My first story on fiction press. I write mainly on Fan fiction but decided to actually post today! I probably won't update more then once a month if this story goes well. If I have time I will update more often. Really I just need opinions if this should be continued or not. Usually my writing is longer then this, but this is just to start the story and see if it's good or not.


Nicole Winters is desperate to have an awesome school year this year. But on her first day of school, she comes home to find her dad murdered and her siblings hurt. Nicole takes the mystery in her own hands, and tries to locate the person who has done this crime to her family. But solving a crime takes way to much time out of school work, and when she begins to fail in class, she may not graduate from her last year at middle school.

The Best Year

It was September 21st. The wind blew a softly chilly breeze as Nicole Winters stepped outside onto her front porch. Today was Nicole's birthday. She was determined to make this the best birthday of all. She was thirteen now, officially a teenager. She quickly zipped up her white jacket and swung her backpack over her shoulder, and started to head her way to school.

Nicole didn't have many friends, and the friends she did have, didn't understand her, or hardly ever talked to her. She didn't care that she was technically a loser. Not one bit, though she did shed a tear about it now and then, otherwise she didn't care. Making this the best birthday of all wasn't her only wish. This year was her eighth grade year at her school. Her last year, until she went to high school. She wanted to make the best of the last. Which to her meant, straight A's.

She made good grades, always. Nicole had been only disappointed twice with her grades when she got two C's. She was always an A-B student. She never got anything lower then a C in her life, and only had received two C's in her life. She wanted to make her dad proud, her family proud.

Nicole has two older sisters and and older brother. She was the youngest of four. When she was born, her mother abandon her and her family. She just ditched them there at the hospital and never did return or call, or write a single letter. Nicole only had one picture of her mother and her, which was they day she was born, with her mother cradling the newborn in her arms, looking down at her face and smiling. She had the picture with her all the time, held tight shut in a heart diamond necklace her older brother had given her for her fifth birthday. It was always tucked under her shirt due to the school rule of no jewelry unless it is religious. Nicole went to a Catholic school.

Her oldest sister was Ana. Ana was smart, and intelligent. She had short bleach blonde hair that was usually straightened. She was lanky, very lanky. She was now twenty-five, soon to be twenty-six in mid October. She often took care of the family, took Mother's place when she left them. She hated Nicole for that reason. Ana had blamed the girl for their Mother's disappearance. But she didn't show it. She pretended she loved her for their Father's sake, but she hated her with all her gut.

The next was Olive. Olive had just turned twenty-one in August. She had brown hair the fell to her shoulders. She was a bit chubby,and at average height. She was often teased by her brother about her weight, and that's why she resented him. Olive like Ana blamed Nicole for their mother abandoning them as well. Unlike Ana, she didn't hide it. Olive couldn't hide her emotions. When she was mad, she was very mad. And you wouldn't want to be the one she was made at. Not on bit! Olive had anger issues for sure. That's something she had gotten from her father.

Nicole's older brother's name was Issac. Issac was Nicole's favorite person in the world, and her best friend in the world. When it came to the two of them, there was no bond greater. Issac was eighteen, and was going to be nineteen in December. Issac has light brunette short curly hair, like his sister Ana, he was pretty tall. Nicole was a tomboy, though she did have to girly traits in her, she was all sports. He was the only boy in the family, not counting their father. Nicole was the only one he had to play soccer with, or basketball. When he was growing up as a kid, Ana and Olive made him play dolls or other games like that with them. The worst game those two had made him play was house. They always dressed him up as a baby. He hated that.

Nicole's father's name is Caspar He was a factory worker. He dropped out of collage due to money reasons and met a beautiful lady named Nicole. He soon married her and had four named the unnamed baby after her mother, after a week of not seeing his lovely wife.

Nicole never had the easiest life. It was always hard, like everyone else. She too, blamed her for her mother's mistake. Nicole had strawberry blonde hair that went to her mid back. Out of all the children, she looked like her mother the most. She was the shortest of all the family, and one of the shortest of the class. One thing she wish for greatly was to be tall, but she wasn't.

The young girl entered the classroom quietly as normal, unlike the other kids in the school. She unpacked her backpack and hung it on the hook in homeroom, and took her seat, and got ready for her first class. Once she was done, she took out one of her school books and began to read and study. Her straight A's weren't going to come with out it. Her teacher, Mr. Rexer, but everyone mostly called him T-Rex, by the fact that his first name is Thomas, and is interest in dinosaurs, looked up from his desk. He raise one eyebrow as he stared at Nicole.

THe whole class was screaming and talking to each other, not even bothering getting ready for class, while she sat and read. Mr. T-Rex thought it was odd. She did this every morning while everyone else did that every morning. She was surely an outcast.

Nicole knew she was an outcast. She was quiet, respectful, and patient. She kept her mouth shut when suppose to, and it was closed about half the time she was allowed to speak. Nicole was afraid to talk. She was nervous of what would happen if she said the wrong thing, or pronounced a word wrong. That's why she really only talked to Issac or with her few friends when it was only them and no one else around, still her friends made fun of her.

Nicole walked home and entered her house after she found an unlocked door, that wasn't even shut all the way. She push on the door and entered to find everyone living in the house, covered in blood puddles. Issac was still alive, but taking his last few breaths as well as her two sisters, but her dad was dead. Nicole picked up the phone and dialed 911 holding her best friends hand. The tears swelled in her eyes like an erupting volcano moments later, the lights flashed outside and the paramedics rushed in. Nicole wiped the tears away with her hands covered in blood as she watched the ambulance take off with her brother and didn't even hear a word the cops were asking her. Her eyes were parked on the spot where she last saw the lights flash.