In the fertile and luscious country of Magnific, there are 5 different kingdoms. Kingdoms in which different leaders rule them.

5 kingdoms

Beltemort – The land of wealth

Quinslet-the land of peace

Nottingham-the biggest and brutal city

Seamingland-the land of pearls and is surrounded by sea

Rockethood-the land of barbaric men, slaves and fighters


Ruled by King Phillip but later died in battle. Bestfriend of King George

Prince Daniel- heir to the throne of Beltemort, eldest son of King Phillip and Queen Clarissa. Arrogant, selfish, an excellent swordsman and the most eligible bachelor.

Queen Clarissa-wife of King Phillip. A very beautiful queen but contains a wicked heart and loves making sinister ideas.

General Hagard- brother of Queen Clarissa

Naomi and Jeremy-younger siblings of Prince Daniel


King George-ruler of Quinslet. Best friend of King Phillip

Queen Rachel-wife of King George. Died of giving birth to her youngest child Margaret

Prince Morgan-heir to the throne of Quinslet, and a great fighter

Princess Louisiana, a real beauty, courted by many men. Loves hunting, swordfighting and inventing medicines

Princess Margaret – a spritely girl that loves tricks and causing trouble

Anthony-bestfriend of Lousiana and a servant boy


King Hagard- a terrible and cruel king who wants to cause wars and havoc

Queen Vita-loves jewelry, entertainment and as cruel as her husband


King David- a kind and loving king. A good friend of King Phillip.

Queen evelyn – sister of Queen Rachel. Wife of King david

Prince Victor-bestfriend of Prince Morgan. Heir to the throne of Seamingland and also a good fighter

Princess Rosella- has a big crush on Prince Daniel

Prince james – died because Queen Clarissa pushed him from a high tower and left him without having anyone gave her suspicious looks. His death to everyone was a big mystery

Princess Blively- a lesbian and wants to be a warrior


Mafunlau (mafunlaw)

Ruler of rockethood


Wife of mafunlau. She was only forced by her brother Dongun to marry Mafunlau for power. But later on fell in love with mafunlau


Brother of danaya. He and his sister are fraternal twins, both have blonde hair unlike the people of Rockethood who are all black. They are from Beltemort and believed that King Phillip murdered their parents. They will seek revenge

There were distance fighting between Beltemort and Rockethood. Slashing and clashing of swords, shields and knives. They all looked fierce and ready to risk their lives. Many were killed and injured. But it was the way their lives were. A battlefield.

A man falls down and there were distance cheering. One kingdom won and the other lose. The man was carried back to his kingdom where he was greeted by his weeping wife and children. The doctor hurriedly checked his wound.

A great amount of blood was reduced in his system. A thick and big bandage is wrapped around his left abdomen. It wont last long and he'll be gone from this world.

He called his son, his heir to the throne, gave his blessings which was witnessed by everyone. After a few minutes, his breathing eased and closed his eyes.

The people mourned for his death for a month. Yet after it they celebrated the coronation of their prince who is crowned king. He promise he would seek revenge for the death of his father. But first he must bring back the property of his kingdom and find a wife.

Chapter 1

"Psst! Lous! Lous!" pronounced as( Luce)

Louisiana woke from her deep slumber and checked her window. She looked out from her window and saw her best friend Anthony, the servant boy, throwing pebbles in her window.

"Get up princess if you don't want to be catch by your father." Anthony said in a teasing tone.

"I'll be right down." Lous said sleepily. She slowly got her hunting clothes, boots, bow and arrow. She ran to the stables , seeing an Anthony brushing the horses.

"You are such a sleepyhead." Anthony said while they mounted their horses.

"Oh shut up." Lous snapped "You almost broke my window with all those throwing stuffs. And be grateful Father is not around."

Anthony laughed "Raise you to the forest Princess!"

And Anthony took off with a cheerful laugh

"Men"Lous murmured and followed Anthony "No fair!"