If I Ever Asked You

If I ever asked you to dance with me, would you?

Would you hang out with me, just the two of us?

And if you did, would you feel guilty afterward?

Would you walk with me, just talking aimlessly about nothing?

Would you tell me whatever you thought I needed to hear?

Tell me the truth of your thoughts?

Would you walk outside of your comfort zone?

Would you play video games with me?

The kind that you like?

If I ever asked you to laugh, would you?

Over something random that I said?

Over a thought that I planted in your head?

Would you smile at my antics?

Would you smile at my dreams?

Would you make sure that I reached them, no matter how difficult they may be?

These are questions I'm afraid to ask,

Because I don't really want to know the answers.

I just want to get them off my chest, because they fester just sitting there.

But if I ever did ask you,

Would you be willing to tell me the truth?

Would you be willing to hurt me to make a point?