Well this is my secong poem I've wrote and if you see it anywhere else its mine! Blackxstarkid

Reality Chess: Checkmate

She looked beautiful sitting there,
on that bench in the park.
How her beautiful brown eyes
scanned her surroundings,
how the sun's rays hugged her
with the greatest car and ease;
touching EACH and EVERY curve
on her body, as I gradually followed
each curve making me anxious, throttled
each curve making me glued to her very existence
driving mad, crazy some would say
drawing my eyes to study her face.

As she tucks a strand of her long,
brown, lushes hair, behind her ear.
Those gorgeous-full-lips slowly curve
as she sees me watching her
Oh how Stupid I feel
watching that, that beautiful,
yet devious woman
as she smirks at me

Shock, Hatred, Anxiety… Lust reside within me
how her very existence drives me insane
the way she talks, walks, thinks, EVERYTHING
she teases and plays
But this was a game itself
next thing I know I'm being kissed, fully
by those beautiful lushes lips
but as soon as they came
the faster they left
But as she pulls away she whispers something...
something, Tempting, Funny, Lustful

She quickly moves away still with that smirk
and the feelings come back
Faster, stronger, Harder to tame
'Check and mate'-she said to me
Sliding down my seat on the bench
putting my hands over my eyes;
a gleam evident in them,
a smirk residing underneath them,
a dark chuckle escaping them.
Licking my lips… Strawberry
what a delicious taste
Oh this is checkmate for you
but the game where playing
is FAR from normal
For this game has two winners
one more than the other
for I still have a secret pawn in the shadows
and a knight to light the way
For what are main objective was not to win
but to fully and completely turn you
But I guess that'll have to wait
as I got up and followed her to a nearby Cafe
for now, I'll just be an existence
that rattles at the cage of yours
Slowly and painfully setting you free
but breaking you into a million pieces along the way
but I guess that's my fault
When you believed me when I said
'I Love You'-how pitiful

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