Jaypee's hair. "Wait a second. I thought wasn't your hair in a different hue yesterday?"

Jaypee points at the brunette wig. "Oh, this? It's only a wig."

Res nods. "Ah. Wow. I had no idea you actually had the means to do so! I mean, wow! You got me completely fooled for a second!"

Jaypee seemed a little confused. "Uh...thanks?"

Res softly smiles at Jaypee. "You're welcome! Uh...what was your name again?"

"Jaypee me Jay for short." Jaypee said to Res.

"Ah! You see, I am the pinnacle of suck when it comes to names." Res chuckles. "Well, we still got fifteen minutes before homeroom officially starts. How was your morning?"

Jaypee sighs. "My morning didn't start of nicely thanks to my roommate and friend Rita."

One of Res's eyebrows rose. "Oh? Do you live in an apartment by any chance or is it in a dorm room?"

Jaypee answered monotonously... "I live in an apartment."

"Cool. So anyway, Rita sounds like pleasant company, already, if you know what I mean." Res stated sarcastically.

"Yeah, she is. She's fun to talk to." Jaypee said, oblivious to Res's sarcasm.

Res's throat clears. "I meant that sarcastically. Well anyway, Rita is a girl, huh? Does she give you a hard time? I'm under the impression she gives you a hard time."

Jaypee nods. "Yeah, she does give me a hard time. She always teases me whenever she gets a chance."

Res had a look of contempt on. "This Rita person doesn't sound very nice but you like talking with her. Does she just plain bully you or something?"

Jaypee looks at Res's desk. "She loves to annoy me but she will protect me when something happens."

Res could get some sort of sense of Jaypee's relationship with Rita. "Ah, so it's one of those love/hate relationships. Does she go to this school, also?"

Jaypee nods at Res. "Yes, but she's in a different building."

Res slightly frowns. "Aw, that's a shame."

Jaypee nodded once again at Res in agreement. However, Jaypee could feel a malevolent presence lurking behind. Jaypee continued to face Res, who has a clear view of the perpetrator that's behind. Res glares at him while Jaypee continues to look at Res.

"Hey, what's up girl?" The boy behind Jaypee asked flirtatiously.

"G-go away..." Jaypee nervously replied.

The boy chuckles lightheartedly. "Chill, girl. I don't bite. You must be new here. I'm Haji, the captain of this school's lacrosse team and soon to be the captain of you. Aren't you lucky?"

Jaypee looks down. "Gee, I don't know..." Jaypee replied, oblivious to the fact that what Haji asked Jaypee was a rhetorical question.

Haji takes another step toward Jaypee whose back is turned toward him. "I see. A little bit insecure. That's okay, I don't mind. But I gotta say, you don't want to be hanging out with this...thing right here." Haji was referring to Res. "This THING is the class bully."

"I-I don't think so..." Jaypee said in disagreement.

Haji shook his head in disapproval. "You're making a bad choice, girl. Why don't you do the smart thing and come with me? You don't deserve to be bothered by this THING right here."

"I...I rather stay with Res." Jaypee decided.

Haji pretended to be bothered and gave an arrogant sigh. "Res has brainwashed you. That is sad. But let me tell you that a pretty little face like you needs to be with someone protective. Someone..." Haji softly grabs Jaypee's right upper arm. "Like me..." Haji then twists Jaypee around so that Haji could see Jaypee's front side. Jaypee's face turned red almost instantly and gave a little yelp.

It turns out that Jaypee and Haji were being watched by nearly the entire class that had just arrived for homeroom. Haji recognizes Jaypee's face almost immediately. Haji recalls the same Jaypee dressed as a boy yesterday. His face turns white and screams like an old lady, falling back on this backside on the floor.

"Crap! I'm screwed!" Jaypee thought.

Jaypee could hear Res behind chuckling lightly at what just happened. Jaypee smiles sheepishly and joined Res in laughing. Pretty soon, their laughter starts to spread around the classroom and everyone started to laugh at Haji who is on the ground.

Haji's fear soon turned into anger. He quickly gets back on his feet and points a finger at Jaypee. "What kind of freak are you?!"

Jaypee gasps and says the first thing that popped. "I'm a person, not a freak!"

Haji started to feel overwhelmed with the entire class laughing at him. Haji's face goes red in embarrassment. "This isn't over! You hear me?! This isn't over! I will get you!" Haji quickly sprints out of the classroom.

"I'm scared...what should I do?" Jaypee felt Res whispering.

"Listen closely." Res told Jaypee.

Jaypee did so...and what Jaypee heard was...astonishing.

"That was awesome!"

"I was waiting for something like that to happen to Haji! He's a douchebag!"

Another person points at Jaypee. "Who is this person? I thought that nobody would ever do that to Haji, the class bully!"

"This person must be awesome!" A person said in admiration.

Jaypee blushed slightly. "Um...thanks everyone?"

Before Jaypee knew it a whole crowd started to gather. This crowd seems to be very receptive to what Jaypee just did.

A reoccurring girl from yesterday asked her question. "Are you really a transvestite?"

Jaypee's face became bright red. "Uh...kind of..."

A boy asked another question to Jaypee. "Teach me how to do that to bullies, also!"

Jaypee look down at the floor, away from the crowd. "Um, you just have to defend yourself."

A sound of a woman clearing her throat sounds. Everyone turns around to see Miss Alice leering at them. The classroom falls to a grim silence.

Jaypee continues to look at the floor. "I'm sorry, Alice-sensei."

"Are you the one who made Haji run away like a wimp?" Alice asked Jaypee.

"Um, yeah."

Alice claps rather slowly. "Bravo. That was infuriatingly impressive. Someone must have taught you well."

Res spoke up. "That's Jaypee, ma'am."

Alice's eyebrows rose. "Oh? That's Jaypee, you say? Hmm! A cross-dresser?"

"Y-yes, Miss Alice..." Jaypee stuttered to say.

Alice makes a strange smirk. "I tried to do it once. Everyone noticed who I was because my chest was too big. But anyway, I want you all to learn something here. When someone tries to push you around, you have to stick up for yourself, show some guts! Also, don't be afraid to show who you really are inside like Jaypee! Clearly Jaypee isn't ashamed to be a cross-dresser and even proved it!"

Jaypee nervously bows. "T-thank you, Alice-Sensei."

It is end of the day for school once again. Jaypee is thinking while walking toward the front gates of the school. "Wow, I never thought I can go through this day fine, without a scratch. Suddenly, I became popular. Everyone was cheering on me. I promise to not use my popularity to my advantage."

Jaypee stops to stare at the ground before continuing to walk. "And Res...was surprised that I really did it." Jaypee looks up and smiles. "And didn't use me for advantages, like what others thought. It really has been a fun day."

A loud groan can be heard. Jaypee gasps and rushes toward the front gates because the groan could be heard there. Once Jaypee arrived, it could be seen that Haji has Res in a bind.

Haji has Res by the collar. "Where is Jaypee?!"

"I don't know!" Res said with fear.

Jaypee takes a few steps closer and takes a deep breath. "Haji! Stop hurting Res! I'm right here!"

Haji drops Res and turns toward Jaypee. "You! I told you I'd be back for you one way or the other. Now, it's time to pay..." Haji starts to charge for Jaypee.

Jaypee's eyes shut. "I have to face him..."

Jaypee is in stunned silence, not moving at all like a statue. Jaypee is just waiting to feel the impending pain that was about to be inflicted. However, Jaypee never feels it. After waiting for about eight seconds, Jaypee never feels the anticipated pain. "Huh? Why didn't I feel any pain? Am I dead?"

Jaypee's eyes open to see her best friend Rita fighting Haji. "Rita?"

Haji growled at Rita. "Bitch! Who the hell are you?!"

"And who the fuck are you to mess with Jay?!" Rita yelled back.

Haji points at Jaypee. "Your little bitch friend stole my thunder and made the whole class laugh at me thanks to that punk-ass bitch down there." Haji's finger then points to Res who is on the floor. Haji then throws a slugging punch at Rita.

Rita reads Haji like a book and evades it. "Shut up, you whiny-ass bitch! It's your damn fault that they're laughing at you!" Rita front kicks at Haji's groin area.

Haji jumps back. "Too slow, bitch!"

Rita spits at Haji's feet. "Cocky asshole."

Out of nowhere, Res comes from behind and then binds Haji into a full nelson hold. Haji is squirming frantically, trying to free himself. "What the-you!"

"Now's your chance!" Res yelled toward Rita while keeping a hold on Haji.

Rita smirks evilly. "Thanks, pal!" Rita casually walks toward Haji who is being bind by Res in the full nelson hold. Then, she launches a painful and powerful front kick at Haji's groin. Res releases Haji as and lets him squirm on the ground in pain. Rita knocks Haji out by kicking the back of his head.

Jaypee runs up to Res and Rita. "Is he going to be okay?"

A familiar female voice called out for them. "Hey bitch! It's time to pick up where we left off!"

Res groans. "Oh for crying out-WE'RE NEVER GOING TO GET ANYWHERE AT THIS RATE!"

Rita spits toward them once again. "Oh, back already? I must be wasting YOUR time!"

Jaypee gulps. "We need to run."

Res grabs Rita's arm and drags her out as they escape out the front gates. "We don't have time for this!"

For those of you who have waited, I apologize but like we said, we're not always writing whenever we hang out so it usually takes a while but hopefully you guys enjoyed it. One thing we are aware of is that the school does not have a name. I apologize once again for that but we'll fix that soon. But regardless, we hope you are enjoy our story so far. Anyway, thank you for reading another chapter of our story. -IXResoleon