Skye watched hopelessly as the daemon approached her charge. The black aura that shrouded the man was enough proof of the evil that had taken over his body. The soulless sheen in his eyes made her shake with real terror.

But she had to defend Patricia. Skye had to protect her charge. It was her duty, her place in the world to protect Patricia.

She tried to scream.

To shout.

To do something to warn toddler.

Patricia didn't deserve to be taken this young, not with her life barely lived. She couldn't be used as a soulless tool. Skye didn't want to fail her first assignment not now when she had grown to adore the sticky, little girl. Patricia's curly brown hair bounced on top of her head as she played with her toys, blue eyes shining with joy and innocence.

Patricia didn't notice the evil that was advancing upon her, her ears unable to hear the sweet perfection of an angel's voice.

Even if that angel was just a Guardian.

Skye folded her wings and dove in front of Patricia, ready to fight for the girl's life. Skye adored her but Patricia had a higher purpose, all of Patricia's kind had a higher purpose. They were the true children of God, God's chosen.

The daemon stalked towards Patricia, as the little girl sat playing with her stuffed elephant.

Skye tried to summon a wind to warn Patricia's mother, but she had fallen asleep. She pulled out her blessed saber. For the first time in Skye's seventeen thousand years of existence, she was afraid. This man was possessed by a very strong daemon.

Patricia, cry please. Do something sweetie. We need you mother. Skye suggested into Patricia's mind, her eyes never leaving the daemon.

His stolen face curled into a cruel smirk, an evil glint in his eyes.

"Stay back or I'll skewer you." Skye yelled at the daemon, swinging her blade expertly keeping the distance between Patricia and the man.

That was the difference between the Guardians and the rest of the heavenly choir. They were trained to fight, to kill and to feel so that they could take care of their charges.

But Guardians were looked down on for this, despite the necessity of it.

The daemon smiled, his eyes hungrily devouring little Patricia. He ignored the warning she had given him, continuing forward. He was high enough in the ranks to know a Guardian would only attack as a last resort.

"Mama!" Patricia started to cry.

Skye thanked the Lord above. Since the daemon was in a humanvessel, he could die.

The daemon was no longer happy, and stared straight into Skye's eyes. Those black, fiery wells of horror filled Skye with dread. This was no ordinary daemon.

"I am not afraid of death, Guardian. But you do not want hers." His voice was gravelly, and filled with unspeakable darkness. Skye shuddered at the chill his voice summoned.

The daemon gave Patricia a sickening look, before turning his pitch black eyes back to Skye. He studied her in a way that made Skye want to wash herself, to purify herself of his eyes.

"Don't you dare touch her." Skye cried.

Skye dashed towards him, slashing her sword towards the daemon. He caught the blade in his hand, his face curling into a smile again. His hand dripped blood. It ran down his arm the revolting crimson droplets falling to the floor.

The daemon licked all the way to his wrist, pleasure clearly stamped on his face.

Skye tried to snatch the sword back, but the daemon held tight. Skye pulled her dagger from her leg sheath and thrust it into the man's heart.

Skye's eyes bulged as he pulled it out of his chest. He took advantage of her shock as he tugged the sword out of her hand. The blood gushed everywhere, and yet the daemon didn't die. He held his hand up and a red bolt of energy engulfed Skye.

The pain was unimaginable. A million needles crawled under her skin. A million tiny flames burnt her. She could feel her wings bend in all the wrong directions, the nauseating sound of cracking filling her ears. Skye shrieked at the pain, her screams echoing into the heavens.

And then suddenly it was over.

She panted, falling to the ground.

She was stuck in a translucent, faintly red prism. Outside the daemon stood, as he held Patricia to him, smiling like a proud father. Skye could see Patricia's mother in the background, her throat torn like she had been mauled by an animal.

The scene was completely wrong. They weren't allowed to harm mortals, unless they were possessed. It was the law on both sides, the laws of the war. No daemon or angel could commit this crime.

"Let her go! The Lord will have his vengeance if you take her. Your Dark Master will have your soul for breaking the laws of the war. If you harm a single hair on her head, I will personally rip your heart out, daemon." Skye pounded against the walls of her prison as frustrated tears threatened to overflow.

"As much as I'd like to torture, my dear Nephilim here. I have bigger plans for our precious little pet here. Imagine, one of your precious Nephilim destroying her brethren as if she were born for it." The daemon licked Patricia's face. It sickened her. She forced herself to watch, as Patricia cried even louder.

Skye couldn't believe her ears, this couldn't happen. "No. You can't. Patricia!" She tried to summon a storm but there was no effect. She was truly trapped, her power diluted.

"Adieu, Guardian. We will meet again and next time one of us dies." He grabbed one of Patricia's chubby little arms and waved it at Skye. Skye thumped at the energy surrounding her but it wouldn't give in.

Then they were both gone. Skye knew she would never see Patricia's innocent face again. She pressed her forehead to the floor hopelessly and wept.