"Sire, you would absolutely love Princess Louisiana. Every man in the land would want her hand." Cornwitch said as King Daniel grumbled. Ever since he became King, his people asked for a Queen. Since he never want to disappoint his people, he did what he was supposed to do.

"Another princess?" Jeremy asked

"when will you even get tired?" Naomi said a hint of annoyance in her tone.

King Daniel agrees with his siblings, he is sick and tired of all of this meeting princesses and finding a queen. Before, he lived a life of freedom and joy, not responsibilities and finding a bloody wife. Before , he can choose whomever woman he wants, and pick up fights whenever he wants. He is not even ready to marry.

"Shut it you two." Clarissa said glaring at her two young children and looked at his know King son "Daniel, your people needs a queen. And I think Louisiana is perfect for you. I heard good things about her."

You've told me repeatedly those lines to each princess I've met before ,Daniel said in his mind

They were on their way to Quinslet. King George went first to his kingdom to prepare their arrival.

"Just make sure-whoah!" King Daniel didn't finished what he was about to say because the carriage stopped. Making them all fall from their seats. Cornwith, his ambassador, came out and began to argue with a servant boy.

"I thought their kingdom was a land of peace?" Naomi asked amusedly.

"It is, it's just we came and it all turned upside down." Jeremy said sarcastically

"Monsieur, it was all a big accident. We could always talk about this without arguing." A female voice said.

"Who could that be?" Naomi said and they all peered outside to see a servant boy with a girl in a hunter's clothes. She has an angelic face that can make everyone brighten their day, a long curly hair in a ponytail, high cheekbones, pinkish cheeks and luscious red lips. What attracted Daniel is her eyes. Brown radiant eyes , glittering in the afternoon sun.

"she is such a beauty for a hunter." Jeremy said with admiration in his voice

"But not royalty." Clarissa said flatly. The servent boy and the hunter girl were dismised. Daniel stared at them as they mounted their horses and head off to the woods.

Who could she be? Daniel asked himself

"Next time ,Watch were you bumping into!" Lous said to as they set up their traps.

"I'm sorry if I'm a total woopsy doodle because Im not like someone who knows proper manners." Anthony said in sarcastic tone. Lous gave him her deadliest glare.

"Okay, okay, chill! I'm sorry okay. It wont happen again. Ever." Anthony said with matching cross my heart. "and thank you. If it wasn't for your beauty -I mean er good in conversation, I might have been arrested."

"Whatever." Lous said rolling her eyes though she silently prayed Anthony did tell the word beauty

"You are such a drama queen." Anthony teased as he pinched Lous nose.

"Aww! I am not!"defending herself thoush she loves how Anthony gives her all the attention

"do too!"

" am not!"

" Fine! You win! Geez…-_-"

They glared at each other….and laughed

"We would absolutely never grow up." Lous said chuckling

"Alright Princess enough of all the jokes nad let's get into business. The most animals who captures, wins!" Anthony said in a tone of competition.

"Game on!" Lous said

"I am deeply sorry to disappoint you your majesties , but I'm afraid my daughter Louisiana is not around." King George say, hoping the family can understand. If only he can control his daughter's runaways and rambunctious energy. Her daughter is just like her mother, an adventurous and stubborn woman.

"It's no harm." Daniel said as he surveys the castle. The castle's interior is as elegant and open as you look at it outside. "I could always meet her later at the ball."

"I'm really sorry. I assure you, she'll make it up to you." King George apologized again.

To ease the tension in the atmosphere, King George led them to their chambers

"If you need anything the maids will be happy to assist you."King George said

"thank you." King Daniel said and King George went out. A few minutes later, Cornwitch entered the room.

"Well? You better waste my time by feeding me with good news." King Daniel says as he turn around looking at Cornwitch

"I assure you your Majesty, you'll like to hear this. My men told me they are in the woods, hunting. Around west of the castle." He perfectly give him the information. Afterall, this is the King.

" Good. Just tell mother I'll be out for a while." He coolly says

King Daniel grabbed his cloak and patted Cornwitch at the back for a job well done

"But you are not saying-" in a bewildered face

"Oh, I am" smirking

"But you have to marry a princess!"

Daniel: "Remember you're place Cornwitch. I do not want any of my men yelling back at me, do you understand?" Cornwitch paled and nodded "And of course I'll be marrying a princess. What made you think I will kneel down to a position of a lowly hunter? Better put sense in that thick skull of yours Cornwitch , if soon you o not want to be replace. "

He went to the stables, mounted his horse in which he brought and went out to the forest.

After a few minutes of searching, he saw the girl and boy's horses tied to a tree. He also tied his horse and looked at one of the horse

Daniel: "hmmm…interesting. Only wealthy families can have a horse like this."

He walk around the forest hoping to find the two. But he does not notice the traps around the place. He step at one of it, making his right foot tied and him in an upside down position. A bell rang and the girl in the hunter's clothe came out with a bright smile. But disappeared as she saw what she caught.

"oh great, I thought I was about win." Lous says

"About to win what?" Daniel says, as he helplessly pulls out his foot in the trap

Lous come near him and squeeze him in his arm as a sign of annoyance

"Argh! I hate you! I was about to win!" she complains

"about to win what?!" Daniel demanded

"For your information, me and my best friend are hunting and these stuff are all a game for us. It has been thrice in a row I lose and him winning. Since, you blew off one of my best and brightest trap among any others. I will absolutely going to lose. Thanks to you, moron. Ugh!"

"Who you calling MORON?!" Daniel shouted. He is a king. A well respected leader. Not a moron or a commoner to be disrespected and shouted by this insolent hunter

Lous look at him from top to bottom. As she look at his clothes, she can't help ask his status. Surely, she knows the difference between royalty and commoner.

"are you royal?" she ask him and Daniel can't help smile. At least now this girl could kneel and beg for forgiveness for her attitude

"Eventually, Im a King." He says with great pride and arrogance. Lous snorted for his honesty which she actually believes. She just don't want to look weak in front of him

"well Im the queen." Lous said with a sarcastic tone, Daniel glared at her

"Better use wisely your tongue hunter. You might not know, one more and I can take off you're life." He warned Lous.

"Oooh! I'm soooo scared. Hahahaha. Im sorry YOUR MAJESTY but I'm not afraid of you. If you think you can easily step on me, well you're wrong. There is a lot of bravery inside this woman's soul." She said. As if she'll lose because of threat, or of because of this king. He is such an arrogant and spoiled king.

Daniel controlled his mouth, If he continues to argue with this girl he will never get out of the trap. Asking for control not to strangle this woman, he said in a tight voice " Are you not going to cut the ropes of this trap?"

"Is that the right way to ask, YOUR MAJESTY?" Lous said deepening the part of your majesty. Goodness! If she keep on telling your majesty for the last time, she'll absolutely kill the man or woman who invented that word.

"Don't even think I don't know of what you meant by telling the words your majesty." Daniel said

"Well good thing you know." Lous say as she cut the rope tying Daniel's foot. Daniel fell in the ground flat on his face making Lous laugh. Daniel grumbled

"I am well respected man, you girl. No one has ever done those to me before!" Daniel said as he stand up

"Atleast it's your first time." Lous said as he rolled her eyes, unsheathed her knife and walked away "Your welcome"

"I shouldn't be thanking you! You should be thanking ME!" Daniel shouted. Fury and anger boiling inside him. Who is she to walk out and tell those things to him?! Did she not understand the word KING?! Is she an ignorant to the world today?!

"Oh that's what you think?!" Lous angrily said marching back to him and facing him with her deadliest look "Do you even think I'm scared of you just because you're a king or any other well-respected man in the society?! You are a total waste! An absolutely cruel and arrogant king! If you are a king, you should be having knights with you. Not alone wandering in the forest and got caught in a trap. And a King is someone who is caring, loving and forgiving not like you who is arrogant, self-righteous and oh, so…so…intimidating!"

Daniel smiled his seductive smile "Intimidating huh?"

Lous punched him in the mouth "Don't even bloody think, your charms will work on me. Because I assure you, you will absolutely fail."

She walked away from a Daniel who is still recovering fro the punch.

What a woman?! Daniel thought . she actually punched him. PUNCHED HIM RIGHT In HIS MOUTH! GRRRR!

A big amount of rain came pouring down. Lous cursed and ran to find a shelter. She saw a cave and went to it. She didn't notice Daniel following her. As she swirled from behind she saw a shivering Daniel

Lous : get out! Go find your own cave! I came here first!

Daniel : There are no other caves in this damn forest. Let me in! unless you want my knights to find me dead, shivering and lifeless because of YOU!

Lous: Oh , I would love to see you die!

Daniel : And I'll tell them it's all your fault.

Lous : how can you tell them if you're already in the brink of death?!Use your mind!


Lous: FINE! Your majesty you may come in (in a sarcastic tone) this is MY side, and that will be yours!

They settled on their own places . the rain grew harder. Lous lighted a fire to keep her warm. She was laughing at a helpless Daniel who cannot light a fire

Daniel : stop laughing! If I get to the castle-

Lous : and summon your knights to arrest me. Am I right?

Daniel: Good thing you know. Now are you just going to stare and laugh at me?! OR you might as well help me with this

Lous: oh I don't know,it's pretty amusing seeing you fiddle a fire

Daniel groaned

Lous: that would be your lesson for living a fabulous and spoiled life. Do you even think just because you're a king, you could have everyone beck for you?!

Daniel: Yes and because you're ONLY a HUNTER. You don't know anything about royal life

Lous: You have no idea

Daniel: what do you mean?
Lous: Im going to cook my own food and watch you starve

Lous said changing the subject.

She cooked the 2 rabbits which she hunted and ate the first one. Daniel watch her hungrily and Lous heard his stomach grumble

Lous: You might want to have the other rabbit

Daniel: I will NOT Beg for food from a hunter

Lous: Suit yourself. Im just being nice to you.

Daniel: I thought you're just going to watch me starve?

Lous: I may not like you but I do have a heart. Now Eat it before I change my mind

Danuel grabbed the rabbit and said thanks. Lous was surprised by his answer that one of her eyebrow raised

Daniel: what are you staring at?

Lous: is it me or is it you said thanks?! The spoiled king said thanks to a lowly huntress

Daniel: Yes, I said thank you. And DON'T call me a spoiled king. I am well-repected man that ha-

Lous: Oh puh –leez. You're only a boy.

Daniel: Im 20 almost 21!

Lous: so am I ! and I never as in never call myself a lady.

Daniel: I thought this kingdom is a land of peace?
Lous: IT IS A LAND OF PEACE! But not all the time, we can be very kind. We can also be crabby-

Daniel: cranky, annoying, irritating

Lous: yes annoying , irritating and everything you just said. But most of the time were kind. The reason the number of crimes is only low.

Lous looked outside and saw that it was getting dark

Lous: what time is it?

Daniel: I think around 7

Lous: 7?! Ive got to go! Crap! I am soooo dead!

She forgot that there will be a ball. Goodness! Her father will absolutely scold her!

Daniel: You're not leaving me here?!

Lous: well, im sorry your highness but I know you cant stand having your clothes wet and I really really need to goooooo!

Daniel: Fine! I'll come with you!

Lous: Okay! This is going to be brutal!

They runned in the rain. It was so cold and the lightning and thunder were making the hairs on their arms stand. They arrived at the horses, Anthony was waiting for them.

Anthony: I've been worried sick-wait. Who is he?!
Lous: I don't have time to explain. Escort him to whatever place he is from.

She mounted her horse and looked at Daniel

Lous: Whatever happened here is a secret. Swear to your life!

Daniel: I swear. And where are you going?!

Lous wasn't able to answer him because she was in full speed going to the castle. Damn! She is dead.