Stroke The Mane Of Leo / The Intimidation Of Silence

The revelation you have communicated through review
of your negative history and thus instant avoidance of
repetition doom has awe-struck my heart because
it now has a pair of glasses to clearly view that the
cup of coffee they are offering over there actually
has a tea bag string hanging from its edge therefore
allowing me to abstain from undesired taste testing.

However you have no idea how much you've inspired me
therefore on the other side of your bipolar self I am blatantly
given the finger even though we're on the same train experiencing
this shared odyssey and both listening to the empyrean of
angelic voices until we reach the land where men search for a woman
representing their one true love, however maybe you could discover her
if you just ignore your ego for a moment and look at me properly.

Because then it could be seen how my feelings for you are deeper
than a common puddle, but perhaps it's my responsibility to stroke
the mane of Leo and seduce you to indulge in this sparkling wine
that has been waiting here for twenty three years at the perfect temperature
for the right man to have completely, however it is unfortunate
that the intimidation of silence hasn't yet given me total confidence
to make the first move, so here I continue to love you with censorship.